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  1. You said ,"1948 LC " ? There is a round access plate on drivers side floor . Perhaps the floor panel was changed out and no opening provided.. Climb under and look up directly above the master cylinder , that is where the plate should be..
  2. I did some research and found informstion taken from "The Lincoln Continental" by OCee Rtch, published by Floyd Clymer. The very 1st book i purchased on old cars in 1965. In the tech part it mentions the valve as "valve-( hydraulic tappet bypass). P/N 86H-6544; Also in the 2 parts books I have, it is mentioned also. You need it if you are keeping your hyd. lifters and hyd cam. The 2 you show are at least 2 available at the time. The tops are "staked" to lock the cap . This unit is delicate with a small spring and very small ball bearing as a check valve. They can be cleaned and reinsalled. You may want to check on our website under "sources" and purchase new one. "The Late Great " Hunt Barrington knew this part . A whole article on this was mentioned in either early "Continental Comments" or "The Way of the Zephyr" . When I get the time I will dig it out. Anyone else ---jump on now and tell us what you know .---Later
  3. This small valve has been discussed before and I will try and find out where I saw the article--- TWOZ or "Continental Comments" Years ago . Give me a few days.
  4. Matt, From the photos I looked at , it looks to be in real good condition. The mileage stated looks to be possible. All of the hard to get parts seem to be there- lower trim, outside rear view mirrors, correct air cleaner. Most had O.D. . I think I can see an overdrive button on the left side of the dash. I t would be nice to see how the trunk was finished out. With the almost flat deck lid, the Continentals often had leakage problem in the trunk. If you do make a vistit to see the car, start it up and run it to warm it up and see if it overheats. Listen to the exhaust, and general sound of engine. Put dealer tags on and take it out on the road. Check ou steering, does it wander? Try the brakes- make noise? pull to one side?. If you can, have it put up on a lift check ou t the sheet metal - are the floors solid? sheet metal patches? any leals- oil, gear oil, brake fluid. How does the wiring look? old, tattered. , patched up, or good ? If possible, contact the Lincoln and Continenal Owners Club and see if there is someone in the club that may live near by could check it out or meet you there? If you really like the car - offer him $25 K. Pick a number and hold the line! Good Luck Larry
  5. Years back , when I painted the dash of my '38 LZ Conv. Coupe, I used the correct color ; in "Nitro" Lacquer --- what a mistake! Too brittle! ! You could sp[it at it from 10 ft. and it would chip! The folks above used a better paint
  6. Thanks to all who were interested in the s.s. trim --- all have been sold--- Larry
  7. 38Shorttopconv. "E mail me - and I can give the details of the s.s mouldings you need- Thank you, Larry
  8. Roy, Sorry I did not get your call. Did you get my greeting on my ans. machine? The hood moulding sides should be the same for all models. I will send you the length. I would like to sell all pcs. I do not have the other parts . I do have an extra "airplane " hood ornament. Needs work $25---
  9. Complete 10 pc. set of S.S.beltline moulding for 1938 Lincoln Zephyrs ( 10 pcs.) very good conditioins, a few clips- $65+ $25 S&H Larry Butcher 224 Clubside Dr. Taneytown, MD 21787/ 1-410-756-5310/
  10. What year of car and what model? Zephyr or Continental?
  11. Gerry, I have always found this little light gage sheet metal thing under the filter itself. Perhaps to keep the sludge off of the the bottom of the filter . I always replaced it back on the pipe and placed the filter element on top of it . Cleaned the cover, added a little grease on the rubber seal and tighten the lid hand tight. Fired it up , wait to get warm and check for any leaks. Larry
  12. This looks to be a "stand off". I have seen this on my '38 LZ (46 V12) and on my '48 LC. It slides down on the center pipe The canister will take at least 2 sizes of filters. I use NAPA ,P/N 1006 , made by WIX. Each fliter has come with 2 lid seals. The larger is perhaps for a later flat head ( 8BA V8. ? )
  13. Thanks "1941" I think your post hellped to sell the leather. A gentleman about 10 miles from my home bought it. It is SOLD!
  14. FOR SALE: Leather hides left over from restoration( Keleen Leather Inc. ) 1- full hide, approx. 56 sq.ft, partial hide 14 sq. ft,, 2 dr .panels( ' LZ38-'39 LZ coupe or conv). tan/ brown in color, all new ,never used. Send SASE envelope. for sm. "swatch" $250 plus shipping. Larry Butcher 224 Clubside Dr. Taneytown MD. 21787. 1-410-756-5310 or "E"
  15. I think I went through this one time on my '38 Conv. Coupe. Pulled into a show and closed the driver door and "BAM" , the spring broke. The door would not close and stay closed. Removed the lock mech. and purchased the spring from one of the venders( Mac's, Carpenter. ) I think they are color codeed. Yes, you will have to grind off rivets. Good Luck