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  1. It was great talking to you at the show and it was so nice to see the three Kissels all next to each other. A rare chance to see the difference in the models and years. Excellent autos!
  2. That is too bad about the early area. We didn’t make it up there to check things out. It did seem like there were even more twenties and early thirties than usual. Thanks for for the kind words!
  3. Here is my son Ben with his 1923 Cole two person Sport Coupe. It was a fun weekend at the festival! It didn’t seem like attendance was down from last year to us. In fact the judgesfield was fuller than last year. Last year the judged field only had cars around the edges and this year there were also two full rows down the center, but who knows.
  4. Message me some pics and I’ll see what year they are. thanks!
  5. I’ll be looking for anything from the Cole motor car company. Especially, an original Cole motometer for my 1925 and some other parts for my 13 and 23.
  6. The Gilmore car museum has a 1921 Roamer with Rochester Duesenberg engine. It has a great presence!
  7. Yes we sure will. This year we are bringing my son’s 23 Cole two person Coupe. How about you?
  8. Now I am a Cole fan, so here are a couple of great designs. The first is the 1913 Radiator badge. It is an excellent badge with the eagle and the logo. One of the best early badge designs in my opinion. Looks great against the German Silver Mayo radiator when all polished. The second is the nickel airplane propeller props that Cole introduced in late 1917 with the launch of the Cole Aero 8 and they used them through 1922. JJ Cole was very big into early flight and used many cross over elements in the design of the Cole Aero 8.
  9. You didnt quite specify the cut off date for early cars with side curtains in your post. But there is nothing like driving a touring car in the winter! Here is a 1919/20 Cole Aero 8 with side curtains on and out in the winter. and here is a 1916 Cole with Side Curtains installed. It doesnt look like it is raining and there are other people in the car so wondering if it was to cut down on dust in the area that they are driving in.
  10. It is a maxwell Sport Touring though they were painted in Chester Hunt Red. Great Maxwell at a great price! Someone will be getting a good bargain and unique car to drive and take to shows.
  11. They are out there and starting to pop up and be noticed. Read this article from the recent Concours of America at St John’s. http://americajr.com/news/2019/07/29/john-d-groendyke-bill-warner-honored-at-41st-concours-delegance-of-america/ Ben is 18, owns that car on his own, maintains it, drives it, and enjoys the heck out of it. He is also an instructor at the Gilmore Model T driving school and a member of the CCCA. There is no AACA group in our Michigan area.
  12. Yes, that is right. The early Maxwell stuff was great. It was the late teens where they started to have problems.
  13. This is great to see, though tours can be more difficult to get to for younger people due to taking weekdays off of work or school. My 18 year old son has been enjoying taking the Coles to Concours or other events on weekends. Here he is with the 13 Cole at the Copshaholm Concours and then he has his 1923 Cole Coupe at the Concours of America at St John’s this weekend. Picture is him with the 23 Cole at the Concours media day. He is having a lot of fun and getting other young people involved. It’s about getting the younger people exposed and involved as his favorite era is actually the 20
  14. I took some videos of the car running, driving, and starting if anyone wants to see them. Kevin
  15. I was surprised that California was ranked number 49 as the 2nd worse state to own one!
  16. Hagerty released this article that ranked all 50 states on how friendly to own and drive a classic car they are. Interesting read. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/07/18/how-classic-car-friendly-is-your-state?sf105513543=1&fbclid=IwAR3aVjqKHJHA0Iej5O1UQ_EsK1Yb6jerFquKszlV5tc7R5kvkk3EcHi2MUA Do you agree with your state's ranking?
  17. It will be a few days before I am with the car again so I can take some pictures and look at the specific information for you. Thanks!
  18. I was just looking for information on my Stromberg carb this weekend. I have a 1913 Cole and it uses a specific Stromberg Carb that was built to Cole's specs. It says it is the model 'G'. Is the Cole-Stromberg model G different than the GA, GB, or GC that you listed above or is the A, B, and C, versions of the G carb?
  19. Mike, I actually think this is 1912 or 1913. See my post of the Willoughby body on the Cole above from 1911. They used that through early 1913. In late 1913 and 1914 the Cole limo with Willoughby body has a different style per the picture below. Typically Willoughby would have a similar design for the small contract runs they did for automakers and would change them by some minor tweak. For example on the 1912 Cole the two lines swoop up the back while on the chandler they go straight all the way around.
  20. Very interesting. In late 1911 -1913, Willoughby made a body for Cole that is very similar. It was called the London Limo. None of these cars survive today. If I had the restoration skills and the amount of funds it would take, I know of a 1912 Cole chassis.....
  21. Takes a lot to get me excited, so no worries 🙂 It is similar to a model A, though less power. With the Overdrive you can cruise in the 40-45 mph range. I have attached the spec sheet from 1922 and you can see the HP rating. I have never had any challenges with hills or anything at all when I drove it around or to a show, you just need to know your not going to cruise over 45. That's actually about where I cruise at with my Model A as well. There is a bit of a different feel to it though as the Maxwell has the tall narrow tires while the Model A has the wider balloon tires. Not really
  22. Glad you like it. It is bigger than a Model T, but not that big! 🙂 I know what you mean about storage space.
  23. Thanks. It is a good and fun car and I had it at the Henry Ford Old Car Festival last September. It is not perfect, though it has a great look with the wheels and the color! I just don't use this one anymore now that I acquired two more Coles last Winter and I personally don't like cars to just sit.
  24. The 1922 Maxwell was launched as 'The Good Maxwell' after Walter Chrysler joined Maxwell to turn it around in 1920. He essentially took 1921 off and released the new and revised model to modernize the Maxwell after the many issues that they had with the late teens models. This Maxwell was restored in the early 2000's and then purchased at an RM Sotheby's auction shortly after. Car was driven and maintained since that restoration and the primary body(not fenders) were repainted in 2018. The car is in Chester Hunt Red which is an original Maxwell color for this model. The car has the original fo
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