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  1. Not bad to do. I’ve done them on others before. I take the spindle to a machine shop where they can hone the bushing out to be round and correct fit.
  2. I think for now pull one side apart to measure good and match a set up.
  3. Finally trying to get some time with the truck. Had the steering box rebuilt. I was really sloppy and was missing internal parts. The tie rods, drag links and king pins are bad. Especially the drag link, I don’t know how it actually stayed together to be honest. Is the parts interchangeable with the 33 dodge cars. Rare parts doesn’t list the parts for the 33 HC?
  4. Yes I am still looking for them
  5. I put one on my 34 Pe and could never keep it working. It would just lose spark and I even tried it when I ran the motor on a test stand. No idea and they couldn’t tell me why either
  6. For engine oil I run brad penn “green oil” 20w/50 in my motors. It has the higher zinc and seems to really stick to the engine parts. I’ve torn them apart after sitting for over a year and everything still had a coating of oil on it. Gear oil I use lubriplate
  7. I have heard people say one way or another and I tried both but to put the struts underneath made things fit better so I went with that way.
  8. 33 pickup, does the hood struts go between the radiator shell and radiator or do they go underneath the radiator tab. They have a countersink in them like they would go between.
  9. I had to use my big slide hammer to get mine out the first time. The race must have been rusted in pretty bad
  10. When I rebuilt my 34 rear I used a slide hammer to pull axles and inner bearing races and inner oil seals. I went to a bearing and seal store and picked up new modern seals and timkin bearings. My rear has the shims behind the inner race so I installed everything with no shims, used a dial indicator on magnetic base to figure out the end play. Local sheet metal shop lazered me out the correct shim for each side out of shim stock and I put back together. The butter grease seal I took apart the original sheet metal one and pressed in a new seal I got from bearing and seal store. The sheet m
  11. I moved the driver's seat back in the sedan, that should work. Any ideas for a pickup?
  12. I need 19 and 23. I got the pedal and floorboards in. I have them adjusted what I believe is correct. The standard pedal adjustment is 1 1/8" at the top. Is that to where the throwout bearing bearing first contacts the fingers? The book says before resistance so that is how I took it. The issue I have is being 6'4" with long legs, I have a hard time getting my foot on the pedals. My knee gets stuck between the door and steering wheel. I need to get them lower if possible
  13. The thick rubber piece is what I'm guessing should be on the outside of the floor board? Also I need the clutch release fork lever lock (388055) and spring pull back bracket (600915). Any ideas where I could find those?
  14. Ok, I have it adjusted that way. At 6'4" I was hoping I could drop the pedal down to make it easier. I will install the floor board tomorrow and I assume if the pedal goes to the floor the clutch should be plenty released.
  15. Finally got my pedal assembly in the car and I have a new clutch and pressure plate assembly in the car. I have an idea on how to adjust the pedal but I noticed that no matter how high I adjust the pedal, I can push the pedal down until it hits something to stop. Seems surprising to me. Also the pedals have the heavy rubber bumper, does that go on the I side or outside of the firewall?
  16. I will get a picture of that tomorrow. Thanks for the help.
  17. I have hood ornament for my 34 HC but it is missing the base. Any idea on what will work?
  18. Looking for a few pierces for my 33 HC. Hood ornament and crank hole cover. Anybody have them that would be interested in selling? Thanks
  19. The one that sits in the rear axle. I bought one today from Dcm classics
  20. Anyone know where to find one? Most the aftermarket ones do not have the 7/16 mounting hole
  21. Bought some from rare parts Inc that fit nicely if anyone ever runs into this problem.
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