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  1. Hello all, I am looking for the correct exterior door handles for a 1939 Packard Model 1708 7 passenger Limousine. Can anyone direct me to a a supplier? Thank you in advance. Dan
  2. STuTZ693

    Stutz M8 1929

    Ciao Luca, I will try to help you with your question about your great grandfather's (bisnonno) 1929 STuTZ. It is good you have the number. Please send me an email to so we can start to communicate by email.. Dan DiThomas Treasurer
  3. 48Firetruck, Great detective work on the photo. Thank you 8E45E, Thank you for the photos.
  4. To all, Thank you for the replies. There is a great wealth of knowledge in the old car hobby. The car in the photo is right hand drive. Did Studebaker export RH drive cars? The top of the doors and the head lights point to a Studebaker. The photo was emailed to me by a gentleman from San Paulo Brazil. One or more of the gentlemen in the car is a relative of a friend of his. His friend found the photo along with an invoice for a new STuTZ car. They were wondering if the car in the photo was a STuTZ. I told them it was not a STuTZ but I would try to find out what the car was.
  5. Hi Frank, I believe you are correct. Where the wire wheels a factory option? They look a little light weight for the men in the car. Thank you very much for the reply.
  6. Hello All, Can anyone identify the car in this 1924 photo taken in São Paulo Brazil ? Thank You Dan
  7. Can any tell me the best way to tie down the front of a 1973 Fiat spider on a trailer with D rings? I do not want to damage any front suspension components. Thanks in advance.
  8. I am selling my 1968 BSA Lighting. I am located in the Columbus, Ohio area. Asking $6,800.00 US Dollars. Local pickup or buyer has to arrange shipping. Here is a brief description. For a more detailed description and photos, send me a private message. I am the 3rd owner of this BSA. Original paint on frame, tank, & side panels Front fender had been rechromed by previous owner. Rear fend is new by me New Dunlap K tires from and rear by me Engine overhaul engine by previous owner (have receipts) New oil pump by me New ammeter by me New wiring harness by previous owner (sorted out by me) New coils and condensers by me New speedo cable by me Fresh fluids by me Dan
  9. The 2019 Grand Stutz will be held on August 23 through 25th in conjunction with the Geneva Concours in Geneva, Illinois. The event will include: · Scenic driving tour to nearby Elgin, IL where Stutz dominated the Elgin Road Races. · Visit nearby private collection of early cars. · On Sunday, Stutz will be a feature at the Geneva Concours Geneva is a charming city of old buildings that has been revitalized along the Fox River about 40 miles west of Chicago. For the event, the entire Main Street is closed for the concours cars, but all the shops, restaurants and cafés remain open….making it one of the most enjoyable concours events we have attended.
  10. Everyone, I have to correct my earlier comment where I indicated that the tag was a Blackhwak tag. It is not a Blackhawk tag even though it has what appeared to me to be Backhawk information stamped on it. The tag that was posted is the same tag on my 1925 693. Here is a Blackhawk tag.
  11. Hello Yellowriv, I believe you are correct. Therefore the tag is on or from a STuTZ Blackhawk and the L7 indicates a Cabriolet Coupe. There is no break down of the Car No. in the Splendid STuTZ. What seems to be common to the Car No.on other Blackhawks is the 4DW but the digits that follow are different per car. Dan
  12. Hello Stefaan, What is the number in the series box on the left?
  13. UNIMOGJOHN, Mark, and Stude8, I was revisiting some of my old posts and found this one where you provided very good information and it appears I never thanked you. Well better late than never THANKS. I still have the STuTZ and doing some routine service. Dan
  14. STuTZ693

    Note for Stutzl6

    stutzl6 give me a call. Dan 614 832-0066