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  1. You are 100 percent correct. The 34 pe in my picture ran into some engine problems from the motor builder not doing some things correctly. The crank is being welded, straighten and reground. The picture is of my unrestored 33 pd I am putting into service so we can enjoy that till I have time to get the 34 back on the road.
  2. This is what I saw when I put the voltage regulator on which seems to work great. Head gasket?
  3. I will stop by a napa on my way home to get some 50 wt oil. I am installing the james peterson regulator on a 33 plymouth I just picked up that I saw your write up on and noticed the plug wires and side of the engine block was wet with oil. Its an unrestored car with 66,000 miles on the odometer. WIth it sitting there idling it was misting oily air and the filler cap was really wet. Probably hasn't been cleaned in a long time or do you think there may be an underlying problem?
  4. Oil filler cap is fully oil saturated. Is the standard practice still was in gasoline and put a couple drops of motor oil in it. What oil is recommended. Thanks
  5. I too have a 35 kcl but it is a second series.
  6. Good idea...I added some spring wrap to my order
  7. Thats great. Thanks for all the help. I have a coil on order now to start. What kind of protection should I use on the line that runs through those formed holes on the frame?
  8. Thanks. I ran them before but didn't do it correctly figuring one day I would. I have the multi year maintenance manual that is alright but not as descriptive as the 34 manual. I haven't seen one of those for sale yet.
  9. Looking to redo the brake and fuel lines correctly. Was wondering what the correct routing and diameter to use. Any info would be appreciated.
  10. Just to do 1 axle. I am getting the axles spray welded now so I can bring them back to the proper size.
  11. Any good sources for the inner and outer axle seals and carrier gasket. Thanks
  12. What a great idea. I thought it was plastic since it was that hard haha. Appreciate the picture when you get a chance.
  13. I get a lot of window vibration when driving and it's nicking up the top edges of my door and inner frame. Does the 34 use a window sweeper along the doors edge or just some rubber. Also the outer window roller guide is shot...is there a source for new ones. Maybe some pics of how they should be would be great. I just rarely come across one around here to even compare. thanks
  14. Thanks for the reply. I had a feeling it was not correct and since I am going to replace the generator I figured might as well make it as correct as I could.
  15. My car has an auto lite 3 brush unit with separate firewall mounted regulator. The armature is shot and I would like to make it correct. I am looking for the delicious 937-p but was wondering if it should have the regulator mounted right on the generator or is the firewall correct. Thanks
  16. Is it possible to pull the damper and timing cover without pulling the motor or the whole front end off. It is really leaking bad now. Ever since the weather finally broke around here I've been leaking oil every where it seems. Thanks
  17. Pretty sweet rig there
  18. Thanks carbking. I guess the best thing is to keep and eye on it and change the gasket from time to time or if it starts dripping. At least its a 2 minute job with only 4 screws.
  19. I have a down draft carb. C6B1 or something like that. Odd thing is I mainly run 87 non ethanol fuel. I am lucky a small local store called Market at Boyers Junction doesnt support ethansl fuels. Would this still be normal?
  20. Changed my bowl gasket twice and they all where wet from fuel. Set the float at 7/64 and still have it. Put a new needle and seat in and installed a new 5/16 fuel line in from pump to carb since old one had a slight kink in it. Checked both surfaces and they are nice and flat too. Is this normal for the BB1 carbs? Been battling this for a while now.
  21. I seem to have a failing memory here. I am putting my horn button back on and can't remember if the cup on the spring goes up or down. If I remember the cup went against the isolator plug that sits against the steering wheel nut and the spring against the button itself but when I do that the spring seems to bind before I can tighten the horn button all the way down.
  22. Thanks guys. That is exactly how it ended up. The spoke that is pointing straight up from the hub has the insignia on the back side. Lares had a yellow center mark painted on the box indicating center of the box and that is also aligned. My dad came up today and thought it looked off till he sat in the seat and was like thats yep..that feels right. The rebuilt box feels great. Cant wait to put the carb back on and take it for a drive.