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  1. I picked this up at Hershey about two years ago , the person that I got from said he had the books for he didn't . It is a Allen syncrograft F14415 HD , would some one out there have the Manuals for this that I could get a coupy . I looked on the internet nothing . Thanks Kings32
  2. Yes Terrill Machine are great people to work with, have worked with them for a long time . the are a good rebuilder of small parts also . King32
  3. Sorry but I 'm not sure .You would need to get a master parts and compare no,s Iwill look in my parts when I get out to the shop . Kings32
  4. I have a 50 Windsor I am parting out or sell as hole car . It is a solid car very little rust on the body . most of the pot metal is pitted. The engine ran when I got the car .Going to scrape it in the spring if not gone , To much around here have to clean up . king32
  5. Working on a 1929 lasalle sedan , all new wood . Very little sheet metal work, engine ran great before we took the car apart. Had to stop on that just got my 66 Plymouth back from the paint shop { first car ever had some one paint for me } always did them myself . Running out of room to work . King32
  6. Hi is there much 1932 chevy parts , I have one and use it a lot . Always looking for extra parts . kings32
  7. I have front and rear axles hub to hub there are from car with wire wheels . Have 4 wire wheels , lite rust ,also springs . $200 takes all ,will not ship . kings32
  8. I spent 30 tears in the fire service I think most large fire companys could not use them . Yes a lot of our calls where short (half hour ) .but we may go out 5 & 6 times a day, there were a number of large fires ,with many engines & trucks for hours or days fighting . Do we get two engines one for short calls one for long calls ? kings32
  9. Applewood Motors out of Inwood wv is great . on time I drove for them for about 9 years . I got so busy in my sh0p had to stop . Kings32
  10. I will only be there on Sat .Kings32
  11. your on the wrong thread . with said they are made in UK , can get through company here ever high price.kings32
  12. It would be nice sitting next to my 32 sedan . Same problem no room & less money.Howard
  13. Would be interest in accouple of these . PM me .need price and pictures . Howard
  14. If you are going to do this so it won't work just wire down the leaver on the transmission . If you want it off the trans it is bolted to it , you have to take the trans out of the car. I have 32 sedan. King32
  15. kings32

    1932 Roadster

    What are you looking for. I own a 32 sedan . Kings32
  16. I may be able to help just bought a 38 sedan , got a truck load of parts with it . Pm me I will look what I have . King32
  17. Thanks to all that served, weather in combat or some support to the ones in harms way . Vietman 1664 1965 army aviation , Prop & Rotor . Special Thanks to the ones that gave all Howard King
  18. Mels Leather in Ohio made mine for 1916 overland Kings32
  19. My wife helped in the past , did wood graning on my 32 chevy that was 40 plus years ago , 52 years of marriage , supports the hobby . we do Gliddens this was our 15 th plus other tours . Kings32
  20. I finally got the generator back from the rebuilder . Had to have pot metal end made . Was cut from billet . looks like orginal works great . had to have a few extras made to keep the cost down .The generator is a 917 , sure other cars used the same generator . Let me know if anyone needs one . King32
  21. Still looking for 32 door handle and king pin set King32
  22. I am looking for a outside locking door handle ,Do not need key for parts only . also kingpin set . kings32
  23. I enjoyed sitting on the curb taking to you with my daughter. Nice to meet you and put a face to the name. King32