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  1. Beautiful Buick. Not a fan of white, but it sure looks good on this car. Dealer sales order says it has wire wheel covers so someone must have changed them out for the road wheels at some point.
  2. I haven't looked at or posted here for long time. Somehow just kind of forgot about it being here. Interesting that the first thing I looked at upon coming back was this survey. I voted and was surprised to see that my choices coincided with the majority of votes so far. However, I wouldn't want this site to become so restrictive that someone can't mention something that in someone else's mind doesn't "fit" whatever rules are put in place.
  3. Regrettably, I have only driven my '71 LeSabre 9 miles this year. I took it out once prior to the registration expiring in July to a local cruise in. I didn't bother to register it but I may yet so I can take it out once more before putting it up for the winter. It's perfectly driveable but needs work to make it more enjoyable to drive.
  4. Made reservations at LaQuinta on Eisenhower Dr. for this year when I checked out last year and was pleasantly surprised at the price. Have stayed there 4 of the last 3 years, easy to take the back way in to Hershey and close to Capital Diner.
  5. It's disappointing to take the time to come to Hershey and plan to stay the week only to have vendors pack up and leave early.
  6. Took my '71 LeSabre to the garage for it's annual oil change this afternoon before I put it up for the winter. It needs some mechanical work, but hate to not get it serviced. Only drove it 64 miles since I put it up last year.
  7. I have my uncle's '71 LeSabre Custom sedan. He gave it to me in 2000 with 106,642 miles. It now has 112,700 on it, but she needs work in spite of a reasonably well cared for life. I drive it around town occasionally, but don't take it far from home. It was purchased new in October 1971 from Lindemann Buick in Westfield, NJ by some good friends of my uncles, so I have known it since it was new. When they bought a new Century in 1979, my uncle bought it from them for $600. It had 40,000 miles on it then. Unfortunately, it was used in winter salt, so it has had some body work / filler through the
  8. I started my '71 LeSabre last weekend after 7 months hibernation. Only took 15-20 seconds of cranking for it to turn over. Drove it out of the garage and let it run long enough to warm up. After a couple of minutes, I noticed what looked like smoke coming from under the hood by the wipers so shut it down. Didn't see anything, so started it back up. Noticed the AC clutch turning slowly even though the AC wasn't on. Turned the AC on and it started blowing with the clutch spinning. However, it looked like it was spinning unevenly if that makes sense. Anyway, I shut the AC off and the clutch stop
  9. The prior owner of my '72 LTD was paid $200 per day to park it on the street in front of Fenway Park in Boston for the movie that Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore were in. Can't remember the name of it. The receipt from the movie company came with the car when I bought it. Unfortunately, the scene the car was in was cut from the final print. Must be 12-15 years ago.
  10. Nope, too much snow and too much salt still on the roads. It'll be May before my cars come out of hibernation at this rate.
  11. After I wrote about manual transmission cars I knew, I remembered that my aunt and uncle in Connecticut never had an automatic car until 1971. My uncle always bought base models with manual transmissions and an AM radio as the only option. He also kept cars until they turned to dust but he was somewhat mechanical and could do a lot of his own maintenance - brakes, exhaust, gaskets, etc. He had a '51 Plymouth Suburban until the mid-60's and used it to commute to work. In 1958, he bought a '58 Ford Ranch Wagon for my aunt because they moved to Glastonbury and needed two cars. The Ford was dark g
  12. I had a 1966 Buick LeSabre Custom with the 340 2 bbl and 3 speed manual. It came with power steering, an AM radio, floor mats, white walls and wheel covers as the only options. I had the original dealer order. I bought it in 1999 when it had just 14,000 miles (known history) and sold it in 2005 with just under 20,000 miles. My wife and I drove it to the BCA National in Buffalo in 2001. At the time I owned it, another acquaintance in town bought a base 1971 LeSabre in Montana and drove it back to Maine. It was a 3 speed manual, power steering, power brakes, Am radio. He kept it for 2-3 years a
  13. I haven't had my '71 LeSabre out for a couple of months. I was hoping to have some work done on it this year so I could drive it and enjoy it more than I have. Unfortunately, just didn't get to it. I will take it out for a run before putting it up for the winter at the end of the month. I've only driven it about 50 miles since April; haven't even put gas in it this year.
  14. Re: the Pontiacs above - I'm pretty sure the Pathfinder is the base model, followed by the Strato-chief and Parisienne.
  15. This was the first Christmas in many years that I did not receive anything car related - unless you consider "Highway Patrol" on DVD car related.
  16. I've seen a few regular 6000's but haven't seen an STE in ages. I agree - if it's a good original car and just needs a few minor repairs, then I'd keep it. Who knows? We're seeing Pintos and Chevettes at recent car shows and we never thought they'd be collectible. Now they're kind of fun to look at.
  17. My first car was a '64 700 sedan, black, red interior, 3 speed and a radio. That was about it. It was 4 years old and had 49K on it. My uncle sold Chevies and he and my aunt had 2, a '62 500 coupe and a '64 700 sedan. I liked both of them and figured one would be a good car for me to commute to college with, good in snow, no anti-freeze to worry about, etc. I really liked it but mechanically, it was horrible. It's been 45 years since I had it so I don't remember all that went wrong but it always needed fixing. I bought it in September but by May of the next year, I traded it for a '64 Falcon t
  18. I agree with Matt. If this were cleaned up and running 100%, it's worth $12,500 to $15,000 at the most. A few years ago at Hershey when they had the auction at Giant Center, I talked with the owner of a '77 Cougar with 7,000 miles on it as I recall. We were talking about the car and he insisted he wouldn't take less than $25K for it because "if it were any other Cougar, it couldn't be restored for that." I told him restoration costs had little to do with the value of a car like his but he insisted it was worth it. I sat in on the auction and it got bid to $10,500 which is just about what I t
  19. When I look at an instrument cluster like this, I always wonder what happened at the exact moment the odo stopped working, assuming it was working when the car last ran. This odo stopped at 39457.7 (almost). Was that when it went to a junk yard? or was in an accident? Guess I'm weird.
  20. Wasn't Lancer the name Dodge gave to its hardtops - like Buick used Riviera?
  21. Man, what beautiful interiors and dashes in those cars compared to the bland, dark interiors we have today.
  22. Don't think I ever noticed how low the gas filler appears on the fender on these cars.
  23. 1962 Super 88 2 door hardtop, black, grey interior, just like the one my uncle had when I was a teenager. He had it for 8 years, 1963-1971.
  24. I bought a '58 Canadian Dodge sales brochure at Hershey this year. I've always been fascinated by the Canadian variations of US cars. I thought it was a catalog, but it's a folder that opens to show all of the Dodges sold in Canada in 1958. The US Custom Royal was sold in Canada as the top line model - completely Dodge with Dodge engines. The lower line Dodges were the ones with the Dodge front clip on the Plymouth body with a Dodge dash and Plymouth like interior with Plymouth engines. I don't recall the Viscount name as one of the "series" names used. Maybe Chrysler didn't sell the US Dodge
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