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  1. That “460” is actually a 462 per the Marti report. I think ‘68 was the first year for the 460. Either way, neat car!
  2. Local weather says it quits by 10:00am... hopefully cars don’t get too splashed up in order to make the showfield on time!
  3. If this was a dealer conversion though, it wouldn’t be “as it left the factory”. But it’s really cool!
  4. I saw a ‘66 Mercury Cyclone GT Indianapolis 500 Pace Car edition sold for $82,000... seems like great big money for one of those! (I own one). It had been light modified with a 5-Speed and air conditioner...did anyone see what made it so special to bring that big money?
  5. I think I’ve never seen a finer collection of cars than what I saw yesterday... and the event hosted by John Kuhns Jr. was a great match for them! From this participant’s perspective, it was an extraordinary well-done event. We had a blast... thank you!
  6. Thanks Steve! I appreciate the information because I really don’t want to be “that guy” plugging up Saturday’s lines because I don’t know what I’m doing!
  7. Do we need any paperwork before Saturday morning or can we pick up our packets when we drive onto the show field? I was hoping to stop by the Greensburg Ramada Hotel on Thursday or Friday when I stashed my Pittsburgh car in a family member's Greensburg garage, but I may need to do that tonight given the combination of my open car trailer and the thunderstorms predicted for Thursday & Friday. Thank you... looking forward to great collection of cars!
  8. That was easy! Good luck with your project!
  9. I did find an illustration in the shop manual showing rectangular caps as my battery has... hopefully that suffices as factory documentation!
  10. The messages here are clear... big walks past empty spot will hasten Hershey’s demise and that’s bad for all of us. I hope the organizers can and will find a way to keep the campers happy... elsewhere.
  11. I injured my foot on the Monday of Hershey week. I was attending as a spectator, but at the comparatively young age of 46 I found myself counting my steps. The "reasons" above might be accurate, but surely they cover a small minority of the empty acreage I witnessed on Friday this year. I felt bad for the lone vendors setup between empty spots... I probably wasn't trudging up the entire length of the row just to see their goods. Sadly, those making a real effort to sell are being impacted by the parkers and campers. The car corral only appeared about 3/4 full on Friday. In past years, vacated spots seemed to be quickly recycled. The world is changing, as is the hobby. Hershey needs some corrective measures to refocus the swap meet so the shoppers and vendors get a fair shake.
  12. The Greyhound on the show field was mesmerizing. The restoration was incredible and the enormity of the project reminded me of a custom RV conversation I saw parked at Spring Carlisle... the scale of these projects is dumbfounding!
  13. Bob, I didn't get any deductions underhood for my Junior. I didn't get the sheet for my Senior. I find the language pertaining to batteries in the Judges Guidebook to be a little vague. I think I'm within the criteria but hoped some folks with real work experience or credentials would chime in, especially at the Grand National level.
  14. Thank you 61polara! I'll beef up my documentation on the hold down as it is correct, even down to the little metal bracket that connects the hold-down to the core support, but paper beats words! I'll see what I can find on the bolts. Hopefully somebody here can chime in on the battery caps as my research on 1) what's original and 2) what's acceptable has been inconclusive so far and I don't think "inconclusive" cuts it at the Grand National level! Thanks again!
  15. I intend to enter my Senior 1978 Mercury Marquis in the 2018 Grand National show. Would this battery trigger any deductions? I couldn't capture the sides in my photos, but it's all black. If this might not be acceptable, what is? I'm happy to support a Hershey vendor this weekend! Thanks in advance, Greg