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  1. SOLD 1989 Buick Electra Park Avenue Sedan SOLD

    Drove home (over 200 miles) without a hitch! 👍 Thanks, Matthew.
  2. SOLD 1989 Buick Electra Park Avenue Sedan SOLD

    Matthew, I am definitely interested. Sending you a PM PHILLIP
  3. Chance to buy a 1968 Chevelle - Need Advice

    You really need to know what transmission it has. George is right. The powerglide and turbo 350 can't really handle the torque. Definitely check if it has a 10 or twelve bolt rear end.
  4. Found Jewett plate

    Made 1922 -1926. Part of Paige-Detroit Motor Company. The Jewett company also made streetcars early in the 20th century. Someone like Terry Bond may be able to tell you more about the badge. Also, look under Jewett (automobile) in Wikipedia.
  5. Displaying Convertible Top Boot

    As came from the factory...
  6. Rav 4

    Late 1990s and early 2000s Rav 4s have been known to leak due to poor windshield seal and a variety of other issues. There are plenty of posts online about it. Take a look at the Rav 4 forums for suggested ways to check. Good Luck!
  7. NC Region Spring Meet, Raleigh NC 5/6/17

    Annie, tell us about the picture of children with blue shirts and red hats... Youth program? Junior judges?
  8. The Old Car Manual Project

    One of "the best kept secrets" on the web... I discovered it in 2007 looking for carb and transmission info.
  9. High quality of judging at 2017 Charlotte Meet

    Team captains are urged to check their class/classes before the judging starts. I assume this is what happened here.
  10. SE Spring Meet, hosted by Hornets Nest Region, April 6-9

    Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great meet! Thanks to the 40 plus HNR members serving on the five teams that worked the show. Thanks to the judges and owners. Impossible to hold a meet without you. Thanks to Tom Cox and the National Board for their support. Thanks to Mel, Dave, John and Wayne who pulled me out of the proverbial ditch more than once. The meet, cruise-in and Autofair had excellent attendance. We try to improve each year. The biggest thing this year was to move the tent to expand judges parking and the approach to the show field. Tomorrow night our board will evaluate and start planning next year. I've got two pages of notes...
  11. Video Library of CJE

    Cannot think of a better CJE to be the first! 😁 It was great to meet you Saturday in Charlotte.
  12. SE Spring Meet, hosted by Hornets Nest Region, April 6-9

    Forecast looks good: cool and sunny, best conditions on our show field. If you are coming to judge/show/or both, do yourself a favor: read and follow the directions. Enter from off of Morehead. Do not use the front entrance of the Speedway, please. 😇
  13. Top Boots

    It will be interesting to get a ruling on your question. I think Matt "hit the nail on the head" with his "not visible" statement. Look forward to seeing your car at Charlotte!
  14. Why do you think NASCAR has declined?

    Young adults and upcoming generation are not all that interested in cars period. Many younger drivers are not as popular as the ones coming to retirement Prices got too high for much of the fan base. Although they are letting kids under 12 in for free now. But if their parents aren't interested... The Southern fan base started declining years ago! And all that has already been said above....