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  1. Beautiful Buick. Not a fan of white, but it sure looks good on this car. Dealer sales order says it has wire wheel covers so someone must have changed them out for the road wheels at some point.
  2. I haven't looked at or posted here for long time. Somehow just kind of forgot about it being here. Interesting that the first thing I looked at upon coming back was this survey. I voted and was surprised to see that my choices coincided with the majority of votes so far. However, I wouldn't want this site to become so restrictive that someone can't mention something that in someone else's mind doesn't "fit" whatever rules are put in place.
  3. Regrettably, I have only driven my '71 LeSabre 9 miles this year. I took it out once prior to the registration expiring in July to a local cruise in. I didn't bother to register it but I may yet so I can take it out once more before putting it up for the winter. It's perfectly driveable but needs work to make it more enjoyable to drive.
  4. Made reservations at LaQuinta on Eisenhower Dr. for this year when I checked out last year and was pleasantly surprised at the price. Have stayed there 4 of the last 3 years, easy to take the back way in to Hershey and close to Capital Diner.
  5. It's disappointing to take the time to come to Hershey and plan to stay the week only to have vendors pack up and leave early.
  6. Took my '71 LeSabre to the garage for it's annual oil change this afternoon before I put it up for the winter. It needs some mechanical work, but hate to not get it serviced. Only drove it 64 miles since I put it up last year.
  7. Really, really nice. I'm not a fan of black walls or dog dish caps, but gotta admit, they look good on it.
  8. Yes, I've seen this one advertised many times. It looks really nice but I agree it is overpriced. I sold my '66 LeSabre with 19,000 miles on it for $4500 in 2005, albeit the paint was nowhere near as good as this one. I'd say this one is worth about half of the asking price. My .02 worth.
  9. Wow, there is an identical car for sale in my area - same colors, same narrow whitewalls, unrestored original car with 60-70K on it. Not as nice as yours, though.
  10. I know long range forecasts aren't terribly reliable, but just checked Tuesday - partly sunny, high 70 / low 55 Wednesday - mostly cloudy, 70 / 56 Thursday - mostly cloudy, 72 / 53 Friday - mostly sunny, 73/51 Saturday - mostly cloudy, showers possible, 71 / 46 Looks like pretty much ideal weather for wandering around - not too hot, not too cold, small possibility of rain on Saturday.
  11. As a retired banker, it can be difficult to get a loan at a bank or credit union for an antique car if you don't know what you are buying. Most banks that I am familiar with will not finance a vehicle more than 5-7 years old; if they do, you generally pay the personal unsecured loan rate which is much higher than a "normal" car loan. Your best bet is to use a Home Equity Loan or personal Line of Credit. Take cash from that and bring it to Hershey for your purchase. Another option would be to arrange a Letter of Credit or check guarantee similar to what you would need to bid at an auction. However, that can be a time consuming process and might involve significant fees. Just my .02 worth.
  12. I have my uncle's '71 LeSabre Custom sedan. He gave it to me in 2000 with 106,642 miles. It now has 112,700 on it, but she needs work in spite of a reasonably well cared for life. I drive it around town occasionally, but don't take it far from home. It was purchased new in October 1971 from Lindemann Buick in Westfield, NJ by some good friends of my uncles, so I have known it since it was new. When they bought a new Century in 1979, my uncle bought it from them for $600. It had 40,000 miles on it then. Unfortunately, it was used in winter salt, so it has had some body work / filler through the years. I need to have the heads and manifolds planed, the tranny is weak (no reverse until the car has warmed up), water leaks in the trunk around the base of the rear window so there is some rust through in the trunk, there is a vibration in the driveline over 50 mph (which started after I had the U joints replaced) and the sending unit for the gas gauge doesn't work - have had the gauge tested and it is ok.
  13. Route 66 is on my bucket list as well.
  14. I used to but when gas got so expensive, I stopped taking unnecessary trips / rides. And now that gas is a little less expensive, I've just never gone back to my old habits.
  15. The only thing I got automotive related was a new chamois.....
  16. What channel is Chasing Classic Cars on? I've forgotten. I'd be interested in seeing the show filmed at Hershey. I was in the museum on Friday afternoon Hershey week when they were filming with Wayne. I might even be in the back ground as I walked by when they were filming in the "Drive-in" exhibit.
  17. The last several years, I have stayed at one of the hotels on Eisenhower Blvd. There is a mall and Capitol Diner. I always make reservations in February and go with the hotel with the best price. Very easy ride to Hershey - back roads and 322. Also, the Buick Club of America has a list of Buick vendors and their locations which is easier than looking through the Hershey guide. The BCA tent is located a couple rows back on the right side of the Giant Center. I don't remember their site number but it would be in the guide.
  18. In Maine, I have antique plates that cost $10 per year plus a $13.00 vehicle excise tax on my '72 Ford and it's a similar cost for my '71 Buick. I have agreed value car insurance through Condon & Skelly, $130 per year for both vehicles. In addition, I also have full comprehensive and liability coverage. Neither vehicle has to be state inspected (25 years and over are exempt with antique plates) but I have the garage do a faux inspection when I get the oil changed every spring. I don't know that there are any mileage restrictions but antique plates are to be used only for shows, exhibitions, parades and occasional use. I have put less than 100 miles on the Buick this year and only 300 on the LTD, so I don't think anyone would squawk at me about that. If I ran regular plates, then I would have to have regular inspections and plates would be $35 per year (excise tax would be the same) so I'm not saving a ton of money. I can also use year of manufacture plates if I want. What gets me is that there are people in town who have antique plates and run their vehicles year round.
  19. I have been attending Hershey since 2004 and always park on the black top at Chocolate World. The price has been $30 per day for many years. It's dry and it's convenient. No idea what the price will be this year but to me it is worth the extra expense.
  20. My friends and I are leaving a week from today - Tuesday. I am not bringing a car this year but my friend is - and actually, he's been driving the same car to Hershey since 1991 - first year eligible 1990 Pontiac 6000. Hoping to get his HPOF and I'm sure he will. Almost all the miles on the car are from Maine to Hershey and back. The last several years, it's been the only time it has been out of the garage. My '72 LTD received its HPOF in 2013. We will stay through the show on Saturday and head home Sunday.
  21. I entered my 72 LTD in the Hemmings Show a few times when it was at Stratton Mtn., Vermont, but they moved it to Saratoga a few years ago and hold it a month later so I stopped going. It would mean 2 days on the road and two nights in a motel, money that I can use at Hershey which is just 2-3 weeks later.
  22. I started my '71 LeSabre last weekend after 7 months hibernation. Only took 15-20 seconds of cranking for it to turn over. Drove it out of the garage and let it run long enough to warm up. After a couple of minutes, I noticed what looked like smoke coming from under the hood by the wipers so shut it down. Didn't see anything, so started it back up. Noticed the AC clutch turning slowly even though the AC wasn't on. Turned the AC on and it started blowing with the clutch spinning. However, it looked like it was spinning unevenly if that makes sense. Anyway, I shut the AC off and the clutch stopped, but still moved slightly. Then I noticed black particles all over the engine compartment and right front fender, like ground rubber. It appears that the metal part behind the black part is broken which is chewing up the black part - sorry I don't know the names. The AC needs to be charged/repaired so I guess I can take off the belt and be all right. Until then, I don't dare to drive it.
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