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  1. its ruff.... but I can restore it to its original condition i believe within a year...
  2. am i only allowed 9mb per day or total? i can not upload any more pictures???? thx, will try
  3. am i only allowed 9mb per day or total? i can not upload any more pictures????
  4. Here are some pictures of the car now... I need to find a V-12 1942 engine... the engine pictured is the one sally put into the car... does this V-8 have any value?
  5. A forum member contacted me and sent me this article.....this is in fact the same car!! and it has the Cadalac engine in it:-) Question... should I keep the Cadlac engine Sally put in, or put the V-12 back in it... which would make the car more valuable? [/url
  6. Where can I order this build sheet? I would like to do that.... My friend is a hollywood actor, and he has had it sitting in this dirt lot for like 15 years.... so he ask me to do something with it... restore it, or chop it for him for a hollywood cruiser. So, as usual, I start with my research... and it seems to be that it would be better to restore it... so i guess it will occupy 25% of my garage floor for the next 1-2 years... If I wanted it bad enough for my own he would probably just give it to me, or sale it to me for next to nada, he is that type of friend, and that type of a man, really amazing person.. just a real stand up kind of guy, ...... but its not my style, although a beautiful car.. And I am excited to see her restored. So, my plan is to start sometime first quarter of next year,,,, as that is when I should be finished building my new garage, and all the other projects are in or near a finished state, thank god:-) Trying to get this... not easy, but we do know its history..,any ideas????. and we are sure of her history, but to find evidence and to prove it, yes... it is a needed step. lol... :-) shooting for 2016:-)
  7. I do understand.... We are big into Corvettes.... and anytime someone mods a C3 people start to ........ freek??:-) if it truly is a rare car, we will fully restore it.... if it is a common $30K car, then we will modify it.... Keep in mind, our modifying is usually just a modern drive train and suspension and brakes.... slam the body and some nice wheels... but the overall look and body, booth inside and out will stay pretty much stock....
  8. ok... the vin number from the registration is : H131038 it says 42 year type CN Model H13