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  1. I have a nearly complete 276 hemi as well as a nearly complete 330 hemi available for sale. I am in Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520. Contact me if interested. Thanks.
  2. Contact me if interested. I have most parts for a 276 engine as well as 330 engine. I am in Brodhead, Wisconsin 53520
  3. What does the seat frame and springs look like? Did it have two halfs? Any insight appreciated. Thanks
  4. I have a 1934 Dodge cab from a 1.5 ton that I am using. The cab had a seat back in it so I am OK there, however for the base it seams it only has half of the seat base. The gas tank fill was actually under the drivers seat so maybe the base was actually two halfs to allow the drivers side to hinge forward? If that is the case I must be missing the other half of the seat base...... the half I have is just the springs and frame so it is hard to tell. Any info on how the seat was supposed to look or work or if you have a seat base you are willing to sell please contact me. Thanks.
  5. Sorry I do not. The only doors I have are the ones that I am using for my project
  6. I have several parts from a 1934 Dodge truck for sale. Grill shell, front fenders, heater, hood latches, and coil to name a few. Make me an offer. Parts located near Monroe, WI 53566
  7. 331 hemi which has been checked for cracks. Complete engine minus cam retainer plate, exhaust manifold, and carb. Ready to be rebuilt. $1150 OBO More pictures available on request.
  8. Removed from a 1.5 ton truck. the grill shill is located in Monroe, WI 53566. I can send more pictures if interested. I will ship, however only to the United States. Make me an offer.
  9. I have a brake reservoir that I disassembled (to ensure it would come apart). It needs a ll the seals replaced. Make me an offer if interested.
  10. I have a 1934 which looks like the first picture
  11. I have an early 331 hemi,(1954 Chrysler Imperial - block ID C542-8-XXXX) which I was going to rebuild however I am going a different route. The block just came back from the machine shop and was checked for cracks and the heads were also checked for cracks---no issues---I have the receipts from the shop. The engine builder stated the cranks would need 0.010" to clean up the rods and mains. He said the cylinders would need a 0.030" to clean them up. The enigine has moslty complete --- know missing parts are the exhaust manifolds, carb, valves, valve springs, cam thrust plate $1600 OBO Firepower, 354, 392
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