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  1. I have a rear mount off a 1930 Oakland do you still need one ? Kings32
  2. Mels in Ohio he made the ones I needed for 1916 Overland , price was right . Kings32
  3. I have one of them hanging on the wall of my shop . My daughter found it in a junk shop did not know what it was , Thank you all .Kings32
  4. Ti is a bb2 .The brass tag has no 2075son it
  5. Would only let me load one picture , heres the other carb Kings32
  6. I have these left over for a job we did . They have been rebuilt by a carb shop . One is a carter the other is a zenith . $ 175 plus shipping Kings32
  7. You looking for the intake , exhaust from the 30 31 Oakland engine ? if so I have one . Kings32
  8. I use Gas renew service in about 2 years it came lose and pluged up the hole system . Went back to the people that did the job and they told to get lost . wasn't that nice . Had a stainless tank made was about the same cost as the renew job no problems after that King32
  9. I retired 24 years ago. I adjusted a week before I retired . Terry your will injoy every day as long you don't mess up your other leg . King32. PS Iwas 50 when I retired .
  10. I have one like that on my 32 Chevy sedan Kings 32
  11. kings32

    1929 Ford

    A nice 1929 ford 4 door . Came to my shop out of long time storage ( 10 - 15 years ) . We cleaned the gas tank , new battery ,clean out the carb , new points rotor ,cap .Checked the brakes , like new . It is a older resto good interior . This car runs strong , shifts good with strong clutch . All fluids have been changed. The owner is asking 12.500 for it , has a good title ( Pa ) . The car is in my shop for the next month . After that it is going back to Pa .My cell is 410-404-4968 Kings 32 . Thank You Will not le me load pictures will try later
  12. But why discourge new members from trying there hand . ? We all started somewhere. It's like don't restore but buy from me . Kings32
  13. Why does people on here say it is to much to restore a car . there isn't many cars out there that you will get your money back . It is the joy you get from doing them your self and the people you met along the way . I have meet a lot of great people with this hobby . When you are through with this world you can't take anything with you but your memories . Enjoy . Kings32
  14. There was one with a car inside he was wondering if it was a 1916 and value . A number of responces to it . King32
  15. That would happen to me . Guess I will never get the chance to go there . My cars are just touring cars . Kings32
  16. There was a post about a 1916 Overland Roaster . I seen it and replyed about it , haven't seen it . Was it taken down ? Kings
  17. Sorry missed that one . Kings32
  18. The trailer is in Mt. Airy Maryland Thankyou
  19. This trailer is up for sale . Guess no one is looking for a good trailer . Kings32
  20. My wife & I had one them in the 70,s we used to go to mussle loading shoots . Was a great truck I even drove it to work . Kings32
  21. I have a car in the shop that is missing the internal parts for the E brake . The customer would like to have them back together . Kings32
  22. I bought a Allen Dist test machine last year at Hershey . It seems to work aright , I need a manual for the machine it is a modelE1415 HD . Any help could get this thing back to being used . Kings32
  23. I use the Green woven shoe from McMaster . We do the the older shoes , just did a 1916 overland , 1926 Packard . I use the same on my 1932 chevy . Kings32
  24. I have went there many times. He has a lot , takes most of the day just to walk through . He is alittle high on price but has a lot . When Iwas working on my 66 Plymouth I counted 22 of them in there. Last time Iwas there he was moving things around to make it easier to find things . Kings32
  25. Here is a picture of my Dad in 1942 ..I believe his car is a Plymouth . this was just he went in the army . I learned a lot of things from him . Kings32