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  1. I live in Michigan and Greenfield Village/the Henry Ford are excellent. The Gilmore Car Museum in south West Michigan is one not to miss. Also in the Detroit area check out Stahls. http://www.stahlsauto.com/. Limited hours but a wonderful collection. The piquette plant is great,though not sure how much you are into model Ts, but a lot of history there. If you by any chance like Motown then you have to check out the Motown museum where it all began.
  2. In order to have a productive analysis on this topic and determine how to optimize for the future we need to stop using generalizations based on stereotypes. In this thread I have seen many examples of this such as the next generation Is always on their phone or they are so broke. They don’t make any money so they could never buy a car. Here is an interesting piece of info that I just saw today in the Detroit free press: To be sure, many millennials do not fit stereotypes, such as being difficult to manage, impatient and unsatisfied with work. Not all millennials are wonder
  3. You might be surprised! My iPhone usage is probably 3 hours a day as I am working and getting things done. I can work anywhere at anytime and do. It’s being always connected and efficiency. What used to take three hours of research to find at a library or looking in a file cabinet at a business can now be found on your phone in minutes. I also use a very well known restoration shop for my cars. I am learning more and more and doing work on my cars now for more things but not everything yet. I have found the pre war cars to be a great escape from the always on connected wor
  4. We have always done meet ups at another event, that way not a worry. Big national clubs provide that and are great at that and is why I belong to the Aaca, HCCA, and CCCA. At large scale that makes complete sense. Or there are plenty of cars shows that you can meet up at and do a small tour to the show. In Michigan there is a car show within 30 miles of you every day of the week during the summer on either the East side or the West side of the state. Our local HCCA group did a small tour to a flag day car show in Grand Rapids on Friday. It was put together in less than two weeks. Now
  5. Matt, you are correct it’s not just a site, that is table stakes. Several posts earlier I had other lessons learned which included ways we have evolved and are not a club. No membership fees, no Hierarchy and politics, electronic only, meet ups instead of formal meetings, one to one or one to many connection facilitation, and my son does other stuff such as snap chat,etc. Very far from perfect but a start. My first old car was a 1931 Model A that I got a few years ago and I joined MARC and the local region group. A formal hierarchical structure, monthly meetings, monthly lunch
  6. This is absolutely the most important thing. We launched the website in October and I have been shocked by how many people visit and are searching for information. With only 77 known cars to exist and a relatively obscure brand, it is easy to assume that you would have to be an owner to want to search for information or be interested in Cole. Well, here are the stats for the site since launch in October as of this morning: Total visitors: 758 Total pages viewed: 4188 Avg pages viewed per visitor: 5.52 (so most visitors are not just stumbling on to the site by accide
  7. Thanks and I am in my 40's and got started in this Coles less than two years ago when myself and my son were at an auction and we ran across a 1913 Cole. We had never heard of it, didn't know anything about it, but fell in love with it. We tried to do searches on our phone for information and there was a Wikipedia page (later to find out that it had many inaccuracies), links to forum posts, and that was about it. Later we ran across the gentleman Leroy Cole, no relation to the Cole car family, who ran the former Cole club for three decades and he was gracious with information and knowledge.
  8. Thanks! Its a start and there are improvements that need to be done. Eventually we will have scans of Cole documentation and material on the site. It has to be quick to find, easy to use, and something that someone can find and access on their phone.
  9. Two encouraging recent signs I have witnessed and been a part of 1. On May 17th at the Gilmore Car museum pre 1942 one day tour there were over 70 cars participating! It was quite a site and had over 20 that were pre 15. This was the largest amount of touring cars that they have had. 2. Myself and my 18 year old son relaunched the Cole motor car registry and club last fall complete with a modern website and on May 18th at the Gilmore pre 42 event we had 10 Coles show up! This is a larger gathering of Coles than the previous Cole Motor Car Club of America which was a
  10. Just ran across this old thread. The first car is a 1923 Cole Aero Volante. That was the last year of the dual side mount tires on a Cole. Also, that was the last year of the Aero 8 branding. The Aero 8's all had a propeller under the moto meter which your picture does. For 1924 and 1925, Cole went to the 'Master Model' branding.
