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  1. possible post in the stude forum will bring more responses.good luck
  2. it looks like it (question) hit all the marks.pretty simple will the sedan skirt fit the wagon
  3. I never took the time to read it just got pushed when needed.I guess owning it for years it was easier than reading what I could not do.try owning one rather than reading I suppose next you will say I would not be able to put a 58 385 in it WRONG
  4. you asked if 55 had the push button on cars no it was keyed.a funny thing in the early (55+) gm s if you just turned the switch off and not lock.someone if they knew it was easy to jump in turn the switch and bye bye car.the keys were another thing there was a limited number cut thus my 54 caddy key would start my brothers 55 chev convertible led to some head scratching when filling up 😀 back then it was easy to park back where it was
  5. on my 54 owned since 76 early years no problem.as time went on and gas went up in price I am sure the pump makers increased the volume it pumped.now when I hear that gurgle I ease up.
  6. never used mmo but the 60s I would use Rislone it came in a yellow quart can.added once a year when changing oil.
  7. you will probably get more exposure and response in the buick forum
  8. I think it is a ground for static on radio.WAG
  9. not that it matters but it was not a 55 as several mentioned.the front cross member was a problem(rust) from 54-56 but there are replacements available.agree on the choice of letting it rust in peace
  10. I do not think bumper matches picture of buick
  11. hate to bust your theory bubble but it has nothing to do with it a set was a set not 2 pair
  12. some had plastic covers where they bolt through floor.some even had a flip up cover built into cover.they can be hard to pull back.the bolt may be a 56 torx.good luck removing the bolts either way as they are tight
  13. I want to add to the xmas wishes to all and a hell of a better new year
  14. you do not need all the outlets? unless you have an electric brake controller for brakes on the trailer.also one is ground one is 12?volt power to trailer for?that leaves left right and taillights.the wiring is based on GM for L R T.you will find the yellow wire goes to the red post and the brown to green post and green to brown post.wired a ton in my time wiring trailers and plugs.this is if you are using a 7 for trailer.there is an easy way if you just want tail and left right.
  15. some measurements may help.wag the base of the windshields 70s GM products. as I said wag without some measurments
  16. I read trinidads reply and did not find it anything but what he thought was the answer.WOW testy I will give him benefit of the -19 defense then again maybe not😪
  17. when I need to check a speaker I use a small battery (9 volt or less)has worked for me for almost 60 years.just touch the positive post while holding the other wire on the ground. you will hear a crackling sound do not hold on just touch.there are new updated vibrators available.there are radio repair shops that are qualified to repair.
  18. your next problem may be fender clearance when turning.also the tire hitting the frame when turning
  19. it may help if your photos had a tape measure posed with them to give an idea as to size.
  20. I also think ford I think 57-58 if you go to unity site it will show there (spotlight)
  21. that is probably from a power window retro fit cut out for gang switch
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