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  1. Not a Reatta, but I did a top replace on a 450 SL . The old top was the pattern for new installation. Very straightforward .
  2. Wouldn't it be easier and safer to convert the system to a vacuum tank ? But it still sounds as if the float needle and seat need correcting .
  3. I cannot believe it was one year to the day I replied to this thread . I went to the shop and looked at the two I have . Neither one is close to your dimensions , or I would send you one . This is vexing ! With the right dimension it will fit . As you say the hubcaps fit , but not the puller . Where are you located ? Is there a Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth club member near you to ask for club help ?
  4. Seafoam65 , What is the result of that move ?
  5. Youtube search "radiator tank clean" shows some very effective methods .
  6. Grimy , Thank you for the info and pictures of your beautiful auto . Having owned a Paige , I am a great fan .
  7. OH ! Doit......Doit.....Doit ! Much help here at your finger tips . What fun you'll have . What could go wrong ?
  8. Not spoke length . What is the wheel DIAMETER ? What is the center hole dimension ? Taper or straight ? I have a nice walnut 16 inch with steel spider . center is 3/4 inch .
  9. They will NOT be making visits back to visit family and former friends . Exiled like Napoleon .
  10. Take that up at the next session of the Steering Committee .
  11. Some manufacturers offered them as options . On Haynes they were standard equipment . Auto parts stores sold them as well .
  12. https://packardinfo.com/xoops/html/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=6512&forum=1&post_id=70322 Lots of info here to explain system and use . I have restored four of them and they DO work if you pay careful attention to the fine points. And they are all fine points . Best Wishes . I love your car !
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