  11. Specifically, that is an early 1912 Cole 30/40 Touring Car. Here is a picture of the same model with the top down with President Taft in it at a Tour stop. Cole didn't use model years and during the span of 1912 and 1913, they came out with four different cars with lots of body types. They were the Model 30/40, the Series 7, the Series 8, and the series 9. In the fall of 1912, the Cole Series 8 used the Delco electrical system and starter. The picture that @Keiser31 shared is a Series 8 as that was the last model with right hand drive. The Series 9 came out in June of 13 and was left han
  12. Well of course its an advantage to be born into just about anything. If you grow up learning something, then it gives you a huge boost. This doesn't mean you can't start something up later in life though. I am in my 40's and I just got into the old car hobby 2.5 years ago. I didn't grow up around cars, didn't know anyone who was in the car hobby, nothing. Just saw a 31 Model A Roadster somewhere, fell in love with it and made an impulse buy. It has been a learning and fun journey ever since with mistakes made, friends made, and getting even more addicted to this hobby. Now my 18 year o
  13. Yes it has always included 1932. Right on their site it lists a judged class 1930-1932.
  14. I registered two cars earlier. One of my favorite events of the year!
  15. In the 70's I was just in Kindergarten and elementary school! I just got into this hobby two years ago and am really enjoying it. I am meeting great people, seeing lots of great cars, and learning so much. My 18 year old son is also now very active in it as well. We focus on the pre 1932 era and that is what we really like. Our first Hershey will be this year and we cannot wait! We see people post about the decline, etc. and maybe there is from past decades, but there is still a lot of fun, enjoyment, and comradery to be had out there at all events. We take one of our old cars to the
  16. Great to hear from you and you did a wonderful paint job on the car! It is still the original work that you did at the time. Greg Tocket sold the car in 1987 or so to the Indy Motor Speedway museum directly and they have owned it ever since. They have not had it on display in a few years and have now loaned it to the Gilmore Car Museum for a Cole exhibit that just started this week and runs through October 31st. Here is the car setup at the Gilmore as the exhibit was being set up.
  17. No, this one was never in the Harrah's collection. The only Cole that the Harrah's collection had and is now part of the museum there is a 1916 Cole Tourscoupe.
  18. It could have been this one. It was found in the early 80’s out east and then restored. The Indy motor speedway museum purchased this Cole roadster in the late 80s and have had it ever since.
  19. My son was also giving people rides in them throughout the day as well. He and his two person Coupe will be at the the Concours of America at St Johns in July. He loves the cars and the hobby!
  20. Thanks and we will do it again. There is also an exhibit of 7 Coles that starts next week at the Gilmore car museum that runs through October. Besides the cars we will have quite a few company artifacts, documents, etc. a rare opportunity to go deeper and to see this many Coles from 1909–1925 in one place.
  21. Here are some pictures of the cars the only 1909 Cole High Wheeler 1911 Cole 30 Roadster 1913 Cole Series Nine Touring car 1915 Cole 8 Roadster with the first Cole V8 1917 Cole 8 TourSedan with a body by Springfield that can be an open or closed car 1919 Cole Aero 8 7p Toursedan with Westinghouse air springs 1923 Cole 890 2 person Coupe that was built by JJ Cole custom for his son 1924 Cole 7p Royal Sedan with air suspension 1925 Cole Brouette with body by Willoughby that was
  22. You are right about probably not seeing this again! Just got home and it was a wonderful day at the Gilmore pre 42 show. The Cole reunion was a fun time and it was great to see the cars together! I’ll post some pictures of all of the cars later when I can reduce the size to meet the upload requirements.
  23. The house In the first picture is mine but the car room in the second pic is Not mine. That is at a major restoration shop that I had doing some work on the car. That picture is from their display room. Here are a couple more pictures of that room on the day I took that picture.
  24. I had these two cars out over the last week with weather improving. Both driving with top down!
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