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  1. Have been struggling getting the oem fan and clutch fan setup to fit my shroud and might just switch to an electric puller cooling fan setup. Is anyone running A good setup they would recommend? What fan are you running and how did you mount to stock radiator? What are you using for a thermal switch to kick the fan on? That's always been the challenge when I've added them to cars that don't already have a port on the thermostat or somewhere that can be used. Thanks. Raul
  2. Ed, Its from opgi,. The quality is good and all the mounts seem to be in the right place. Just off in the fitment who could be my shroud or my car. I've tried two other from different sources and similar issues. Ray, I've checked the motor and tranny mounts and they look like they were replaced at some point. At some point in the future I will likely pull the motor and tranny for a rebuild but for now I've let scope creep slow me down for years on this project. I'm getting it back to a driver asap so I can enjoy it with my kids before they are too old. I'm
  3. Thanks! I'll make the mod to the bottom of the shroud and let you all know how it goes. That means I have to take that damn fan and fan clutch off yet again. Grrr but it will be worth it to finally have it done. Thanks everyone for the help.
  4. The fan is just slightly hitting the bottom of the shroud. I will just cut a section of the bottom shroud out and rivet some formed aluminum on there so not too worried about that. Could very well be the mounts causing that. The mounts look to be in good shape from what I can see but how old they are is an unknown to me. I mounted the shroud in the stock location using the stock radiator mount and the 2 brackets at the bottom cross member. The real clearance issue is with top and front of the shroud. If I use the stock fan clutch the fan blades literally can't move
  5. Great thanks. Just replied back to your PM. I'll take them.
  6. Thanks I ran it for a few min yesterday and it seemed ok but wasn't sure under hard braking etc if the blades might flex.
  7. I've tried to find one an oem shroud but have never had any luck.
  8. How close to the belt is too close do you guys think? Right now the fan blades are probably about a half inch maybe a little more from the belt.
  9. That angle makes it look a lot farther out than it really is. The fan is positioned nicely in the shroud and a little less than half is sticking out. The problem is if I use a spacer or the original fan clutch, the blades then move closer to the shroud and hit the shroud. Clearly the aftermarket shrouds all fit like crap so trying to make it work. This is the 3rd shroud I've tried. Everything is good on the shroud side but I'm worried the fan blades could hit the belt. Not sure how much those fan blades will flex. Hoping not much because the fan is so heavy and the thick blades,
  10. Does anyone know the correct thread size for the air cleaner stud bolt? Looks like the PO forced a wrong size nut on there and i want to try and chase the threads and put the correct wing nut on there. Thanks.
  11. Hi. Are these bent or damaged in any way. I have a whole front end rebuild kit and getting these would allow me to rebuild these off the car and then just swap them out.
  12. After many iterations, cutting grinding and bending, i finally got the oem cooling fan to work with the aftermarket shroud i put in. To do that I had to use a clutch fan that was a bit shorter which moves the fan closer to the engine. Are my fan blades too close to the accessory belt here? I'm about to give up and put an electric fan in. I really want to keep everything as original as possible but I just can't waste any more time on this. What do you guys think, is this ok or asking for trouble?
  13. That did it! Its alive again!! Been about 4 years since she ran last. Will do a separate update post once I let it run a while. I can tell i need to make a fan adjustment and tweak a few things before I really let it run. Will let you all know how it goes.
  14. I just got from the parts store. I bought 6 feet of 1/4" rubber fuel line and it appears to be the right size. Splicing it in and will let you guys know how it goes.
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