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  1. larry butcher

    1936-1939 LZ gas tank

    '36-'39 LZ gas tank, in dry storage for years, needs general cleaning & paint, ,no sender unit correct fill pipe----$175 plus crateing & shipping. Larry Butcher ,1-410-756-5310,
  2. larry butcher


    Hey you old car movie guys wasn't that the car that starred in the "B" grade, B&W movie from the 50's ; called "Detour" ? Also did anyone else other than me see the TCM movie showned Sat . night called "Keeper of the Flame"? starred Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn. The "feature car" was a new1942 LC Cabriolet, painted black or another very dark color.
  3. larry butcher

    47 continental question

    Thats right Tom, there is a piece of anti-squeek material between the body and the spare tire bracket ( "Continental Kit") on my '48 LC coupe
  4. larry butcher

    47 continental question

    I checked the Lincoln Continental Authenticity Manual and it mentioned only welt at the fenders. When I removed the rear valance from my '48 LC Coupe there was no traces of welting material. I don't think anyone had ever removed this before me. I may install 2 pcs. about 8" long on each side with the beading tucked under, probably wrong but; gives a finished look
  5. Check the "sources" on this forumn, Boos/ Herrel, Narragansett Reproductions, and Alan Whelihan. These cars were limited production and many parts were not interchangable. Each car I ever worked on/ restored almost" broke the bank"
  6. larry butcher

    Almost got the engine out today, almost.......

    In the past, each V12 I pulled out ; I learned something new each time. What ever it takes, remove the engine mounts first; don't leave attached to engine. Remove the radiator, the slightest touch will damage the core fins. If the firewall has good paint lay an old blanket to protect that. I have always disconnected the transmision from the engine and let it lay in the car until after the engine is out.then remove from car. You will probably have to jack the trans. up a little to place blocks under. If using a" cherry picker" , try to make room to move the car when the engine is clear ,instead of trying to move that 3 wheel crane with a V12 swinging in the air! Still a fun job , I have done these pulls by myself, took my time. The last time I pulled the engine from my '38, I jacked the car up and dragged the engine out from the bottom, that's another story! Have fun!!!
  7. larry butcher

    Another Beautiful Milestone

    It is really a great feeling! Going down the road and listening for any strange sounds! Returning back to the shop with no trouble! Post some pictures if you can, We don't care what it looks like!--- Larry
  8. larry butcher

    '38 Zephyr Headlight Lens/Water Pump Rebuild Kit?

    I have the lens that you need, "E" mail me at for details and price, Thank you, Larry
  9. larry butcher

    1938 Zephyr Front Spring

    Hello Colin, Years ago I stripped out a '38 sedanand kept the springs and a whole load of other things. I have the springs in my basement. I just checked and the 14 leaf C to C measures 40-1/4'' . This laying on the floor and all leaves still together. The other spring is 11 leaves(?) and it measures 40-5/8" Cto C. C to C meaning center to center of the studs. Hope this helps--- Larry
  10. larry butcher

    SUCCESS! '38 Comes to life...

    I know that feeling! 1st with my '42 LC Cabriolet in 1967, next was getting a worn 1940 LZ sedan running after at least 5 years, then my '38 Lz conv. back in '73 after a complete rebuild. And now in 2012 my '48 LC coupe . I "felt tipped" the moment on the garage wall-- Feb.22nd 2:15pm the "MONSTER LIVES!" Just like in the movie "Frankenstein" He LIves! , He Lives! or something like that.
  11. larry butcher

    Newbie Question: GVR?

    You should have no problem, I recently moved my '48 LC Coupe on 4 dollies; 2 store bought and 2 that I made . No problem at all.
  12. larry butcher

    39LZ headlight switch removal

    Sorry , you did say 1939LZ, I missed that
  13. larry butcher

    39LZ headlight switch removal

    Let' s start with ,what year is your Zephyr or Continental?
  14. larry butcher

    Windshild Frame

    Stefani, Please resubmit your post again , having trouble understanding just what you want to do. There is a lot of knowledge of these old Lincolns on this Club site. Post pictures if you can. Don't give up!
  15. larry butcher

    Choke and Throttle Parts

    Jord, I'am going to try and send to you a scan from the "Lincoln- Zephyr 1936- 1940 Chassis Parts List". This will show the parts used with a car equiped w/ HV12-- check our vendors on this site. If you don't receive the detailed print from the parts book , send me your "E" mail address to and I'll send that way--- Larry