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  1. I think it was above the waterline. Look at the white one in the top picture, it looks like the same white one just below and to the left of the gray SUV. Then, still in the top picture, look to the left side of the image where you can see the top deck of the boat. Looks like the boat was laying on its left side with a crud line that runs right down the middle. The crud was underwater. The gray SUV would have been above the water.
  2. Thanks for the battery notes! I do need to remove the modern sticker from the top. I also need to put Post-it notes on numerous pages of my brochures and service manuals to be respectful of the team’s time. The rectangular caps are included in a few incidental images and illustrations... I’d have thought round caps too! The “factory documentation” is a great standard.
  3. This little girl is going to Gettysburg! Bias plies were mounted today and that wraps up a string of little improvements... so happy for the AACA events to give me the initiative to finish the car to a higher standard!
  4. Thank you Mark! This will be the first time the little '68 has been shown anywhere. My uncle deserves 95% of the credit as he's the one that did the restoration on it. It was his mom's car from new (my grandmother's) so sentimental reasons beat economic rationale and the simple little car got quite a makeover. That being said, though my 80 year old uncle has been working on cars since the 1950's, it is an "amateur" restoration done to his (high) standards but not exactly to the AACA's. Thanks for the guidance on tires... I think I need to find some 695x14's!
  5. I am trying to improve the “as it left the factory” appearance on my 1968 Rambler American for Class Judging at Hershey and the 195/70R14’s radials on the car aren’t cutting it! My owner’s manual says 6.45x14 or 6.95x14’s were originally fitted to the 6-cylinder cars. Would these F70-14’s be an acceptable tire? The guidebook says letter-series tires are acceptable from 1967 on. Seller is describing these as “Coker” tires if that adds any clarification. Thanks for any insights! I know tires can have lots of subtle differences that justifiably impact scoring and I want to make sure these would be in compliance.
  6. Mark, That’s a fantastically helpful response. If it weren’t for the undercoating I don’t think there would be a car for us to discuss! I sincerely appreciate the care and consistency of AACA judging and I think the many responses above embody the numerous perspectives necessary to develop and maintain a fair system. Your checklist is spot on for me. The car makes an amazing first impression (if I do say so myself!) and I’d like it to appear just as nice under closer scrutiny... mostly to honor my uncle’s work. I’ll get it registered and open a can of elbow grease. I hope to see you in Hershey! Greg
  7. Again, if I were trying to “fool” anybody I don’t think I’d be using the AACA’s forum, my own name, and including photos of my car! I am attempting to ascertain if the car’s undercoating would have an outsized impact on Class Judging results. While “Ziebart isn’t factory undercoating”, the availability of factory undercoating should reduce any chassis deductions the car might face. My car doesn’t have original paint either. If my car were repainted Plum Crazy purple I’d expect a large deduction for non-factory color. However, had Rambler offered that hue (can you imagine!) then the car could very well be represented as it left the factory. Since undercoating was a factory option (and not a dealer afterthought) some of the tar could be typical of a car rolling off the assembly line. Now, that doesn’t account for the door plugs, but it should give the car a fighting chance to overcome the rust proofing. Thank you for the idea to print the Judging Sheets and and dollar values to the potential deductions. I had already printed the sheets but the cost impact is a great strategy to target my efforts. I’m most appreciative of the “do your research” recommendations. Thanks to all for the guidance!
  8. 1968 Rambler brochure lists “Undercoating” as an available factory option. 😁
  9. I was thinking of sanding the logos off and dusting them with white paint! Labeling steel belted radials as bias plies, or placing a brochure in the trunk to cover an unsightly wear mark is hiding and I agree it’s no good for the hobby. What your suggesting isn’t entirely different than repairing rust... it’s an effort to minimize a flaw so the car better represents its factory appearance. Thanks for the idea! (If I really wanted to hide something, I wouldn’t have posted it on the Judging page!)
  10. Mr. Hinson, I appreciate your critique! I agree wholeheartedly with each point. I’m also optimistic that these are all easily addressed with a bit of time, attention, and a few bucks. I’m inclined to pursue entering, but would welcome any concerns/opinions contrary to that idea. Please keep them coming! Greg
  11. It does have plugs, but the black ones aren’t as harsh to my eye as the yellow ones. Underneath is so-so. I can pressure wash it and get the grime off but I don’t think there will be a need for any quick-detailer on the floorboards. I’ll see what I can learn about the availability of factory undercoating but the plugs plainly say Ziebart.
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