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  1. That looks amazing!!!! and to answer your question, no I didn’t install the pin. I was spending a lot of (my limited) brain power trying to get the horn to work right that I forgot. Decided to let it go.
  2. That would be great, but maybe the bolts are rusty and sticky ... we will see!
  3. Lots of great advice thanks! At this point I’m leaning toward going to a new mechanic that my friends are suggesting. I figure this is a 3-4 hour job so not pricey and like said above, a good test of a new mechanic to establish a relationship with.
  4. I have a full set of Bilsteins ready for my 64. Not sure if I could/should tackle installing them myself. I do have a floor jack and stands and some tools (but not a compressor and side-facing driver to reach in there easily). I have never done shocks. My first thought was to pay the mechanic to do it, but now maybe I need a new mechanic (my usual shop is ignoring me) and I'm not thrilled at trying a new place. Should I have a go myself??
  5. I admire you guys willing to drive your Riv cross country. I can't imagine! I fear the whole thing falling apart, haha. I have dreamed of taking mine from Seattle to Vegas. Driving down the strip in a Riv would be glorious. (Cleaning off all the bugs from the trip, not so much).
  6. This dropped off eBay before the time limit. It was at $18,000 with a couple days to go. So somebody must have made an offer that sealed the deal early.
  7. I just bought a set of Bilstein shocks from them. Damn well hope they fit (they're in the mail). I bought an AC compressor from them last year and it did not fit, or it didn't fit until my mechanic made some adjustments to the metal plate that hangs below it. So yeah, I've had multiple issues with OPGI parts. The quality is usually good, but the fitment, never be sure.
  8. I got my wood wheel on eBay a few years ago. I don’t see them on there now. Mine has a thicker rim, which I like, but as noted above, my turn signal no longer turns off automatically. Not a big deal to me though because one of the signals sticks anyhow and you have to jiggle it no matter what.
  9. I don’t think anyone has mentioned this bamboo 64 on eBay. Wow, if I didn’t already have one, this would be speaking to me! Really nice.
  10. Success! I was able to get the new housing to work perfectly once I made sure the turn signal bulb was tightly installed and the springs were extended. Yep check the little stuff!!
  11. Ok so the car has the three prong connector but only a two-bulb housing. Does that make any sense? UPDATE: I'm going to try using the newer wiring connectors in the original housing. I hope maybe it's just a bad connection on the turn signal bulb. The parking lamp connector in my original housing is very corroded, but the one in the replacement housing is nice.
  12. Ok guys further mystery. I bought a new housing and now both lamps go on at the parking setting but now this particular turn signal won’t flash or go on in that setting. (FYI the wiring connector wasn’t a match either but it IS a three wire housing).
  13. I have a RetroSound unit in my 64 but I agree if these guys can do an updated system in a stock housing that would be really cool.
  14. This looks like a really nice 64. I think it's at $16,000 now. Curious what the get-it-done price would be. Ebay seems to rarely meet reserve, especially on a dealer car like this.
  15. Oh wow I have a repair manual, can’t believe I missed that section. I see now in another drawing that the piece is supposed to have an “anti-rattle spring” - clearly mine is gone! I think based on the drawing I have the valve locked open, so that’s all good. Thank you!!
  16. I have a question on this valve on the exhaust manifold. Mine rattles really bad and I have tried just using some wire to essentially tie it into the resting position. Any idea if that resting position, with the weighted end down, has the valve open or closed? I think having it open is fine, we have really mild weather here in Seattle. But if I’ve wired it closed, I guess that would a problem!
  17. That's a good suggestion, I have never pulled off that firewall plug but it looks OK from the outside and since my passenger side lamp does work, I think it's just that the assembly and the light socket no longer properly ground. I have cleaned the socket and even re-spliced the wiring and all I end up doing is blowing the fuse.
  18. So the lower parking lamp doesn’t work and I have never been able to get it to work. I was planning to just buy another housing and see if that works. However, I have a 64. But only 2 bulbs?!? And a blank spot above?! What is this?
  19. One of mine is cracked so you’re certainly convincing me. Looks sharp.
  20. Can you show them on the car? Curious about the difference with new clear lenses.
  21. I actually designed and ordered a vinyl version for my 64. You have to look closely to see it doesn’t have the dimension of the originals but it looks nice and is durable.
  22. Well I am making a tough decision but it looks like I will be selling my 64. My plan is to put it for auction at Bring a Trailer but just in case there is a local person seriously interested I am posting something here first. I will be installing a new radiator shroud this week and getting it ready for photos overall. I won’t be posting a price here in order to protect the reserve in the auction but if you are serious or know someone who won’t waste my time, message me or reply. I would love for the car to remain a Washington car. It still has the original plate on it. The car is really well sorted. It is not restored or done to be perfectly stock. It’s lowered an inch and has halogen projectors, an aftermarket steering wheel. It’s nice, it’s totally beautiful as a driver and I will miss it. Might cry when it goes. More (current) photos when it’s all ready for sale but probably best for someone local to look at it instead if that’s the course. FYI the car was white from the factory and the engine, while a correct 64 425, is not numbers matching. I don’t know the car’s long term history unfortunately.
  23. Thanks guys I did indeed go ahead and order a new fan clutch just to be safe. It wobbles a teeny amount. And yeah, Dave, I can already see the shroud holes will need some "customizing" to fit.
  24. The fan shroud was missing from my car, although it has the backet and the lower resting hooks for one. So I bought reproduction one. Time to install. Seems the best idea is to remove the fan blades. Yes? Any advice there, which bolts to go for, etc.