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  1. I actually use four axle straps from my trailer and mount them around the exhaust manifolds as I have lots of spares. Then I used two tie down straps and hooked my engine hoist to the straps. It was incredible how easy they mated back up when I put it in since I left the tranny in my car.
  2. 41 has electric motors but can not believe it is that different
  3. My car had been sitting with the top up for a year. When I finally got it running when checking out all lights etc, the amp gauge went nuts when trying to do the top. I disconnected the top at to top points and neither motor worked. I haven't had a chance to track some one to redo these yet, have you?
  4. I just removed both of mine on my41 last weekend. Pull the back lower seat and you can reach the pin that holds it mounted on the floor without removing the side panel. I had to pull three screws that hold the side panel at the back to slide the motor and rod assembly out of its hole. The top mount is a bolt that is high that you can reach. My electrical had a junction assembly easily disconnected. After I removed both motors I folded the top back easily just to put it down.
  5. I don't remember the address in my packet so here it is so you don't have to search Henry Ford Museum 20900 Oakwood Blvd Dearborn Michigan 48124-5029 It costs $20 and they sent me a copy of the original build sheet for my 41 L/C cabriolet. I did have both body # and s/n so it was a very quick response
  6. I looked at that car and offered 3500 which was way out there. I am glad I bought the running one I did for not a lot more.
  7. We both own 41s and I am passing through Sasskatoon airport Thursday am. I lost your contact. e-mail is dougj_nsi@sbcglobal.net if you are available
  8. The lenses is not my concern,just the long swinging bracket. e-mail is dougj_nsi@sbcglobal.net phone is 317 644 9578 Thank you
  9. Is the ''third'' middle brake light stand that is on a hinge, unbroken, if so how much pls.
  10. I am actually picking up the car next week from Long Island so I will be able to send you pictures. I remember that was the worst area on the car when I inspected it but when I get it on the lift at home I probably will have more needs.
  11. I need the two frame rail areas where the rear shocks mount. Mine are broken out with angle iron welded over it. How are yours? My e is dougj_nsi@sbcglobal.net thank you
  12. Nope, Indianapolis In. Just helping a customer up in Lloydminster
  13. Iam on the road this week but when I get back I can look at some originals. I believe gloss black. I also just purchased 41 cabriolet which I will be gathering parts for. Just flew through Saskatoon last week and passing back through in Dec.
  14. I am up in Canada and it is expensive to call.will call when I am back in us
  15. I will be stopping in on Monday 2-3 pm if that works for you. Doug
  16. I believe it was 136 cabriolet in 42 I just got the build card from the Henry Ford group for my 41 I bought. It is neat to compare what the car is to what it was built as. Lost the two speed rear end sometime in the last 70 years, hard to imagine!
  17. give me a call I have the hard parts you may need. 317 644 9578
  18. A gentleman from detroit gave me a deposit on a 35 ford coupe 5 window that he was going to use to save a cabriolet at Hershey. He did not give me his name and number. I gave him mine and wrote his receipt on the back of my business card. I think it was Randy from the detroit area and I know he has a 32 really original sedan. If you know him have him contact me at 317 644 9578.
  19. nice article about your stuff in lzoc last month or two. Just bought 41 l/c cabriolet which I will be talking to you about in near future. Read a long time ago you can get a copy of build sheets for this car but coming up short right now finding it. can you help me?
  20. I just bought cabriolet and could use parts, where are you located?
  21. No snow here in Indiana and making great headway on my 38 L/Z coupe. Where can I find exploded pictures of the engine compartment so I know how, where the wiring harnesses should be. Planning on bringing it out to the April meet in April. First time this has been out since my father purchased it in 1976. Still trying to figure out paperwork since he never completed it. Hope you are staying warm and healthy. ''Happy'' C. Douglas J
  22. Narraganset was helpful and is sending a schematic and other parts I need. When wiring the gauges I cannot tell which post should be the power and which should be the appropriate wire. No markings are on the cardboard as to power. Any help would be appreciated. Making good progress and thanks for the earlier help.
  23. I don't know what Linex is. I am working on a 1938 L/Z coupe that has little holes but is too nice to put a patch panel in. Working hard on getting wiring back in Dad removed 15 years ago so electrical is 1st priority now. e-mail is dougj_nsi@sbcglobal.net
  24. 1927 Ford Tudor sedan in 1972 which I still own today. First car I ever put on the road was a clapped out 1953 Chevrolet convert that should have folded in half. Dad infected me way early in my life!
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