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  1. Sorry missed your want . Here is pic of pieces . I can gladly bend you a rod . It simply in pinned in latch you drilled cylinder out of . The pinning is with a wobble to aid installing . Finding a lock would be hardest . Have seen some that may work . Can probably do something operable with screw driver . Ignore round plate and nut . I have pic of proper wing nut if wanted .
  2. Need to see your wiring diagram . But some mopars like my Dodge and others had the coil inside under the dash . This was a security measure and the wire to the distr,. was armored . Also the heat from engine did not cause premature coil failure . With the coil under hood you would only need jumper from starter (pwr) to coil and vehicle would start . But without a key to make hard contact between coil and ignition , nothing starts .
  3. The ignition switch has the coil attached directly to back of if ,so connection is made thur a contact as you turn on .Wire in is from amp gauge and wire out is from coil to distributor . And hi voltage coil wire . If you have a two part system , like most aftermarket set ups . You just break the power wire from gauge wire your ignition switch . Hence wire from gauge to switch , switch to coil , coil to distr . . PS Get Well Soon !
  4. First determine if your model even had them . Cowls where used on various models and mopars ie. that's a Dodge .
  5. You could take drums off without disassembling wheel . But they where not painted from the factory in the back or between spokes . Pulling drums off would make cleaning and painting spokes rear curves easier . But a PIA job. make sure to mark location on and off . You will find bolts peen to nuts also .
  6. Believe they where for braces added in certain models like roadsters and trucks .
  7. Had same rivet loose problem on my amp gauge / fuse . Replaced rives with brass 4-40 screws and nuts ,from box stores .Cleaned and added electrical anti corrosive to connections .
  8. Looks like one in port is larger on that tee . Where was it in system ?
  9. The Filling Station's catalog should help . Pic's of reproduced parts ,also all the manual should be available . It a nice looking project . Good luck .
  10. Did the CLR on my rad with it's white scale top . 10 hrs and light brush with flexible coil brush from plumbing store cleaned most heavies out . Then back flushed with Zoo tool , and air water flushing device . . It is hard to get debris from top tank , so took off anyway .
  11. Oliver , my pic of hanger was to test as i just made it . Had to make a tailpipe to finish mine to back also . I can give you a drawing to show hangers two parts . Also if you have access to electricians hand bender make your own pipe . I simply drew profile full scale of vehicle . Tank , hanger ,axle ,muffler and frame . Place no go areas and clearances wanted on the cardboard template . Laid bender on to mark degrees and locations of kicks in pipe . Came out well . But must confess was a electrician and bend thousands of conduits .
  12. I did notice . First ;seeing that . I could not zoom in on pic to see if it is my type hanger . But on my frame /tank support there is a hole in line with strap for it and over more toward wheel to run parallel the frame rail .
  13. E-bay sells some called Milled Long 45 degree flare nuts . Also have brake tee's and other flare tee's . Make sure 45 degree .
  14. Your hanger maybe like this . Mine not same model but mopar '31 .
  15. Pull a plug after cranking . See if it is getting fuel . FUEL , SPARK, RUN . May take some time but thats the fun of it . Good Luck . Many here to help .
  16. Should not exceed the max amps of dash gauge and wire from ,and generator . 20 or 30 amps is common . My BOI does not seem to list for my 31 Dodge either .
  17. A little confused . Is the venturi out ? It has a brass rivet in side thur casting . Then must be pulled out not pressed . A pic will help .
  18. Can you post better pic of lock up at split . Is it hinged or separate . Also your location ,maybe a loaner can be had .
  19. I'm going with mid to latter 30's . headlights on fenders , Door lock s in window profile ?? Tires , headlight and roof make it seem earlier ,though .
  20. You may be miss reading the lower N as the beginning of a word . If the cap was rolled other way . It is last letter of the word . It could be second or first word .
  21. I have another thats 2-1/2 x 24or6 tpi , I think Ford .
  22. GGoing good ! How do you put beads in tube tires? Some just bubble balance and edge spin to make sure even set to rim to wheel . Your oil pressures look ok . What weight oil ? Some use 10-30 , I like 15-40 , and others use straight weights . Lots of opinions on that subject . Most will run a detergent if motor was rebuild and it has been used . Just change more often . Assume you have no filter .
  23. I have one for my Dodge 2-3/8 x 16 tpi . Your welcome to use it , In Drums Pa . A search in this forum should bring up the often posted list of sizes and # 's .
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