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  1. The coil box has been sold to a very nice and honest Brush owner.
  2. More pictures of the Brush coil box I have for sale in another post. Thanks
  3. More pictures of the Brush coil box I have for sale in another post. I will need to make one more post to get all of my pictures posted. Thanks
  4. I picked up this Brush coil box with some antique telephone parts from a telephone collector about a year ago. It was manufactured by Jacobson-Brandow Co. Pittsfield Mass.. On the back it is stamped 8373 on the top and bottom & FFF on the bottom of the back. I am not sure if it is oak or walnut wood. I know very little about a Brush automobile, But I thought this is something that should be saved and a Brush collector may need it someday. I was sorting the other day and found this again, and thought I should list mine. I was going to list it on ebay but thought this form may be a better
  5. This is another part I would like to have some help with. What does this headlight bar fit? It is about 39-3/8 inches at the longest point not counting the bolts. It looks to be adjustable in length by about 1-2 inches. This is another part I have had for years and was never able to find out what it fit. I have to much stuff and I need to start to clear out. Thanks for any help
  6. I have had these dash parts for a long time and would like to know what they may fit. I picked them up with a 1931 Hupmobile engine and other parts. There was an unknown truck frame at the same location that I did not get. The upper part is aluminum. I have a few other parts I need help with also. Thanks for any help .
  7. Thank you very much for the answer. I will let my neighbor know tomorrow.
  8. My neighbor would like to know what this car is. I think a 40's GM but not sure. Thanks
  9. I have this Atwater Kent distributor And would like to know what it fits. It is for a 6 cylinder engine. Thr cap is marked Atwater Kent Type CA Phila, U.S.A. on a brass tag. Inside the cap is marked C-C-1/6 and BB over a C. The BB has one of the B's Backward. The rotor is marked AK and 19 both in a circle. Inside the distributor is a 46 on the condenser bracket, I do not see any other marks. I got this with a bunch of early Ford parts, but I am sure it is not Ford. The distributor seems to be in fairly good condition and it turns. Some where along the line someone thought it was worth saving.
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