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  1. I’ll take the compressor. tell how you wish to proceed. my email: 1938zephyr@gmail.com
  2. Thanks for your replay but am hoping for a step side. Neat truck though.
  3. Would like an original as possible truck. Safety upgrades are ok. Not show quality, just a driver. Rust is ok as long as it’s not too bad. Faded paint, bad seat ,etc is OK. Would like to keep purchase under $4k. Live In East Tennessee.
  4. Thanks very much! Let me do the math and I’ll get back to you.
  5. I no longer belong to the Zephyr club. As I live in the southern part of the US, they never have any shows down here, that I know of. Most of the owner of our beloved cars live either in the northern or west coast of the US. I wish it was otherwise. The other issue is I like reading tech articles as my hobby is building old cars. I saw a lot of beautiful cars but little in the way of restoring them. I’ve given up on hotrodding cars because you basically throw everything away except the body and a few other parts. It’s just sit down with a bunch of catalogs, order what you want, then wait for the UPS truck. Do you (or others) be willing to pm the article you made note of? Much thanks and stay safe.
  6. I tried “zephyrparts” already. He has several late thirties zephyrs. Could make them from brass than chrome plate. Cost was quite high. zephyrdave, I chase the boat thing about five years ago. Can’t remember all the details but I did buy sever long pices of boat trim from a boat manufacture, only to find it had holes in the strips about ever twelve inches. Could you give me a contact so I can try again?
  7. Have found a vendor willing to make the running board, front center and skirt trim for my 1938 coupe. He has a buck from a 1937 coupe but his is unsure as I am if it will fit my 1938. Both are smooth as far as I know. Can someone share the light on this question? Thanks.
  8. This I did not know. Thanks 19tom40.
  9. I built my 39 Packard and wanted artillery wheels but original 38 hub caps. I did this as every unknowing person at car shows would ask what kind of car it was. Packard in 38 had Packard in bold letters on the caps. There is a company in California called Wheelsmith that sold me modern artillery wheels and converted my hubcaps to fit the wheels.
  10. I have not. The plug brand although gone, are not rare. I remember them from my youth. Thought they would good on a vintage car.
  11. Does anyone happen to know what plug number was used in the aluminum head v-12 manufactured by Blue Crown? thanks
  12. It’s at 66k and climbing. Wait to the last few seconds and it will go through the roof. I love it as I’ve got a original 1938 three window Zephyr. Due to ill health most likely not be able to finish it but passing it on might bring in a few pennies.
  13. I don’t know about the 1937, but my 1939 model 110, 6 cylinder has movable grill vents. I changed the radiator out for a pressurized unit so I lost the temperature operated device. I designed a unit that open/closes the vents with vacuum actuator.
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