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  1. For me, there is no going back to when I was a kid or a special connection to my dad or grandpa. Growing up, cars were for transportation and that is all. I realized I was a car guy about 18 months ago. My 20 year old daughter wanted a 70's Volkswagen camper bus so she could drive it and go camping. Ill be honest, I thought she was a little crazy because I thought of the maintenance and how unreliable it would probably be. Being supportive, my wife and I took her to a place that sold classic cars and had a 1978 there. Well, as we were walking to the place where they had the VW, I saw a c
  2. Thanks, I joined HCCA recently and have not received the roster yet. I will take a look. Kevin
  3. That sounds like a beautiful car! I would like to see that sometime and I wonder where it is? Thanks for sharing the story. Kevin
  4. I am partial, but they are even nicer looking in person. Not only the design of the car, but the attention to detail and quality throughout is superb. They also had quite an early following in DC with Politicians as well. These two pictures are from an original 1913 Bulletin from Cole.
  5. Thank you and I appreciate it! I have always believe that you need to follow your passions and go for it. I also had a lot of encouragement from my 17 year old son who has fallen in love with old cars too.
  6. That ad is very cool and thanks for sharing! I have several Cole ads and other documentation and I have not seen that one. The baseball team analogy is a good one for what JJ Cole was trying to do. Many people hear Standardized and they think Henry Ford, cost cutting, and standard parts, bolts etc. What Cole was trying to do was to put together cars with the top automotive components that were the standard or would set the standard in the automotive industry. Here is part of an ad that summarized the 'Standardized' Car components very well.
  7. Thanks! It has been a great adventure in the short time I have been involved and I look forward to many more years of fun with the cars.
  8. Thanks to the original poster, Mark, for this post. I am 47 and my 21 year old daughter got me into classic car collecting over a year ago. My daughter saved up her money and wanted to buy a 1970's VW camper bus. My wife and I took her to look at one that was a driver but had some rust and while we were at the place looking we saw a beautiful 1931 Model A Roadster. My daughter bought her bus and my wife and I ended up buying that Model A. I became hooked on classic cars and I am lucky enough to have been able to add some more cars to my collection. As someone newer to the hobby, I have o
  9. Thanks Ed. I will have to take a look at that roster.
  10. I am new to the AACA and I am looking for other owners of Cole Motor Company cars. In the Spring, I acquired a 1913 Series 9 touring car and would like to connect with other owners. Fifteen to twenty years ago, there used to be a very active club led by Leroy Cole, however as people aged the club pretty much stopped. I know Coles are not a very common car at all and there are a few in museums such as Auburn and the Gilmore, but it would be great to connect with anyone else that owns and drives them. My Cole was sitting in a museum for 12+ years and I am getting it back out on the road and
  11. Wow, those sure are ugly! It does seem like it would be a market opportunity for some company to do this. Thanks for the info. Kevin
  12. In May I acquired a Cole 1913/1914 Series 9 touring car. With it, I have quite a bit of car documentation and company photos. I thought I would share some of it on here with others and maybe you will find it as interesting as I have! In early 1913, Cole took a specifically labeled new Series 9 car on a long trip to test it out and show endurance as well as to raise marketing awareness for the 'Standardized' car. JJ Cole called it the standardized car because he wanted all of the best components in it that were or would be the standard in the automotive industry. Here are a fe
  13. Excellent and thanks again!
  14. Matt, Thanks and I will share that picture with my wife, she will love it!
  15. This could be really helpful. Two of my cars have no signals and temporary ones could help while driving. I like the idea of two separate ones versus just a single unit though I cant find any after doing some searches on the internet just now.
  16. Joel - spot on and my wife loves late fifties and early 60's Vettes. I found the metro to be a much less expensive option!
  17. Thank you, this is extremely helpful! Now I just need to find the parts to make this work.
  18. I acquired a 1922 Maxwell Model 25 in the spring. the owners manual mentions that when filling the oil there is an oil gauge on the side of the engine that tells you the oil level. My engine does not have the oil gauge, but it has the bolt where it would go. Does anyone have one of the oil gauges on their engine and can send me a picture so I can see what it looks like? Thanks!
  19. I am new to the AACA so just ran across this topic. I also just joined the HCCA recently as well. I started collecting 18 months ago and jumped right in. My first car was a 1931 Model A and after a few months with that, I was in love with older cars. I recently entered the pre 1915 era with the purchase of a 1913 Cole touring car and it takes time and research to find what you are looking for. I also do not have a large garage or land to build a storage place, but in the Detroit area we have facilities that are for classic and exotic car collectors so you can store your cars, have 24 ho
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