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  1. Thanks I found a manual , you have to take two locking bolts before the large side bolts . Tight with the steering box . Got it out and on a dolly , now I can start cleaning up the fram e and paint ,Thanks again .Kings32
  2. Applewood Motors out of Inwood west Va . I drove for them for a number of years They run the East coast A few times a week .Kings32
  3. Helping a Friend with Resstoration ,Trying to remove engine and trans from frame every thing unbolted , How do you remove the rear mounts . kings32
  4. I am redonig the wood in 1929 LaSalle sedan in the shop now . It is the third Fisher body I have done , They are tough cars, I don't see why so many are down on wood body cars . I have driven my 32 Chevy for about 40 years no problems. Kings32
  5. Was cleaning the garage, real mess, Had to move the Mg to get the corvette out . Dan and Annette took it out for a ride also had a picnic in the local park .May get one of mine out this week . Need to finish up the new trunk for the 32 chevy. get some pictures when its done . Didn't get any work done on the LaSalle this week ,to nice out side .Grass cutting planting the garden Spring is a coming King32
  6. I was in Vietnam 64 65 came home to place no one wanted Vets ended up as a firefighter . Wife want me to do something with my anger ,so we bought a 1932 chevy and 8 years later it was finished . AACA is a great support group .Have done 15 Glidden tours with that . Have made a lot of great friends here .Kings32
  7. Lets see a picture , I have a 1930 oakland sedan . I restored over the last 4 or 5 years.kings32
  8. Yes I can , Will do today Kings32
  9. Yes glade to see you are good , hope to see you this summer on tour . Howard King
  10. I got real ,Annette and I got the air on her 76 Cutlass working ,Got Angelicas mgb out got the elec right .Got the time on the Oakland right thanks to Carl K ,took it for a short ride .Finished the last few thinks on the 66 Fury ,ready for touring . Now back working on the 29 LaSallle ,replacing most of the wood . King32 Marty say happy birtday to Dale for Chris and I
  11. Thankyou Steve I know this is hard on everyone , I want to thank the whole staff for working under these hard times . Howard
  12. Make me a stupit offer and come and get it . Kings32
  13. Rick I have a box out of a 1929 65 if the parts will work ,left over from my 65 that is gone ! kings32
  14. Use only woven linnings. The early cars will not work right with mordern linings. Trust me I have tryed it on my own cars . I do my own relining . Kings32
  15. Well it is getting warm guess they are going to scrape Kings32
  16. well its going to scrape ! kings 32
  17. I had my 1966 fury out today, Allput back together after paint plus fixing some things that have been a thing every time I take it on a tour .Took the 1930 Oakland on the drive way still have a running problem. Work on that in the next few days , Found out what the problem with the air on Annettes 1976 olds ,air would not come on . The thermal limiter switch was bad. Order a new one . Then we got out Grandaughters 72 MGB , battery was dead put shut off switch in . Then took it for a nice run . Kings32
  18. I used them also {Retro } ,they did a great job and the Radio works great .Kings32
  19. Are you interest in the car ? Do you want it for parts or restore , I want this car gone .Send a PM we can talk ! Kings32
  20. Finish putting the 66 fury back together after paint job . Love the dodge , my first truck was a 1969 camper special . Couldn't kill that truck wish I had it back . Kings32
  21. Here is one picture that is all I can load at one time kings32
  22. If this stuff doesn't sell it is going to scrap when the price goes up kings32
  23. The car ran when I got it, That was about 4 years ago .. I don't know the name of the trans it is auto with a clutch . I can get some pictures . Kings32
  24. My finger stayed on the four to long . But thanks everyone , I got the manual the search . Thanks again Kings32