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  1. Try to load some pictures never have luck doing this.Kings32
  2. When I bought the car I got a truck load of parts , haven't gone through all of them yet to see what I got . Thanks Kings32
  3. That is good news, now if we could get the weather man to get it right . Kings32
  4. I brought home a 1938 Imperial . The car belonged to a good friend ,he is down sizing . I drove it home about 50 miles , ran great needs some little things . New tires going with radials . May need new fuel pump Wants to quit on a hard pull or higher speed . will post pictures . Kings32
  5. Where does the money come from to give away ? Most shows are put on to raise money for something . King32
  6. I believe it went to 30 thousand, didn't meet resv . King32
  7. ABC radiator in Baltimore Maryland has done a number of radiators for me . Built a 4 row for my 66 , one for 1916 Overland [ not org core ] . Great to work with and honest .King32
  8. !932 Chevy optional trunk was abit like that . I am restoring one now , was only for about eight months . King32
  9. Looking for a model 361 , it is a AM-FM used in the 66 Furys . Kings32
  10. I thing of all fallen year round . Rolling Thunder is today in Washington . It is for the fallen . Kings32
  11. Looking for one for a 1966 ply Fury . Kings32
  12. 1965 home from Vietnam , bought a new 65 dart Gt meet a girl . Still have the girl car is long gone . Would like to have the car back Kings32
  13. Leaving Sat Morning for North Carolina Tour will be driving our 66 ply conv. Hope we have good weather so we can get time with the top down . Kings32
  14. Are you looking for a cam ? I believe I have one out of a 65 1929 Kings 32
  15. Last Sunday took the 66 fury out for a spin , Drove for about three hours . great day with the top down and the sun was out . hope to get the 32 chevy out one day this week . Rebuilt the rear ,new gears and axles . kings32
  16. American Vintageparts Kevin Johnson 1 770 558 7745 . He had parts for my 16 Overland .Kings32
  17. Mels leather in Ohio made them for a 1916 overland for me . King32
  18. John that would be a great car for you Kings32
  19. That's all I use on prewar cars . Learned that Lesson years ago , I have some tell it will work . Tried it on my car to see . Kings32
  20. do you just want the shoes relined ? What is the year and make of car ? I do relining in my shop Kings32
  21. Kuik Poly is on longer being made . Company closed , Talked to Resto Supply this week . Kings32
  22. I have a extra one it has not been checked , but can be done . PM me Kings32
  23. I have been blasting for years many whole cars large parts . Never have seen warping . I use a large compressor { compressor size has nothing to do with warping its the pressure } I use about 110 LBs With alarge Maco Blaster . Have done panls on a 1916 Overland , 1972 MGB this summer . I It is dirty job , I use a pressure fed helmet off a second compressor . Kings32
  24. Roger I se you have a 17 Overland . I am doing a 1916 model 75 Would like to get with you at Philly Kings32