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  1. Perhaps more telling , what is your cars name for YOU ?
  2. I looked at images across the web , and it looks like Buick put the lace on the door jamb and not on the door panel . On cars I have worked on , the windlace was used only on the front of the door jamb . I suspect you are trying to put too much in too small a bag .
  3. I always concentrate when I have to add water 50% .
  4. Noah Stutzman in Baltic , Ohio for one . There are others , but I cannot find them on Google .
  5. Yes , I agree too. No excuses now , "I can't find it anywhere."
  6. I love the Club Brougham body . I considered scrapping or burying , but burning , never gave that a thought . Then sell the ashes on ebay like this guys doing ? I'll add it to the list and continue mulling it over . Thanks for that .
  7. The "small tank" is the ignition coil . Rad support rod , I have no idea . What could be missing there ? Air cleaner canister goes to the left side , thus the bent rad rod .
  8. What does Ed recommend using after the Evapo-rust ? Thanks..........
  9. I am waiting in line for the book , Ed . Just don't wait until I'm 80 !
  10. The OP might still be digging the car out of the barn for the inventory . These things can take much time .
  11. Good for you Matt . I was thinking of them today . There was a time I was allowed to drive the Best of Show car to that event . Just a memory now . I'm glad you were able to go .
  12. Thank you ,Matt , et al.............
  13. If you have a better car for less money please post a link . Don't worry about high jacking the thread .
  14. Tires are just in time ! Friday is National Donut Day . Best Wishes, Matt .
  15. Post war Rolls Royce and Jaguar used "Jubilee" clamps . Impossible to find back in the '90s . Many English cars used the cotter pin and metal band . You can get those today but you need lots of money .
  16. What is the thread ? Metric or Imperial ?
  17. Snyders ford parts has the one armed wire nut . A-14561-WN . For Model A and I think it's 10-32 . Best Wishes .
  18. It isn't a solution, but sympathize. The Dodge Charger in the film "Bullitt" lost FIVE hubcaps in the big chase scene. I'm sure they just bought more .
  19. Soft solder will not holdup to powder coating ovens . Just aerosol the fitting .
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