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  1. Looking for a proper spotlight for my 1963 GM truck Will purchase or trade wig wG accessory as listed in parts for sale section
  2. grubin

    Wig Wag

    Great unusual accessory Working order $450 plus shipping ups $30 For video send email address
  3. grubin

    Model A

    Great I’m at Hersey each year know area Pictures would assist I have a coupe and four door to consider as well in your area Gary
  4. grubin

    Model A

    Can I get a few pictures inside and out. I’ve had a few from Pennsylvania. Sounds good too.
  5. grubin

    Model A

    Can I get a few pictures inside and out. Where are you located. I’ve had a few others contact in Pennsylvania too Sounds good
  6. grubin

    Model A

    Looking for a running project I would prefer a coupe /four door/ truck Must be running with clear title and cheap😀 My location is the Albany NY area
  7. Thanks Dave I’m planning on leaving the truck and trailer at the hotel and drive the Rampside See you there
  8. Well I decided to stay in Waterbury since I’m not too familiar as I was of Stowe Since the feature is air cooled Ill Bri g the 63 Corvair 95 Rampside Any suggestions for dinner
  9. Some advice Planning to go to the Waterbury show for the first time since Stowe I need some recommendations for hotels that are trailer friendly and not too far from the show any advice would be appreciated gary
  10. grubin

    Allentown Swap

    Can anyone give me information about this indoor swap. While at Hershey I was speaking to the guys at the bumper boys about their show schedule. They said they go to Allentown in January but no longer a few in the spring. Is it worth an overnight trip to go Any information would be appreciated
  11. Could have been worse. Still better than going to work even though I’m retired. Called it a day around 3. Tomorrow is going to be real nice and cool. Hope vendors will hold off leaving on such a nice day
  12. Looking Tuesday PM through Friday AM 1940 Chevrolet flying lady hood ornament/ rear trunk Guard 1941 Chevrolet front fender washboards Corvair 95 Door Vent Shades/ Windshield Washer System Complete
  13. Yes. That’s why my question. I was surprised last year on Friday early PM that so many were either gone or packing up. That’s why I changed this year to walk Tuesday PM. Wednesday and Thursday.
  14. And that’s why my question. Last year I came on Tuesday and stayed till Saturday. By Friday early PM many vendors were either already gone or packed up this this year I changed to Tuesday pm Wednesday and Thursday. Friday if I want to go prior to leaving. I was very surprised to see empty spaces on the Friday thus my question I appreciate al the answers.
  15. Thanks for the information. I’ll stay with my original p,an Wednesday through Friday. ?