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  1. Got it! Thanks. FYI, the adjuster on the passenger side needs to be turned counterclockwise as you are looking at the adjuster from the front of the car (or up) to loosen the brake shoes, ie, move them away from the drum. It took three clicks of the star wheel and the drum turns with just the slightest drag. Thanks everyone for all your help! Scott
  2. Sure enough! Access hole at the bottom of the backing plate. I never would have found it under the crud if you guys hadn't told me it was there. Many thanks! Now, if I can get it to move and back off the shoes it will be a great day! Lots of penetrating oil, coming up.
  3. I will look for a hole in the backing plate to see if the adjuster can be accessed that way. I didn't see anything like this earlier, but wasn't looking for it. It also appears from the photo that the adjuster is not at the bottom of the backing plate, but at an angle. Is that correct?
  4. Agreed. Few things are when you know how to do it! What drum nut? Where are adjusters? Like I said, this is new to me. Not obvious. Give me a 1960 BSA Gold Star, Norton Commando or BMW R90S and I can cruise. Thanks, Scott
  5. Wheel won't move. That's the problem.
  6. Bear with me, I am obviously not a 41 Connie expert. How does one 'back off the adjuster' Is the adjuster the large hex nut at the very top of the front backing plate? I don't see any other obvious bits on the backing plate that could be the adjuster. Unfortuneatly, my parts catalog isn't much help.
  7. "....bearings in place and secured,..." Not sure what you mean here. S
  8. The right front brake on my '41 Continental sticks. I would like to remove the drum to repair but cannot figure out how best to get it off. I suspect springs and/or wheel cylinder are the culprits, but don't know. Thanks, in advance, as usual. Scott
  9. The starter in my '41 Connie has trouble turning car over. Battery is fully charged. Cables are large and clean with good contact. New solenoid. Starter is rebuilt but unknown by whom. Begin investigation with starter for troubleshooting? Crap. Wrong forum. Sorry.
  10. As you probably know, any history like famous or notorious previous owners can increase value quite a bit. Do you have documentation of the previous owners? Any feathers in the back seat?
  11. I am no expert, but the '41 Connie I inherited last year was 'already restored' to driver status by my late father starting out in the condition you show with yours. I have receipts from his files that indicate he put about $35k into it just to get it drivable. I put another $10k into it to make it a 'reliable? driver' but I estimate it will take me another $30k easily to make it a 'nice driver'. These numbers are all based on us doing it ourselves, with little or no pro help, except those on this forum (who have all been great). So, I think your $50k estimate is ambitious for a restoratio
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