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  1. Ok... looking for some advice again. On my 63 Riv gas tank there is a vent line, I have attached a rubber hose and looped it over the filler neck. Question: What type of vent one-way valve should be installed on end of the hose? Should it be mounted upright if it is a "ball-check type?" Or use a non ball check type? There is not a lot of room in that area for a "larger" Holley rollover type check valve, which I have. (see pic) I just kinda through it in there to see how it may work, but fitment and getting it mounted upright is a bit of a problem. Whats your thoughts? Anyone using a check valve, different type check valve, or other ideas? Thanks for your time and ideas! SF
  2. Please accept my most sincere apologies...... Yes these are 45 fin drums. I apologize for mistakenly punching in 43 rather than the correct 45. The best numbers I can get on the drum dimensions today are: one measures 12 & 1/32, the other is at 12 & 2/32..... (or some may say 1/6th.) It seems to be very difficult to get brake drums mic'd these days when 2 out of 3 parts store guys asked "what are those?" when looking at the drums. Located in Superior WI.
  3. Yes I still have the drums and spindles, backing plates with brakes still on. Thanks Scott
  4. For Sale: Power steering gear box, pitman arm, pump and engine bracket. Off 63 Riv 401, 66,000 miles on when pulled. Any interest? Make a reasonable offer. Plus shipping. Thanks Scott
  5. SOLD For Sale: Front aluminum finned drums/backing plates with brakes in place and spindle's attached. All parts off a 63 Riv with 66,000 miles. Control arms sold. Any interest in any of these pieces? Make a reasonable offer? Plus shipping. SOLD Thanks Scott
  6. For Sale: I have 2 NEW 59-60(?) Buick outside mirrors that work on either side. New in box. Paid $170 each from CARS. I was considering these for my 63 Riv but changed my mind. New in box. Asking $125 for the pair plus shipping. Thanks Scott
  7. For Sale: Trunk vacuum control out of my 63 Riv. $75 plus shipping. Thanks Scott
  8. For Sale: SOLD Items pulled from my 63 Riv. Headlight Sentinel pieces. I cannot tell you if they worked, I never tried them before car was dismantled for Resto. Make and offer, plus shipping. Thanks