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  1. His piston is slightly different (late 30's MoPar) than what should be in your 50. The piston must come all the way back to the rubber boot plate stop. This because the smaller hole relief port hole must not be blocked by the piston. If it is the brakes will not release properly.
  2. Be careful the linings don't delaminate from the shoe. I have had it happen.
  3. Working at the Enco gas station wearing a Enco Tiger suit giving away Tiger Tails with every fill up.. Oh and glasses and plates too.
  4. I have most all the 1937 to 1960 MoPar Parts books but have never ever seen a export parts book in over 40 years! Sorry to say.
  5. That is a very very high quality , expensive hub/drum puller and the best one to use. Lube up the puller screw and apply a dab of grease on the flat end of the axle. Mount the puller to the drum evenly and flush. Yes as mentioned leave the nut on the axle shaft loose minus the washer to prevent the drum from popping off the axle shaft possibly landing on the floor or your foot. Also can prevent axle thread flare or damage. Then man up using a 2-1/2 lb hammer. Hit the dog bone using BIG HARD SWINGS...5 to 10 hits the drum will come off if you hit hard enough. I als
  6. Not sure I'd want "V-D" spark plugs! And look at that guy? Or woman in the V-D outfit😬
  7. Glad you can do the job with confidence and for once someone does have the shop manual! So the way I do this job.. I remove the m/cylinder's leaving the floor pan and pedals still in the cars... I...... **Disconnect the M/cyl. push rod.. **Disconnect the clutch fork rod **Remove both brake lines at the rear of the cylinder **Remove the two pedal pivot shaft horse shoe clips with the special Miller clip removal tool....Or use a 13/16" open end wrench... **Remove the the M/cylinder mounting bolts **Wiggle,move, twist the cylinder forward/backward
  8. Sleeve it or replace it with a new one. It most likely will have a rusty pitted area at the bottom of the bore....you will not be able to remove completely by honing. ...and it will probably seep brake fluid. If you are a pro....do the job with out pulling the floor pan... if you are a novice 50 Chrysler owner remove the floor pan...take plenty of pictures. You also might need to use a press to push the clutch and pedal shaft out of the old master cylinder ..then push it into the new or resleeved one. You should also own a factory shop manual if you really like th
  9. The smell of hot Evans coolant...dripping out from the overflow...in the smallest amount is most annoying...back to green.
  10. I wish decorated tool displays were that awesome today.👍
  11. What make and model number of booster is he trying to sell you? Why does he what your old core... If he cannot rebuild it?
  12. On the outside just down from the top curve of frame towards the rear.
  13. The engine # is on the LR frame just as ply33 says...
  14. The axle puller on the seat is worth 20 bucks.
  15. Best bet maybe remove a couple main and rod caps just to see if the bearings are completely dry. Some assembly lubes we're white assembly paste....I've seen that dry up and turn hard after time.
  16. The engine really should be running before you will see much oil oozing/ spashing in the lifter area's of both straight 8's. If I were you I would use an engine pre-oiler pressure tank..to pre lube both engines thoroughly as they have been sitting so long. Turning the engine over 90 degree's at a time while pushing oil into the main galley. Running 2-3 quarts into the engine. The 323 being hard to turn over is concerning. The 385 looks to have progressive wound valve springs...tighter wound coil at one end. Generally the tighter wound end always goes to the block not the valve r
  17. He's probably looking for the special fittings at the wheel cylinders or up by.the M/cylinder....can be tough to find.
  18. High quality commercial lifts do not de-rate load capacity on WB length... Most all hobby lifts do.
  19. If you are a real car guy...a lift and a good air compressor are a must...JMO.
  20. Yes...just barely enough to push the shaft out of the handle....once down to the little washer...remove it and see if it will push out...if not continue just enough till it will push out. Grind it flat as you go as you will need some of the shaft to still stick up beyond the counter sunk hole in the handle. This so you can drill and tap or re-flare the shaft end to retain it firmly but still able to rotate that shaft with out excessive looseness. The cup spring/ wave washer on it when new always keeps tension on the shaft so there is no loose shaft play. Hopefully you can reassemble
  21. I also have a 15 year old real commercial Rotary 12,000lb open front 4 poster. A real quality lift...but$$$$.
  22. A real "Commercial Rotary" or a DIY home owner full import Rotary branded under different names?
  23. I've had a HD 14 Bendpak for 11 years... never a problem.. They custom built it for me too. Extra long, extra tall 2 rolling jacks.
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