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  1. Thanks for the information and the updates on the type of hose. I don't have an actual picture handy, but here is a drawing of the tire pump. As you can see at the top the tire pump, is where you hook up the hose and it doesn't use any type of connector like the one shown on the hose in a previous post. The hose really just slides over the ribbed connection point so finding the right diameter hose will be important. The hose was then stored under the front seat in a nice wooden pull out drawer that is there for the tire pump hose and tools.
  2. My 1913 Cole has a Taylor Noil Automatic Tire Pump that is powered off of the engine. The pump does put out air when it is engaged and now I need a hose for it. What would be the correct Tire pump hose from 1913? Also the hose would need to be much longer than a standard tire pump as it was meant to run from the engine compartment to each tire. Any ideas on where I would get a proper hose like this? thanks in advance.
  3. Yes I will have my Cole there. There will be somewhere in the ball park of 10 Coles there for the Cole owner gathering. I honestly do not think there has been that many Coles in one place at one time since the 20's or 30's. There will be the first model 1909 Cole High wheeler and then the last Cole model which is my 1925 Cole Brouette. Then there will be a good representative of the models in between.
  4. Gary - It will be great to meet you. I will have the 1925 Cole Brouette, that I posted about in the forums a few weeks ago, there on the tour and the showcase. I have not used Airbnb myself but have heard overall good things about it. Kevin
  5. Now your reading my mind and thanks for the input!
  6. Understand and not looking to do it as a income generation business. We have a passion for the cars, people, and events. My son and I are active with various car related organizations and volunteer with some auto museums as well. Mostly just looking to cover any liability that I may have and I really do like helping people and organizations out if it makes sense. Just completely investigating.
  7. Thanks Jim. I was speculating you would need commercial insurance to do something like this. Do you recommend a commercial insurance company that I can talk to so I can start to figure this out? Of course if I did want to go this route I would have to setup a business and all of that fun stuff, just trying to get some basic information and costs at this point to see if it makes sense and what the options are.
  8. So I am buying a new custom built 24 ft long by 8.5 ft interior height trailer for use with my own collection of pre 1932 cars. This will replace my first enclosed trailer that I purchased that was smaller and not built as strong. We have only been in this for a few years and will also start going to Hershey, other meets, and some auctions. I have a few questions about insurance that I cannot seem to find the answer on or even where to start. I currently have trailer insurance for my own trailer and personal use, but what about these two scenarios? 1. What happens
  9. I offered to post this letter on behalf of the Gilmore Car Museum, so here is the information about an excellent tour and show over 2 days on May 17-18. The link to the show site and registration details are here: https://www.gilmorecarmuseum.org/event-detail/donald-gilmore-pre-1942-showcase-car-show/ March 8, 2019 Greetings from Hickory Corners! I am writing you today to personally invite you to participate in the 4th Annual Gilmore Showcase Pre-1942 Car Show and Swap Meet and Driving Tour. The event kicks off on Friday, May 17th from the Gilmore Ca
  10. No discounts for clubs, however if you are a member of the different museums, then those memberships get you into the full campus. In April they open the outer museums again, as during the winter just the main building is open.
  11. Why does everyone always jump to value? The OP was wondering about the term 'rare' and immediately people jumped to rarity has some relationship to value, which it does not. Value is based on supply and demand and while you can have a rare supply, it is the demand and desire that justifies value. That is not a direct correlation to value, as rarity is just an input. You could even have very little demand for a car, but if you have a buyer with the means who has a lot of desire or passion about a certain car then the skys the limit in value. Here is the definition of rare - An
  12. Jeff, Thanks and agree with you. The Cole ads were wonderful and the dealer prestige catalogs were even better. Here is the ad for this particular car that I have. I was aware that the Cole is a CCCA full classic and in fact this very 1925 Cole was the specific car that was submitted to the CCCA board in 2011. Based on that process the board voted to designate this car as a Full Classic. A few years later the CCCA opened up entry down to 1916 so all Cole V8's back to that date were designated full classics. I will be showing this car at the Michigan CCCA Grand Cl
  13. Gary - It doesn't take much to have better roads than metro Detroit! This sounds like a good and interesting tour. Is there a link to information about the event? Kevin
  14. This is spot on. This is easier with lower production cars though it is very hard and takes a huge amount of effort. For example, with the Cole Motor Car company a registry was started in the 70's and then a formal club, the Cole Motor Car Club of America, was formed in 1980. The club was very active until 2009 when it dissolved. In 2009 they had tracked down 75 Coles that were still known to exist out of the approximate 41,000 that were produced. Early last year I met the leader of the Cole club from 1980-2009 and I resurrected the Cole registry in October of 2018. Through the capabilit
  15. Agreed and absolutely no plans to. My only goal is to preserve it and do maintenance to keep it running.
  16. Thanks Roger! Isnt the Auburn meet this year a Grand National which I believe means only previous winners can attend? For some reason I thought that a first timer could not enter a car unless the HPOF class is different. Kevin
  17. Wayne, That is a heartbreaking story and I can't imagine how disappointing that must have been. I had been looking for this car and I was able to track it down and fell in love with it even more when I saw it in person. I absolutely plan on being the caretaker of this car for a long time and then my son after that. He is 18 now and has a great love for pre war cars and especially Coles. It is a great hobby and passion that we can share together. Here is a Cole family photo from the late 40's of them taking 4 of their Cole cars out for a local trip to a park. The
  18. I will let you know when I figure it out. Good tip on the do not judge and that sounds like a good idea!
  19. I will have to look into that. I have never taken one of these cars across the border. Are there any considerations with that?
  20. Spot on Carl. The car sat for a couple of years with the previous owner so it is in a shop right now having a mechanical go through and a cleaning/preservation of the surfaces. They found a bent valve in cylinder 8 and the some gaskets needed replacing so a new valve had to be made and the engine is running great now. When the previous owner got it in 2007, he was big on preservation as well. He actually took out an electric fuel pump that was put in at some point and put back in the original vacuum system. He also did some other mechanical conservation to keep it original and running smo
  21. I agree with you and as long as I am the caretaker of this car it will not be restored. To me the car itself is the award and sharing the car and history with others is the fun part of the hobby.
  22. I have no plans to restore this car as my intention is to leave it as original as possible. This car has been well preserved for so many years, I am going to enjoy it that way. My goal is to get the car out in the public eye more as it has been hidden away for most of its life. It is also the only 1925 Cole known to exist still.
  23. Thanks, that is very helpful. Now I just need to pick an event to bring it to. I am outside of Detroit so the closest one is Auburn, however that event is a Grand National so this car would not qualify I believe. Kevin
  24. Steve, Thanks and yes, you are correct. It is a four wheel brake car and it has a V8. So is 18C the 400 point judged class? Is HPOF just one big class?
  25. I just joined the AACA last year and I have not had a chance to attend one of the shows yet. I read the car classes and some of the judging documents, but I am a bit confused when it comes to an older unrestored car. Would this just go in an HPOF class? I also thought I saw that you could still get a jr or other award in the 400 point class with an original car, but I not sure how that would work if most of the cars are restored. Thanks for the guidance in advance. Now on to the car. I acquired this car in January and it is a 1925 Cole Brouette with body by Willoughby. The ca
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