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  1. Will try that. Thanks Greg
  2. Reassembled both sides in the PE with new king pins and bushing but put can't seem to get the dust caps to stay in place. When I try and grease them it pushes them out. The kit came with 59/64 caps. Did anyone ever use freeze out plugs instead to get a better fit?
  3. It's a very odd 11 threads per inch. Thinking I may just be getting it close for now and welding it till I can find a replacement yoke which seems about impossible
  4. Rebuilding the front suspension on the 34 PE and when I thread the bushing into the lower control arm yoke it is stripped. Any ideas for finding a replacement?
  5. update: can't find one with a 5/16 stud so I bought a 2" diameter, 3/4" thick from energy suspension with a 3/8 stud. Turned the stud down and tried retreading but can't that didn't work. Can't keep the stud from pushing. Also the polyurethane seems stiffer then prolly the original that seems to be about 1.5" tall which is why I am going with the 3/4" tall. Fun fun
  6. That's the one. Is there a part number for that?
  7. Yeah. The smaller one on top that hits the upper control arm.
  8. Looking for replacement stops for the ones that contact the upper control arm in full rebound. Anyone know of one. The ones on it now are completely gone to even measure. thanks
  9. I packed my oil pump with assembly lube and had oil pressure after only a few jogs of the motor. I did pull a slight vacuum where the oil pressure gauge goes in too.
  10. Thanks I will take a closer look.
  11. Redoing the king pins on my 34 PE. Was wondering what the correct placement was for the shims. I have seen them put differently. In the repair book it shows shimming right above the lower thrust bearing. I have seen many put them between the spindle and upper pin bushing. The manual doesn't show any shims on the 34 independent suspension diagram.
  12. That's impressive for sure. Thanks for the reply.
  13. Just wondering what everyone uses for oil in their car. I have rebuilt the entire drivetrain and I use Brad Penn sae 30 oil for the engine but was wondering what people use for the tranny and rear. Manual calls for some pretty thick stuff. Not sure we're to get that or modern equivalent. 34 Plymouth is the model year in question. Thanks
  14. What are thought were "friends" are what always seem to get me in trouble too.
  15. I think I am way past that point and been beyond patient. Just sucks having to spend more of my money just to get it back but I don't think I have a choice. Thanks for the advice and I don't feel bad anymore about doing that
  16. Anybody here ever give someone a bunch of money for a truck and never receive that vehicle or all their money back in over 2/3 years. Just curious to what they did next. PM me maybe better before someone here takes it down like the last time. Thanks
  17. Thanks. I will take a picture tomorrow morning.
  18. Anyone know of one for sale for my 34. Was looking at it last night and it appears to be cracked. Thanks
  19. Anyone know where to get a new spring for the throwout bearing bearing housing to trasmission?
  20. Would you worry about the bearing housing sliding on the collar? Maybe I will just polish it up good. Someone did mention to me before that after 1936 they dropped the grease fittings because of people over greasing.
  21. I did install a modern sealed bearing, do I need to even worry about greasing it?
  22. Anybody have a least a picture off how it was ran
  23. There is no way to get to the grease fitting on this throw out bearing. It's on the side.