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  1. Thanks PFindlay. You are correct that I need to get it out there on the market. Even though I do not ride it, I sure like looking at it!!!!!! It is a nice honest BSA that start and runs well which maybe close to the excellent category. I will make a cold start and running video. Dan
  2. Hello vintage1, Thank you. I will check those out. Would it be reasonable to compare the BSA Lightning an Triumph Bonneville sell prices? There seems to be more Bonneville bikes sold. Dan
  3. Can anyone suggest a good way to come up with a fair value for a British motorcycle? I am planning on selling my 1968 BSA Lightning and I am having a hard time establishing a fair value. The problem is that the bike is in very good mostly original stock condition but not a show bike and the previous owner had the engine rebuilt. I see asking prices on BSA's for sale now all over the place. Here is a link to a short walk around video. https://photos.app.goo.gl/G8f3AensMpA1ZL9D6 I am located in the central Ohio area. Thank you to all, Dan
  4. A big thank you to everyone that have replied. Continental and Wisconsin engines played a major role in the development of the automobile. I often wonder what the engineers and craftsmen that designed and build these wonderful engines would think knowing that many of them are still in operation today. Dan
  5. Hello all, I am looking for technical information and or assistance to rebuild a 16-S 8 cylinder engine. Is there a machine located in the South Eastern USA familiar with these engines? Thank you in advance, Dan
  6. Hello, I am searching for technical data suitable for rebuilding a Continental 16-S 8 cylinder engine used in the 1929 L8 STuTZ Blackhawk. This is the flat head engine STuTZ bought from Continental for the entry level L8 Blackhawk. It would be good to hear from anyone with experience rebuilding this model or a similar model Continental 8 from this period. Thanks to all, Dan
  7. K8096, I remember the 2007 Grand STuTZ and the house stuck on the bridge.
  8. Thank you to all with the great tips. As I said before, I am glad I thought to ask the question. I can see that making directions is a skill and requires thought and consideration for those folks using them. I will do my best to do a great job and hope I do not loose anyone or the entire group as small as it is. I can see the value of a fresh set of eyes testing the route book. Dan
  9. Hi Matt, Good advise. We will be out there two days before anyone else arrives and will use the book. I like the idea of the binder in the event we have to make revisions. My friend out there has his eye out for construction. Already been notified of a bridge closure in the route we drove in April. Just thinking about it, I can send a copy to him to run. Dan
  10. Thanks Al. Mary took a lot of notes when we were out there in April. With all of the tips from the guys on this post and the flat straight roads of Nebraska we should be OK. I will work on a turn by turn book. Dan
  11. Thanks Paul, I have been on a few tours and noticed that the new guy seems to end up in front of the train. Since now if us will be from the Lincoln area I want the instructions to be very clear. My wife and I went out there from Ohio in April and drove the route and a friend Lincoln has been helpful.
  12. Hi John Mahoney, It is a small group of 7 STuTZ Cars and we will be in the Lincoln Nebraska area. Good tips. The landmarks will be corn fields!!!! Dan
  13. Matt, I will PM you and you we can use Dropbox to transfer the file. I like the idea and will take the time to use your ideas. Dan
  14. You guys are good. Glad I asked!!! Dan
  15. Thanks Mark. Do you indicate landmarks in your instructions to help locate upcoming turns. Do you include mileage on the instructions? Dan
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