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  1. I'm pretty sure the original was a 5 blade fan with 3 blades together and then 2 offset to balance it. At least that's what my original looks like. Thanks.
  2. Hey sure tenugent. Is it a 5 blade fan from an AC car? Thank you.
  3. I have not had any luck finding a fan anywhere. Let me know if anyone comes across one. One on ebay now but it's in bad shape and looks like it came out of a 70. Thanks.
  4. Thanks guys. Sounds like you all agree it's not supposed to be bent or out of line with the other blades. From what I can tell the base of the blade is twisted and the actual blade is also bent. I could hammer and dolly the blade back but the thick metal at the base that looks twisted looks too tough to properly fix. I put a request out to a few folks to see who might have an original in good shape. When I get it I can also compare to verify if my original is badly twisted. The saga continues..
  5. All, So I installed the new clutch fan and it def moved the fan back a good inch toward the motor. I thought my prob was mostly solved until I noticed one fan blade is hitting the power steering belt. It looks like one of the fan blades is bent and may have been damaged. Does one of the fan blades stick out farther than the others normally, or is mine bent? I took a picture where you can see the one blade is a good 1/4 of an inch farther back than the blade next to it. All of the other blades are like the blade on the left. I can take it off and take more pictures if needed. Thanks.
  6. While I have the fan blades out I'm going to clean them up respray them. What is the oem correct color for the fan blades? Would a satin black be good?
  7. 1965rivgs, I just went to rockauto and did that. I found th ey had one clutch fan made for high pitch fan applications requiring a clutch fan lower than OE height. I found a Hayden fan: Heavy Duty Thermal Fan Clutch Features: Turns the fan 70-90% of the shaft speed when engaged for increased cooling Turns the fan 25-35% of the shaft speed when disengaged Used with deeper pitch fans (2-1/2" of pitch) Land and groove design with up to 27 square inch of working surface When I compared the overall height specs this one is a almost a full inch shorter. I ordered it and will try it out. Supposed to come thursday. Hopefully with this and maybe some slight cutting of the shroud it will work. Will let you guys know. Appreciate all the help. Rivnut, I will still take some measurements and update this thread as soon as I get the shroud out.
  8. Are you able to tell what is actually failing with the pumps? Does it seem to be a mechanical failure with the lever arm or a diaphragm failure with low/no fuel pressure. One thi ng I just found on this was to replace all your rubber lines. If they are cracked they could be preventing the vacuum needed to pull fuel to the motor once the pump gets a little more worn in over time.
  9. I may get a new fan clutch just to see if it helps since I'm sure a new one is order anyways. Was waiting until I pull the motor and rebuild it but might as well try it now. Cutting a portion out of the bottom is actually not a bad idea. That would def give me clearance but I'm worried that would limit the effectiveness of the shroud. Might be the next step ii nothing else pans out. Thanks. Raul
  10. Thanks rivnut. Will do tomorrow am. Everything is just mocked up now so not too hard to remove. Here are some more pictures. Not able to get under the car atm. One other possible suspect is that my crossmember might be pushed back a little towards the front of the car. . Something looks a little off with it when I look really closely. I will do some measurements on that also to rule that out as a possibility.
  11. Rivnut, Thanks. If you look in the pics above you can see where my condenser is mounted and how the shroud is mounted to the radiator support as you stated. The issue is that the shroud is flush up against the radiator and cant move toward the front of the car any further without cutting some of the shroud off. Will send more pictures when I get home a bit later. Thanks. Raul
  12. That does not sound right to me. Mechanical Fuel pump should last near about forever. Could something be creating too much pressure in the fuel line causing the fuel pump to fail prematurely. I would think even really cheap fuel pumps would last longer than what you have been seeing. I personally prefer edelbrock mech pumps. Not sure if they make one for the Riviera. I assume they do. Raul
  13. 60flattop, Good idea. I was thinking about this earlier that maybe the motor had shifted forward somehow over time. My guess is the mounts havent been touched in more than 20 years. Would bad mounts allow that much movement though? Like almost a full inch of movement forward?
  14. The radiator is as far back as it can go without fully hitting/touching the condenser. I played around with the brackets but the shroud cant move any closer to the radiator as it's already literally touching the radiator. I'll try to get under there and take some pics.