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  1. Dear lady's/Gentleman If someone can help me with a door mechaniek I wil appreciat that very much I know its not easy to find I need only one The back door at the drivers side I show you a example at a photo with screws Thanks Herman de boer The Netherlands
  2. Dear people Hello from the Netherlands How are you !? Over here its a lovely summer I'm looking for Window channel And one door locker If somebody now where i can buy Please tell me !? Thanks you Enjoy the living Herman de boer The Netherlands
  3. IT look almost the same Its almost thirtyfive years ago i dismanlte the car I'm stil looking for headlights and a windshield with swingarms Its hard to find OR I can buy some parts Herman Thanks
  4. Thanks Wel next years i wil do the interieur Wil be Nice Herman
  5. Hello sir I hope your healthy and okay I wanna know you find a windshield with swingarms for me Herman de boer The Netherlands
  6. Thanks Pete And i wanna know is the plus from the battery on the chassis Have a Nice Day Herman de boer The Netherlands
  7. Good afternoon sir 17.00 I have a startix system on my rockne OR somebody else know more as member of the aaca Till that moment i have to try IT first Otherwise somebody have to repair the coil OR i buy another one David babcock had one for me to sell but i though i dont have one But i found IT back so i cancelt to buy we Wil see Thanks for your informatie And enjoy live Herman de boer The Netherlands
  8. Dear people I have a coil installated in the dashboard from the rockne But the key if i start the engine ? after the engine is running the key is Turning back to the neutrale position automatische OR not The coil and key dont do that Otherwise i have to repair the coil OR buy another one Thanks and enjoy Herman de boer The Netherlands
  9. Dear lady and gentleman I'm looking for a door mechaniek for the door if someone have one Send me a message See photo Herman de boer The Netherlands
  10. Dear people I wanna know the handel mechanisch from the gearbox What i have to do to make IT working OR not See photo Herman
  11. Dear sir I found one i hope close to originele on internet and order from Engeland Only its hard to find the screws for to lock the dashboard I need three screws i Saw at the back of the dashboard I wil look on internet from Engeland If somebody now a person who can repair the headlights !? Thanks for the advice I have slowly progressie But the end is almost there Herman de boer The Netherlands
  12. But i wanna close to originele For a studebaker rockne 1932 Herman
  13. Dear people I'm looking for two cables for the dashboard to carburateur Have someone for me New or old but working Thanks Herman de boer The Netherlands
  14. I have the car thirty years ago dismantled So sometimes i dont remember anymore how But for the most with the help of people from aaca i wil finish this project So thank you Herman
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