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  1. I just installed my rebuilt steering box from lares corp and when I align the center marks up my steering wheels center spoke is facing up. I thought they face down from from factory. Is this correct?
  2. My drivers side door latch assembly is really getting sloppy. The square shaft on the handle is in good shape but the latch assembly is starting to really egg out. Is there a way to sleeve or bushing this or should I try and find a replacement. Thanks
  3. Looks like a 620768 is what it needs. The 626513 is also for a 34 pe but not in my vin number range. Looks like some of the dodge kc/kcl's also use the 620768.
  4. Anyone know of a source that might have the worm and tube and correct spring washers. I have a 626513 worm and tube but that seems to be 1 inch too long. Maybe I should find a donor box that wasnt messed with like this one was.
  5. I would like to find a different service book too since most of what you wrote there is not in the one I bought either.
  6. Picked up another worm setup and its 1" longer then the one i am replacing so I am not sure what I am going to do with that. Looking at how it was installed there was 2 shims installed between the one spring washer, lower end of worm and cover plate. The shims are the same ones used on the trunnion shaft. Between the upper bearing and top of worm there was another, smaller in diameter, thrust washer that fit inside the bearing cage and you can see where the rollers where rubbing it. That doesnt belong from what I can tell. I think I need new spring washer set and I wonder if the shims need to be removed since they are not between the cover and housing.
  7. Thanks ply33. The book I got from faxon says to remove shims for worm play and the service standard section will have specs but none is listed. I will show you what it says when I get out for some pictures. I bought a new worm and steering tube because you can see mine is worn through the case hardening. On the worm, there is a thrust washer and thin shim on each side of the tapered bearings. I wonder if someone took the spring washer out at one time. It was modified because it is full of red wheel bearing grease. I would think more of a semi fluid type is needed to keep those parts properly lubricated. I will take some pictures then.
  8. Got the maintanence manual in the mail today and it doesnt give any specs for end play. Just says to remove shims. Is there a number to shoot for or just go by feel?
  9. got it all apart and this is what I found. I think I may need another worm gear. I believe its part #626513. What does the end plays get set too and is there a place to get a shim pack from? Thanks.
  10. Thought I'd show this pic of the Plymouth for you ply33.
  11. Thanks for the help. NOSMOPAR has that part number in stock that you listed. I will look into finding that one. I do have a PE model.
  12. Thanks ply33. I have redone the suspension the other year and I have about 4 inches or so of steering wheel play before the pitman even moves. You can actually push the wheel and watch it bounce back and forth. I have a factory maintenance book for the 34-35 dodge pickups and that has a diagram of the assembly and how to adjust but that is it. Is this the book you recommend for the factory service manual? Thanks.
  13. Made some progress tonight. Pulled the wheel off by wrapping my large bearing seperator in a rag. Worked well. Pulled the key out and slid the column up and out. Next step is removing the box itself. I have a feeling a new worm and sector shaft will be needed. Anyone know of where to get those?
  14. I need to rebuild the steering gear on my sedan finally. Starting to get alot of play going straight down the road and from what I can tell there is no more adjustment I can get from it. Indropped the pitman arm and took the oil oil cover off steering tube along with the collar bolt and loosened column from dash. Problem is I have never taken the gear off the steering tube before. How do you take the gear assembly off inside the car?
  15. Yeah...i have a kcl too but would like to build this as the kc instead and maybe get a correct title then. Before we go any further i wanna get the hump out to better evaluate where i am with that to see about doing that one first. Thanks.
  16. Dave, might be intersted in this. Havent gotten the humpback out yet due to non stop freezing cold and snow so I havent decided on which project to pursue yet. My pickup is a 34 kc...what is the difference between the 34 kc and the 33 hc? thanks, derek
  17. Thanks keiser...I can't wait to get it out of there this weekend. Suppose to get 5" of snow tomorrow and more Thursday. I just wish the body was as good as it was when I last saw it when I was 8 years old. I hope to put it together with my dad and kids this time around.
  18. Dave, The lower part of the body I think is pretty shot, is there replacements made for that now-a-days.
  19. Was in town and stopped by one of my grandfathers old garages he sold back in the early 90's. My dad had a 34 hump back and a 34 coupe inside when he sold the building with all its contents. The coupe was a parts car but the truck was 100% complete. Being caught up with us kids, my dad did not know the garage was sold till we went to get in it and the lock was changed. A few years later he tracked the new owner down and he did not want to part with the truck saying he was going to build a hot rod out of it. The truck was disassembled by my father and him, my brother, and I were suppose to rebuild it when we got a little older. I haven't seen the place in probably over 10 years when I drove by on lunch break today to see the ruff has collapsed. The rear portion fell about 3 years prior and some more of it fell with all the ice and snow we had this year and low and behold there it is still in the same spot. The owners son now has the garage and after some conversation he left me look around. I have found the original motor still on the engine stand since he pulled it and all the parts, spare engine, 2 transmissions, all the body, doors, fenders, etc. You can see the head lights inside the truck along with the front axle and many other parts. The chassis is all there along with numerous grills and shells. The rear fenders are still hanging on the wall but the front fenders are under the roof that fell. A 73 cuda took most of the load so I hope they are alright. The only rust I can see is on the lower part of the body from sitting on the concrete all these years. I made an agreement with the owner that if I clean the fallen roof debris up, I can have all the parts that belonged to my father. Sadly the coupe was scrapped a few years ago but I think the whole truck is there! Bumper to bumper. My dad still has the title for the truck in his closet. I took the one grill to show him and he knew right away that was his. Enjoy the picture. Another truck saved.
  20. Looking for original 33/34 dodge pickup preferably one thats not restored. The more complete the better. Looking for a not too advanced project to do with my kids. thanks