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  1. These columns of this period usually have a small hole just forward of the wheel on top just for oiling the upper bushing. Small hole. Put the nut back on loose to preserve the threads.
  2. Wow..........that model Chrysler had a staircase inside ? I learn so much here !
  3. Yes, it really is an interesting find. It will require a big enough wood shop to rewood that body complete.
  4. https://mtfca.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=2&sid=428e1131459f2ea1228710393d5c5e74 Post your request here . Best forum for Ts .
  5. Thanks for the link . Really interesting . So it needs the right lamps . Would Trimacar do the top ? I like the fuel fill inside. Fill the tank before loading the casket .
  6. I just came here to thank the membership for this thread. It's good to know I'm not the only one as I see so much of this .
  7. Go to the MTFCA Forum. Best source for T info.
  8. It is so painful to read of these events. Even more so when you are the victim. Mine was delivered at 9pm with no notice by a Ukranian youth armed with a smart phone and two words of English. Yes and No ! The car seemed OK.
  9. Contact Snyder's Ford Parts. Other vendors may also have them.
  10. Is anyone able to enlarge the maintenance pages posted to be able to read them ? Looks like it may be worth saving , but I cannot read the enlargement. Perhaps I am missing a formatting sequence. Thank you.
  11. Thank you to the members for the ID of the Stutz. Such great images on this thread !
  12. Billie Haines '20s and '30s Hollywood actor. I cannot identify the car, but have seen the headlamps recently on line. Great Hollywood photo.
  13. Not specific to your make and year, but many cowl vents used a coil spring to snap the lid shut. Perhaps your is missing that element.
  14. Yes, great story and it leads right into Wiki page for Roger Touhy. That life is a who's who of Chicago crime. They made a film of it. Probably why there is Touhy ave. near O' Hare airport.
  15. You need to accurately measure the hub you have before you . No one can guarantee fit without the dimensions. Guessing seldom works !
  16. I'm glad to see Edinmass posted to this thread. He stated what I suspected with my '29 Pierce. I am glad I sent it to that brain trust ! Thank you for that.
  17. Pop rivets don't belong anywhere on a vintage vehicle. It proves you lack imagination or didn't care what it looked like. Why did you bother ?
  18. Hardware store for hard fiber washers in the plumbing aisle. But then........I have copper crush rings 42.8mm. I'll send some on.
  19. But then...........what die castings did W-K use that will now keep you up nights with worry ? A search of the WOK forum looks like the oil pump and gears are die castings. I didn't see much else. I love the car as presented !
  20. Now it is just a "dumpster fire" . Heavy fines for that in Monaco.
  21. This is PA V-12, wrong, but on the right trail. Oil cooler. Edinmass will have this answer, I'm sure.