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  1. They are a great company in my backyard (Seattle) so to speak! I use them a lot.
  2. Modern hard brake linings do not work properly on these old drum brake systems IMO. I buy NOS linings for all my old MoPars now off Ebay. As mentioned old stock asbestos or equivalent lining material makes the old drum brakes operate and function well as they did when new. Safe, high, firm pedal and the ability to easily lock em up if you wanted... not that you would want to for safe quick stops though!
  3. This 1956 Windsor does NOT have Lockheed double anchor brakes (1946-1955 Mopar cars) requiring the Ammco 1750 or Miller MT 19 special shoe adjusting tools. It has "Total Contact" brakes.. the shoes self center in the drum..they float in the shoe support plate so to speak. The shoe curvature needs to match the drum curvature . This.......... fitting the shoes to each size of drum if they are new shoes or they do not accurately fit the drums. There are two 7/16" hex cam bolts on each wheel backing plate that are turned the same direction as the forward wheel motion.. tire needs to be off the ground to spin it then turn each adjusting cam as mentioned till the wheel locks up... back off just till the wheel spins. I wouldn't waste my time honing cylinders that most likely will leak in a year onto the linings or into the booster ...I'd sleeve them..do it right.
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    50 Windsor

    Have you ever had it running? Is it a new car to you? The starters on a 1950 Chrysler can have problems with the solenoid contacts. They are very costly starters and difficult to find. Hooking the cables up backwards won't damage it... Possibly the starter pinion gear is not engaged into the fluid coupling ring gear and is just spinning at 4000RPM causing the humming sound.
  5. If you have a small coolant leak with Evans product you certainly will smell it.
  6. I have two 4 posts- a Rotary 12,000 lb and a BP 14,000 lb... 270" long...extra long limo lifts. Dual rolling jacks...One extra tall 80" lift. Drive over and under them. Work on them......Never an issue with either.
  7. I'll post a pic of a late 50 M-6 shift linkage adjustment then... I looked at all three of my Chrysler's shifter linkage... they all are as shown above.
  8. It's your shift linkage adjustment or... If you took the side cover off the trans it was installed back on wrong. The bolt with the lock nut on the rear transmission shift lever is adjusted shorter or longer to get reverse on a 49 Chrysler. Shop manual explains it.
  9. Proper idle speed being slow enough lets the direct speed blocker ring sync up with the input shaft.... causing the up-shift.
  10. Too high of Idle speed possibly.... needs to be around 450 RPM... Governor points could be dirty too.
  11. Give in... we are all going to have to.... get an eco friendly electric car.. That's what is the right thing to do for our kids and grand kids... on and on. Global warming is a huge issue you know.
  12. Be gentle pushing the trans in on a FD coupling... the graphite seal ring or bellows if the older seal style can be damaged.
  13. The throw out bearing accurately slides over the input shaft bearing retainer sleeve... The clutch fork has two curled springs that hold the release bearing sleeve to the clutch fork. It's imperative that the release bearing that's already assembled to the fork is centered properly on and over the three fingers of the clutch pressure plate. Double check this by looking thru the release bearing hole into the splined hole of the clutch disc..... being sure it looks centered with the disc splined hole. I usually force the release bearing and fork assembly up slightly against the three fingers of the pressure plate by lengthening the clutch fork adjustment rod.... just enough to hold it in place centered on the pressure plate fingers. That M6 transmission uses two 7/16" X 14 threaded 3" studs already at the bottom two mounting holes in the bell housing. A lot of times they unscrew out of the bell housing and remain with the nut in the lower mount holes of the transmission. Put them back in the bell housing and use them as your installation/mounting guide studs. Installation pictures below are shown on a X- Member convertible hardtop frame....very tight angle installation. All other Chrysler models as yours are wide open straight shot into the bell housing.
  14. Nothing unique about inserting a M-6 into a fluid drive coupling... same as a 55 Chevy 3 speed job. A good tranny jack and flat smooth floor...pull it out re-align go in easy with it in low... rotate the drum back and forth till in goes in... watch the clutch fork and bearing position.
  15. 4-1/2 hours too far from me... been there a few times though
  16. You won't find an OE factory mat. Buy the one from Bernbaum as listed above... close as you will get. I've looked for 40 years.
  17. Did you call Olson's ..... I would call them.. not accept what the online catalog shows...
  18. The chrome is only some what valuable if near perfect... no pits and very smooth and shiny... 1949-52 Chrysler's not highly sought after.
  19. It seems now days don't expect your newly purchased vintage tires to last more than five years even if low low miles and kept out of the sun 90% of the time...
  20. Startix was used on Cords too. Not sure on the vacuum switch.
  21. Vacuum shifted M4 Chrysler/ DeSoto transmissions. Late 40's early 50's Mopar vacuum operated cigarette lighter...
  22. My distributor is offset in my Dodge truck engine... one way only will it drop into the intermediate shaft.
  23. Nothing wrong with a good quality operating single master cylinder.
  24. What about the one off 1949 T&C hardtop supposedly made? Where is that car.... I thought I had a lead on it back in the mid seventies....yea right! Or the T&C six cylinder roadster ......never was produced... but John Slusar and Loyd Mayes built one and it's been around the auction market a few rounds making a lot of money.
  25. There is only one T&C cpe in existance... the "David Wallace" car. The first 2 dr hardtop. Loyd Mayes owned it for awhile as have a few others... a very nice original car with a few minor touch ups over the years. Supposedly seven were made .... no others besides the Wallace car have ever been located.