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  1. Why not use the priming cups to do the balloon trick ? I am glad it's only rain and winds , Ed . Most people today are fighting raging infernos .
  2. Beethovens "Ode to Joy" "Oh what wonders rest on faith" Best Wishes.............
  3. Since the early 40s a near universal magneto switch for single engine aircraft . And at a very good price point .
  4. "When one door closes another opens " other than that , it's a nice car .
  5. The title issue sure sounds like a Pennsylvania nightmare ! Only they can do this so well . I reminds me of the POGO comic strip line 'We have met the enemy and he is us ." Where can I send you funds for more Crown Royal ?
  6. JV Puleo , a very good and needed explanation to give this project proper perspective . Thank you........
  7. Models like this were made for driving schools in Germany in recent years . Quite common there in many forms . Visible engines , differential , transmission , and full chassis . Most of those I have seen have the company plate of the maker . You have a nice example .
  8. Flivverking...........You can buy lye over the counter now ? Last time I tried to buy a 8 oz bottle I was told NO . It seems the meth lab chemists were using lye as part of their recipe .
  9. Will you add a pic of the fuel tank ? In the time frame of 1917 they are rather easy to reproduce today . Thanks..........
  10. I asked him "What are you doing after all that?" He replied "Breakfast."
  11. That shaft looks quite bad for 11,000 miles . It found you just in time . Nice manicure too .
  12. Side bar, your Honor . I have not known of ALAM hardware . Google was NO help either . Can someone explain this one ? Thanks..........
  13. https://www.prewarcar.com/307459-nimbus-motorcycle-teaching-engind-and-gearbox
  14. And Bugatti bought the car back and sent the customer home .
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