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  1. Thank you Mr. Crusty! I believe you've got it right. Any idea what it might have cost in 1931??
  2. ... that there isn't a lot of car exposed in this pic; however anyone able to identify the car? The photo is from ~1931. Thanks for your help. Tonakela.
  3. Thank you all for weighing in on this photo. Mom's long gone, but the photo brings me much joy.
  4. ... but what she driving?? Picture taken in 1926. Thanks, Tonakela
  5. Wow, what great insights and detailed information; far exceeding my expectations. Thanks everyone VERY MUCH! As I am new to this site with a very specific need, it is touching to receive help from "virtual strangers" - I appreciate it. Mark
  6. Hello folks. I am eager to ID this car to help help with a project and a small piece of family history. To know the make and model (and bonus marks for a year!) of this vehicle would be nice. The hubcaps appear to have writing on them, alas, I can't make it out. If location is important, the photo is likely taken in Welland Ontario, Canada. Thank your for your assistance. Mark D
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