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  1. Checked with registrar and he said I could still register so bringing my 38L/Z coupe up arriving Thursday. Still got room at HIE
  2. I went and looked at the car in person and you better have your metal skills ready. Only redeeming factor is it has a Columbia rear end which was never mentioned. 3,000 maybe, 19k never by anyone who knows better
  3. I have the remains that I can cut out sections for you. I sent the latch area to Germany last year. Not perfect but very useable.
  4. It is mounted on the bottom of the door between the door and upholstery. You can see where mine has dragged across the sill plate for the history of the car.
  5. What are you asking for it? I have 38 coupe all original, just got first aaca preservation award.
  6. mine sticks out 3/8 of an inch from back plate of deck lid, just measured it.
  7. I don't think they are stock then and you may try egge and see if they have a spare. Tried Napa because they can get single sets on later stuff.
  8. I have an original box that is falling apart hs6149-ar that says standard 2 3/4 x 3/32 does that work?
  9. let me know what overbore you need, I think I can fix you up. Let me know thickness of that ring also.
  10. or you could buy the cutup coupe for 15,000 on ebay and part it out.Cheaper than 90,000
  11. I believe there are a couple of different sensor temperature ranges. Is it running warmer or are the sensors starting high up on scaling?
  12. Narragansett reproductions, 401 364 3839 The wiring harnesses are spot on. In R.I so probably under 3 feet of snow now.
  13. very common, good aluminum welder can fix it
  14. where is the car? I travel a bunch and can see if its worth picking up
  15. I had three back surgies in 9 months finallt ended up with fusion and titanium cage. Cll me and we can exchange info 317 644 9578
  16. I am not an expert by any stretch but have a 26,xxx mile 38 coupe if you need info.
  17. I am sure so people don't appreciate what you have done but your metal working skills are incredible!!!!
  18. Iam in the Indianapolis area if you need help 317 644 9578
  19. Some people enjoy bitching no matter what happens, personally I hope he disappears again.
  20. I found it real easy to pull in two pieces. When I went back in I installed tranny first and motor slid right in.
  21. kind of scary he doesn't know,hope he doesn't turn one out all the way with one thread left
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