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  1. Hemmings seems to suggest $35,000 is a high point. I have no idea what colors would be more valuable, but I must say my favorite is the butter yellow I've seen a 65 GS in at the LeMay Museum. That's the car that got me interested in these, and it's not red or black or silver!
  2. This looks nearly identical to mine, except the engine bay is way nicer. I paid $16K so I'd say this is a good price. My feeling is a good clean 63-64 is about $18-20K these days. That's what I found when I was shopping.
  3. This appears to be some sort of vacuum port next to the blower. It's gotten (worse since this pic) to be about 50-50 white on top and stained on the bottom, as if there's moisture in there?? A/C is blowing warm. I assume it's related. Help.
  4. Has anyone ever restored these? My are kinda beat up and the passenger side vent just spins way too loose, to the extent that it faces the wrong direction all the time. I used some metal cleaner on them but I'm picky and that's not enough!
  5. I agree that the vinyl top is unfortunate, but I certainly don't think the asking price is obscene. You can ask for whatever. It's not that crazily priced. It looks like a nicely restored car - yeah, whoever wrote the ad misstated it as a 401, so you gotta question their knowledge - but it looks pretty good to me.
  6. OK, experts, I found these in some spare parts left for my new 64 Riv. What the heck? I thought maybe it was for measuring spark plug gap, but that's not it, I don't think.
  7. Looking at OPGI, they don't list a silver headliner or visors, but that's what I have. Sure looks original. Correct?
  8. I'm happy to report the antenna comes out easily without taking the tire off! 15 minute job. I just turned the wheel away from the access panel. But good to know for future reference where to lift it!
  9. Pics! Engine bay needs a lot of cleaning but she runs excellent.
  10. You know, I think I might be able to get the antenna out WITHOUT removing the tire. Anyone try this? There seems to be some working space.
  11. I have searched through the forums and checked the owners manual. I need to lift the front passenger side to remove the tire and get at the antenna box. The manual has the jack point near the front bumper (yeesh, really??). I see in the forums maybe I should put the jack on the x-frame? not the side rails for sure, it seems
  12. I don't think my steering wheel has a tilt function, was that an option?
  13. Pictures to come, for sure. Bought off craigslist, yep.
  14. I just purchased a black 64 Riv. Very excited, it's pretty much my first classic car. If anyone has tips for finding interior parts (I need a turn signal knob especially) that aren't on OPGI, I'd love to see links or tips. eBay ought to be my friend for awhile. Also I need the air cleaner "Wildcat" sticker. Looking forward to reading through the forums.