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  1. For Sale: 4 good used '36-'38 LZ brake drums. Have been turned, plenty of metal left. No seals or bearings, they weigh about 20# each. $25 ea. plus S/H. Larry Butcher, 1-410-756-5310,
  2. Good used '38 LZ brake cables- 1-86H -2853, Hand brake cable w/ conduit. 2- frt. brake cables-86H-2494 (591/8" long),no rust, no broken strands $35 ea. or all 3 for $100+$20 S&H. Larry Butcher 224 Clubside Dr.Taneytown ,MD 21787. 1-410-756-5310
  3. Sean, Some things to consider. Everyone who reads this forum and has "played with" old cars has been through this. . How far from where the car is now and where it will be driven? Have you test run the car on the road yet---- brakes work? Are the tires in good shape and hold air? Does it overheat.? Can you stay off of high speed dual lane highways? Some one has to follow you .If most of the questions above have negative answers-----think about trailering it. It may save alot of heart ache .Good Luck
  4. Dennis, I'll jump on here, perhaps this will help. The vacuum tank helped stop the slow operation of the wipers, also the fender radio antenna was vacuum operated. I'am going to try and send a picture from Lincoln /Mercury SERVICE NEWS/ Vol.1-#3--Jan. '47 The radio station foot switch on my "48 LC Coupe is located between the clutch and brake pedal. screwed to the floor. If you can't get the skirt locking clip from one of the vendors you can "fab" one these out of steel stock. You have one now to copy- no one will ever see it
  5. Always do the easiest thing 1st, jack car up with blocks or jack stands, crawl under and locate OD cable on side of trans. Disconnect cable trom from trans, now move cable using knob. Could be just rusted or crudy cable. I thought this might be easier than pulling carpet, removeing trans hump cover. BTW , I still want to check on my '48 LC and try and answer you question on the door button issue you are having
  6. No I don't, prefer USPO money order, keep in touch , it may be sold
  7. 1938 LZ Salesman's handbook, form #7705, Jan.1938, 79 pgs. of facts & pictures. Salesmen would use this to "close the deal".excellent condition, $30 to your door. Larry Butcher 224 Clubside Dr. Taneytown, MD 21787 1-410-756-5310
  8. I just looked at the ad again, here is how I got to it--#1. Go out and come back in on LZOC.ORG #2 . From the home page, tap on Classifieds- #3. 5 catagories come up. #4. Tap on "Parts & Misc".for sale #5. Scroll down to the 4th ad, photo of taillight comes up Aug.30, 2017 Good Luck--- Larryu
  9. Check the ad in the "parts for sale-prewar" on this forum- Aug.30, 2017
  10. Please note , there were "wind wings" for open cars and closed cars( '38-'39) LZ's. Try to look at a picture of Jerry Emery's '39 Conv.
  11. Well, let me throw in what I can, have played with these HV12 since 1965. I always look fo the SIMPLEST things 1st!! That dist. cannot be mounted wrong on the front of the engine. If you place it on wrong and tighten down , you will crack the housing. Check all connections from ignition switch to step down resistors under the dash. Not only for tightnest , but clean the ring connectors at the end of each wire. When you pull on or switch ignition switch, do you get voltage all the way to the coil? GENTLY! remove coil, and check the condition of the 2 small carbon brushes and springs. Are the 2 ign. feed wires going thru the conduit to the coil in good condition? When replacing the plugs ,check the gap, even though they are new. Used new plug gaskets. just a few things to check. I spent 33 years as a telephone installer/ repairman and chasing troubles the same----battery & ground, battery & ground--Larry
  12. '36-'39 LZ gas tank, in dry storage for years, needs general cleaning & paint, ,no sender unit correct fill pipe----$175 plus crateing & shipping. Larry Butcher ,1-410-756-5310,
  13. Hey you old car movie guys wasn't that the car that starred in the "B" grade, B&W movie from the 50's ; called "Detour" ? Also did anyone else other than me see the TCM movie showned Sat . night called "Keeper of the Flame"? starred Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. The "feature car" was a new1942 LC Cabriolet, painted black or another very dark color.
  14. Thats right Tom, there is a piece of anti-squeek material between the body and the spare tire bracket ( "Continental Kit") on my '48 LC coupe