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  1. The coil box has been sold to a very nice and honest Brush owner.
  2. More pictures of the Brush coil box I have for sale in another post. Thanks
  3. More pictures of the Brush coil box I have for sale in another post. I will need to make one more post to get all of my pictures posted. Thanks
  4. I picked up this Brush coil box with some antique telephone parts from a telephone collector about a year ago. It was manufactured by Jacobson-Brandow Co. Pittsfield Mass.. On the back it is stamped 8373 on the top and bottom & FFF on the bottom of the back. I am not sure if it is oak or walnut wood. I know very little about a Brush automobile, But I thought this is something that should be saved and a Brush collector may need it someday. I was sorting the other day and found this again, and thought I should list mine. I was going to list it on ebay but thought this form may be a better choice. I saw another listed on this form a few months ago. The coil box looks good to me but I am by no means an expert and have no way to test it, so I am selling it "AS IS" I have the brackets to mount it. I do not have the key. Take a look at the pictures and make me an offer. I have more pictures that I will put on another post. Thanks
  5. This is another part I would like to have some help with. What does this headlight bar fit? It is about 39-3/8 inches at the longest point not counting the bolts. It looks to be adjustable in length by about 1-2 inches. This is another part I have had for years and was never able to find out what it fit. I have to much stuff and I need to start to clear out. Thanks for any help
  6. I have had these dash parts for a long time and would like to know what they may fit. I picked them up with a 1931 Hupmobile engine and other parts. There was an unknown truck frame at the same location that I did not get. The upper part is aluminum. I have a few other parts I need help with also. Thanks for any help .
  7. Thank you very much for the answer. I will let my neighbor know tomorrow.
  8. My neighbor would like to know what this car is. I think a 40's GM but not sure. Thanks
  9. Isn't that also an Edsel speedometer to the left of the speaker?
  10. I have these Opera Seats from a large antique automobile and would like to find out what they fit so I can sell them. We are trying to down size and get rid of items we will probably never use. They came from the estate of an old friend that passed away many years ago.
  11. Thanks for the reply. We were thinking of the Chocolate World parking because of the walking back and forth to the car. We all are getting older and slower.
  12. For Sale. My neighbor has a left fender skirt and a driveshaft for a 1965 Cadillac Convertible. They found them when cleaning out the garage. I was told on the "What is it" forum the skirt would fit a 65 or 66 and the drive shaft would fit the same and may also fit an Oldsmobile of the same vintage. The father had a 1965 Cadillac Convertible years ago. The Father has passed on. They would like to sell the parts. I have included pictures and measurements they supplied. If you can use the parts make a fair offer. We have no idea what they are worth. I can bring the fender skirt to Hershey. I am not sure if I can fit the drive shaft in the car. Thank you 31 HUPMOBILE
  13. Does anyone know what the cost of parking will be at Hershey this year? How about the cost to park in Chocolate World parking lot? Thanks
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