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  1. Convertibles as everywhere, hardtop coupes and sedanets/fastbacks of course. The latter are extremely rare here. The 30s/40s business coupes are for a very small crowd. Most popular US car since ages is the Ford Mustang from the 60s. But you find a lot of cars that former soldiers had left here, so it is a huge mix of everything. Only few people really import cars themselves. But when I go to RD Classics in Emmerich, one of the bigger US car importers in Europe, I believe, there is a shift away from 50s and 60s cars to 70s and 80s. Quite obvious and surprising to me.
  2. The Dutch guy contacted me as well. I cannot find this Pontiac coupe anymore, but it was for sale for at least 3 years there. After sending the inspector he decided against this '38.
  3. These coupes are a tough sell here in Europe. Not really a body style people are looking for, including me. There is a Pontiac Coupe like this for sale already for ages in the Netherlands. But you need just one serious buyer as usual.
  4. Where is the other half of the car? 😂
  5. Had the same issue on my 52. Brake lights were on, pedal got hard and all four wheels got hot. Short trip, no problem, longer trip exactly that happened. Changed the master cylinder, got a new one from CPR. Problem solved, peace of mind.
  6. I did not buy it. Too much rust for me to deal with and too many uncertainties. Rust never sleeps.....
  7. Imported my '53 Roadmaster Riviera in 2014 from Texas. Still not 100% finished, but with new paint, new bumpers, new venti ports and new radials it looks good in the late afternoon sun.... Want to go to car meets so badly!
  8. Hello everybody, I am doing my most favorite job, glueing in weatherstripping!!! No idea how the door rubber needs to be attached. In both positions that I can imagine it does not seem to be right. What is the purpose of the rectangular ends? I am clueless! Any advice would be great. Thank you.
  9. He said, it runs nicely, no rattle, no shaking, radiator re-cored a few years back, 12 V radio under dash, but works with 6V 12 V converter. Speakers are like that, because they did not want to cut wholes into the car. Nice! Push button start, but switch on the carb still there. Tires older but still good. Exhaust very good, but has a leak....
  10. Yes, so much to love about it. Talked with the seller for half an hour. Very open and transparent guy. Really a pleasure, took photos of everything that I asked for. Only real problem is rust on the lower fenders. Mechanically sound car, all gauges and lights work, chrome and stainless exceptionally nice, interior of course not original but good for a driver. Not leaking engine or tranny. Brake master cylinder wet. Floors and trunk seem to be solid. He would repair and prime the wholes in the front fenders for 500. He is very sure to get the asking price. He told me a guy from Gas monkey Garag
  11. Thanks for posting. I contacted them. That would look nice with my 49 Riviera and Super Convertible.
  12. Hi guys, I owe you an answer since quite a while. Four years back I put the car in a corner and let it sit. It was just too much trouble for me. More than I could stand and more than I felt capable of dealing with. Two years back I gave it to a 70+ paint guy who spent 300 hours on it and needed more than a year to finish it. The result was just great. Some time ago I started reassembly of all the parts that had to go for the paint job, put new chrome bumpers on it, new venti ports, new rubber from Steele (spent 1000 bugs just for that), new window cylinders, new generator, new wind
  13. Totally agree, but it makes me wonder how the exterior paint was applied, too. Cannot be judged on just by watching mini photos.
  14. Looking for such a car for quite a while. I wonder that the outside looks well cared for and the engine compartment so shabby... . What happened to the fire wall?
  15. Hi there, here are my costs.... In the US: - Enclosed pick-up Kentucky New York USD 695 - Ocean freight USD 895 - Insurance USD 225 = ca. 1800 USD In Europe: -Handling charges (Unloading, customs clearance documents, ecotax) 500 EUR -Vat 7% 1568 EUR -pick-up Rotterdam port to my garage 250 EUR = ca. 2300 EUR = ca 2500 USD Total 4300 USD (ca. 3900 EUR) on top of sales price. VAT hurts me most, is on car price and transport. I always follow my gut feeling after I have talked to the seller and my expectation is lo
  16. Hi Vegard, I asked hydro-e-electric some time back but never got an answer. Looked online but did not find anything, Bob's nothing, too. I used this instead, see below. It is a power steering hose for modern corvettes, I think. It is a bit stiff, but worked, the ends can be straightened or more curved as needed. Costs less than 20 USD at parts stores. I am using ATF (Dexron III). Flushed my old system 3 times as ATF is very cheap stuff. My biggest problem was to find a new gasket for the reservoir. Made one myself finally. And then the pressure of the pump was too low. Had to clean the pressur
  17. Nice 49 Riviera, too. Obviously a package deal and now he wants to sell the 4 door...
  18. This is what I got for 15 grand a year ago. Super smooth engine and really complete. Interior shot though, currently in the making. Bumpers excellent, side chrome slightly pitted. But if the guy had spent 7 on the chrome alone, then you could say the car costs only 8.5.... That's the way I would convince myself it is a great deal and in fact a steal. 😂👍😊 Do you use similar strategies? But the rear fender chrome is a must, totally agree.
  19. Hi Mohamed, I am using Hardi gas pumps (hardi-automotive.com), available for different applications, engine sizes and 12V or 6V. German engineering and manufacturing is never cheap, but this is good stuff. You hold it in your hands and you instantly know you bought something that will last. One thing less to worry about. Before that I bought these flimsy small pumps, too, until gas leaked out or they simply stopped working.
  20. I experience some real problems with my 56 Cadillac CdV, no Buick, but you guys know everything. The car needed new mufflers and pipes and my mechanic replaced them. Then he wanted to fine tune the two four barrel Carter carburetors to make the engine run a little smoother and the odyssey started. In the course of the last 3 months he rebuilt the carbs, adjusted the linkage between them, replaced the intake manifold gasket due to a vacuum leak, replaced the points by electronic ignition and much more I guess. We had all sorts of malfunctions, some really scary, some less. But
  21. You were trying to help. Thanks for that!
  22. Thank you very much, Al, exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately no Buick National swap meet in Germany.
  23. Does anyone here know where I can buy the gasket between reservoir and hydrolectric pump for my 53 Buick Roadmaster Riviera? Or has diameter and thickness? It is a simple rubber gasket I guess. The one one my car was handmade and has just fallen apart. Hydro-e-lectric does not have it on their website. Thanks a lot!
  24. Sounds familiar. I was told by the system admin of this forum some time ago that they blocked access from Europe (or especially Germany, cannot recall now) due to masses of spam flooding the forum. I installed the Opera browser on my devices which has built in VPN. By that the forum cannot 'see' where I am located. Problem solved.
  25. At this price you can only expect a car with work. Still like this car a lot. Outside okay, interior okay, chrome, okay. Electrical stuff to be checked. 'Runs and drives' could mean it doesn't stop supported by the picture with the yellow 'stopper'. Brakes shouldn't be a too big issue... But I am broke at the moment anyway...
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