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  1. Shown is the 1952 Plymouth external brake band...used on all 1946-54 Plymouth 3 speed transmissions including the R10 OD . The brake stop light switch is located on the inside edge of the frame up behind the drivers side rear tire. Look under the car behind the drivers side tire on the inside wall of the frame. The switch is mounted on a small frame bracket.
  2. Crack free glove box doors are next to impossible to find. Cracked ones a better chance.
  3. The factory shop manual explains front end work. Those rubber O-rings possibly available through AMS Osolete. Formerly Frank Mitchell MoPar. You should have a part# though...but you don't...they might help.
  4. Beautiful engine compartment ... ...Except the stand out ORANGE sticker😬 I have always.liked the Ever-Dry cup and boot covers. All my Chrysler straight 8 cars have them as original equipment. They were optional an on Dodge, DeSoto and Plymouth's.
  5. The bushings on a 39 Plymouth are threaded steel.
  6. Note on the Overdrive there are two fill plugs...one on the pass front case and the rear half of the case. Top off both. The Front fill plug removed lets you fill the 3 speed section ...the rear plug hole fills the overdrive section. Check both!
  7. Goes to the hole in the floor stiffiner brace....spring and extension rod on some body styles.
  8. ...75/90 or 90 "GL 1" gear oil for the 3 speed OD trans..not GL4 or GL5... 75/90 GL4 or 5 hypoid gear oil for the rear axle. I have owned my 52 Plymouth Belvedere for 45 years w OD. Also have a 51 Plymouth Cranbrook since 1968.
  9. Don't forget to put the E-brake band and linkage on the back of the transmission or else the car will roll away on slopes when parked.😬
  10. The 1950 Windsor would not have the frame mounted brake booster unless it's a 8 passenger sedan or limo. Cylinder bore would be 1-1/8". Available almost anywhere. But as already advised do contact Craig for a non chinese good quality master cylinder and other needed brake parts. Chi-com parts belong where they are manufactured...not on old MoPars!
  11. Maybe the start of clay filler is the reason for tube failure and tire cracking after four or more years.😬
  12. "Truth in Advertising" not much of that anymore either. The new import tubes arr so fragile and thin just a label inside the tire casing can cause a tube failure. I broke down a bunch of old 40/50's tires and rims. Some of those old tubes inside were so thick and stiff they were hard to pull out of the tire casing. Didn't even need air in them to hold the tire up. Anyway I cut a sample of one and the rubber thickness was no less than .060". I wonder what the average new inner tube rubber or what ever it's made of is?
  13. I didn't contribute to where we are. It's the tight wad folks looking for the cheapest pos everything. They don't realise over the long run it might cost them more over the long run buying questionable quality. I have always shopped carefully..looking for good quality always over price. Also wanting top quality American made if possible. Of course now days almost impossible to do. Guess I'm really old and not into global sourcing unsafe junk. Finding good heavy duty safe inner tubes is tough now days. Thanks cheap people/corporate leaders and China for all yo
  14. You will never find an american tube. No one makes much here in America anymore.
  15. His engine is not the oil fed Hy-Drive torque converter engine. His car uses the 8 hole crank 230 engine with the typical Fluid Drive coupling and 3 speed trans. If he was closer (Seattle area) I would sell him a good 230 out of a 52 a Dodge.
  16. I always pay more to buy good quality....never buy cheap import stuff. Waste of time.
  17. Yea it's got a pee drain at the bottom too.
  18. A ventilated pit under a 4 post.
  19. I haven't checked mine or ever changed it in 30 years... No leaks ...still works as it should. If it ain't broke....
  20. Chinese are trying to do us in one way or another it seems. Chinese junk.
  21. Winner^^^^^ Low flat level easy load floor.
  22. That Dodge has a swing axle rear end in it too. Unique Dodge Route Van engineering.
  23. Means you should have put some 85/90 in the rear end sooner.
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