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  1. I have a 38 coupe with 26xxx miles on it where are you located?
  2. It sense current and direction passing through the loop. When rewiring you need to insure proper direction of the wire through the loop or it will read backwards.
  3. Standard h patternto the left and up is reverse, down(back to you) left 1st I have a 38 coupe with 26,xxx miles I am in Indy area.
  4. I need 41 aluminum heads for my continental do you have any for sale? any extra columbia controls or rear dust pan
  5. changing it for ''Safety'' is nonsense. If you have a new harness that is not shorting out there is no safety factor in using 6 volt systems.
  6. dougj_nsi@sbcglobal.net My 41 has ''lincoln twelve'' also but really cracked up. I would like to see it please. 317 644 9578 Thanks
  7. My build sheet links s/n to body # from HFM.
  8. Henry Ford Museum 20900 Oakwood Blvd Dearborn Mi. 48124-5029 If it was me and the body tag was still on the car I wouldn't sweat it.
  9. check classified as I have an almost complete 42 assembly
  10. If you ever plan on doing this again spend the money and I will gaurantee you, you will say why didn't I buy this before!
  11. I have no date scheduled but when I do you know I will call you.Had mine out this weekend and will be changing the square tires this week while I am in.
  12. mike I will be home this weekend and I have a complete dash assembly that I removed from my parts car so I can tell you how it comes apart. I don't think you got anymore of a winter than we did.
  13. how would you identify 48 only. I have 1/2 dozen in a bunch of parts but don't know how to identify by year
  14. My 41 cont. is totally differant looking are you selling that one?
  15. my 41 that I am parting out has a bolt holding the connection on the inside of the frame rail. bolt went from inside to outside, nut on outside of rail.
  16. I cut out the part you need and cannot find your apo address. Can you please resend it. dougj_nsi@sbcglobal.net
  17. i just left you my call back # on your phone, I will take it
  18. I am parting out 41 continental coupe body #848 out of 850. I am on the road this week and if you send me picture or good description will help you out.dougj_nsi@sbcglobal.net
  19. I have a Lincoln I also inherited but I am a mechanic and my children know they will have to deal with it after I am gone. I wonder if you can find a local guy that will maintain it for you so you can keep it. It certainly is beautiful.
  20. I have a three speed with overdrive if you are interested. no controls. dougj_nsi@sbcglobal.net
  21. that is nonsense, ask them to show you a copy of the law. I had windows made and they had no logo
  22. I just put a complete v12 engine, steel heads, flywheel no clutch, with distributor, gen intake and carb, fan, two water pumps no oil and it weighed 656 lbs We used our racing scales we use to balance cars so they are very accurate.
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