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  1. Sure will be interesting, you don't have to worry about hearing at some meet that ''I had one just like that when I was growing up.''
  2. As I get deeper I get more confused. The new harness has what appears to be blinker set ups and the old harness does not. The steering column does not have any blinker controls . When did blinkers come about on the L/Z?
  3. I have new a new harness,origin unknown, that was in the car but no ends are marked and since the old one was removed I don't know what is what. I am looking for a schematic that will have colors and description( example yellow with black tracer is the ?)Thanks
  4. I inherited my dads 1938 Lincoln Zephyr coupe that has most of the wiring removed. Who has a good wiring schematic for this car?
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