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  1. Hydraulic lifters were only used on the late 1950 Chrysler eights. All others had adjustable lifters. Yes the Rt. front tire has to be removed to gain access to remove the inner fender panel-10 minutes and then you can adjust the valves hot. Adjust them once and thats it! I always have done them with the engine shut off hot. They will be perfectly quiet on a good engine. Way too hot to do on a running engine-that big hot exhaust manifold will cook you out of there. Just the way I have done them for 30 years. Bob
  2. Fred, I drive my Chryslers easy-60 mph. Fast enough for me and easy on the cars too. And you are right- it does let you enjoy life and the old car experience a lot more too! Bob
  3. The 1946-8 C39 eight cyl cars have a 3.23 rear end which=60-80MPH + all day long on the freeways. The 8's also were a very well built smooth high end engine and could take more high speed hard driving. The 6 cyl. cars did not have the same power/torque curves ect. and had to work harder and you could tell by the engine feel/noise. Each engine has it's sweet spot. If you drive each in it's safe range the engine will last as long as you own it and will not end up knocking or burning oil/valves ect! Overdrives were not available in 99.9% of 1946-52 chryslers. 1942 and back chryslers had them R7,6
  4. Sounds like this is a 6 cylinder car, not an eight. The "8"'s will cruise well at 60 and over-even 80 easily. The six cylinder cars max out at 60-65. Bob
  5. My 1946 NewYorker business coupe has the high beam indicator right above the speedo! Is it an Imperial business coupe? Couldn't be. 1946 Chrysler cars had the high beam as you noticed- above the speedo. Speedo has 2 red arrows for T/Signal indicators. The starter button on 1946 cars is also next to the ignition key. 1947 on the starter button is on the left side of dash in the plastic extension. 1946-8 Imperials are all 145.5" wheel base. The Windsors were made in a long WB 139.5 8 pass sedan or Limo too. Bob
  6. Well, You just missed one that sold here in the Seattle area- a 8 cyl nice car on Ebay for I think about $35,000. On the Post War Heavy Metal 46-48 Chryslers site- "senzabenzina" post#11192 talks a little about cars he has, and he does or did have a 1948 Royal business coupe. Look him up. Bob
  7. After listening to hundreds of comments at car shows I've had my 3 pass 8 cyl. Chrysler coupe at- there is no doubt that even though it is not porportioned to please some- it is the most talked about car with lot of big smiles and laughs! People usually stand and stare at it- then the questions come-all about the look of the car. The people love it. They cannot get over how big the trunk is- and of couse the extra long hood too. The 1949 to 52 little cute Plymouth business coupes get the comment -look at that cute little car! Yes thats what the Plymouth Business coupes are-cute! The Chrysler
  8. There are two styles of rear fenders on the 8 cylinder chryslers. Early cars-1946 to early 47 had a narrower-not as wide/and smaller opening fender. Then Chrysler came out using the 8.20 size tires and modified the rear fenders to accommodate this bigger tire. The optional chrome stone shields are different because of this change. Late style 8 cyl. stone shields are near impossible to find too. Bob
  9. The P15-D24 1946-8 MoPar website guys would be a great source to get a reasonably cheap parts transmission. $100.00 Max for a complete used one IMO. Bob
  10. The date should be stamped on the case next to the shift cover. It's a 1949-52 short wheel base Plymouth/Dodge station wagon and fastback car transmission. Dodges had the same trans but with a fluid drive coupling input shaft. All parts (bearings/syncro's ect.) are available if you search enough. Any 1946-54 Plymouth /Dodge service manual or even a Motor's/Chiltons or National service book will give you all the info on this transmission.
  11. Here is a picture of the all Diecast grille in my 1950 NewYoker NewPort 8 cyl. Newport. Chrome is like new. These grilles are near impossible to find in excellent mint chrome!
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