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  1. Just like you suggested had the son send facebook message because I can use also.
  2. they have very good record with v8 and 4 cylinders but struggled with mine
  3. they rebuilt mine a couple of years ago, they were months late, didn't reuse stock bolts like I asked, heads leaked first time I started, pulled spark plug threads when pulling plug out, one lifter,valve assembly came out and cracked a head, but they were on budget.
  4. Looking for the 6 whiskers for my 42. Do you have any spares for sale?
  5. I have an original 38 coupe located near Indy. Motor has been out but interior except for carpet is all original. Original paint, What are you looking for?
  6. My 1946 National service manual shows clearance for rods .0015-.003 total diametrical .010-.022 total sideplay Crank clearance .001-.003 end thrust .002-.006.
  7. since you went and met him do you have a phone #?
  8. I looked and couldn't find it, what he asking for 38 Columbia?
  9. The flathead probably was bolted to the v12 tranny. Pull the floor up and you will find the serial # above the inspection plate. With minor differences any v12 will bolt back in. I have quite a selection of parts and engines if you need together and apart. M41 L/C cabriolet has a merc flathead in it and it drives just fine so get it running with that before time runs out. My 38 I inherited when dad passed away and he never drove it.
  10. I have a 38 but won't be home until the weekend so I can look if no one else answers you.
  11. I actually paid for three and only got two and e-mailed him several times and never got my third one. Definitely not a customer friendly supplier.
  12. I am looking at my Authenticity manual right now and it doesn't show any pictures of the deflector.
  13. If you are referring to the outboard strips I need them all for my 42 cabriolet, Gathering parts now for when my Avanti is done.
  14. Who has someone dealt with for rebuilding Zephyr speedometer / odometer that you would recommend. I looked under sources etc already, looking for referrals
  15. I had H&H do a motor for me and it was horrible. 9 months late, first fire up spark plug shot out of head, pulled head and redid. Fired up again within 200 miles the keeper for one valve came loose hammering head and cracking an aluminum head. Pulled both heads and replaced with steel after putting new valve keeper, and valve in and now running gorgeous. They did not exceed the budget given which was no way close to the 25,000 quoted above. They have an excellent reputation with v8s and 4cyl but not with 12s
  16. Benson Research Center po box 1970 Dearbon Mi 48124 I have body #19 out of 136, Was sitting in North Dakota for 40 years before I pulled it out this summer
  17. I have a 41 L/C that I previously cut the middle 6 inches out of the latch area but the rest of the lip is fair How much do you need? This car was WAY beyond saving so I don't feel guilty about cutting it up.
  18. I weighed the motor ages ago and it was about 700 pounds Since the car is 4,000 no way is 1500 rotisserie enough in my opinion.
  19. Yes as I understand they were recalled? This has the actual choke parts still in it also.
  20. I am new to the 42 world and after looking at a lot of pictures some cars don't have chrome strips on the bustle next to the lower grills but most do. when was change over? Mine appears to not have but haven't looked at backside of panel to see if holes were ever there for the chrome strips.
  21. picked up car yesterday s/n 30708 and body #19 so early car. Found intake with choke setup but no carb. Super solid but super excited about getting it. Now the decision do my 41 or 42 first.
  22. Picking up next week and will let you know s/n and body # . I got a build sheet for my 41 L/C cabriolet so I will do the same for this one.
  23. I am picking up a 1942 the same as yours next week I just purchased. Has no engine but otherwise fairly complete. We need to compare notes as we go along.
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