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  1. NC Region Fall Show, Spencer NC

    I thought the remembrances of Herb Oakes was a nice and proper addition.
  2. BEAULIEU 2017

    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing
  3. Fall Autofair Sept. 21 - 24

    Highs in the 80s, lows in the 60s. Sunny
  4. BEAULIEU 2017

    No, not the teens and twenties. Basically, the models from Aussie plants, which we actually saw and I could get a picture: Holden, Valiant, various Utes, etc. I spoke with owners. I see you are from Bowral. Are there websites with info on early 20th century cars in Australia?
  5. BEAULIEU 2017

    Looking forward to it! While in Bournemouth we used to go to the auto jumble at the parade grounds and to the shows on the boardwalk. Learned a lot just sitting around talking. They loved my accent and I loved their's. I bought several classic car books in Beaulieu to further my education.
  6. BEAULIEU 2017

    I worked in Bournemouth the summer of 1997 and Fareham in 2002. Spent time off traveling, especially to car museums, auto jumbles, etc. If you still get our Members Parade, I'm starting a short series on Australian cars this month. We spent a month down under this past winter.
  7. BEAULIEU 2017

    In the southern end of the New Forest at Beaulieu, Hampshire, England. It is about a 40 minute drive west from Southampton and an hour east from Bournemouth on the B3056, which is called Hatchet Lane. If you are in southern England any time, the National Motor Museum is well worth the trip! Terry, I keep thinking I'll get back across the pond some day. Thanks for posting the pictures. 😀
  8. First Aid Kit

    We are fortunate holding our Spring meet at the Charlotte Motor Speedway as there is a medical unit on site. It would be a good idea for those in charge at a meet to know how to respond to a medical emergency.
  9. Fall Autofair Sept. 21 - 24

    Best I can do is confirm that there are some Studebaker vendors in the Orange Field this year. Pick up a program booklet when you arrive. They are free.
  10. Fall Autofair Sept. 21 - 24

    The best way to determine that is through the vendor program booklet, but I won't see that until they are delivered on the 20th. I've got a call into the office to see if I can access the program data. We have had some vendors with Studebaker parts in recent years. Are you looking for someone or something in particular?
  11. Fall Autofair Sept. 21 - 24

    Fall Charlotte Autofair Charlotte Motor Speedway, Concord, NC Largest in Southeast United States Thursday thru Sunday, Sept. 21 - 24 Flea Market, Car Corral, Dozens of club shows on Friday and Saturday. HNR local meet on Saturday. Cruise-ins on Thursday and Friday. Ya'll come! 😀
  12. SOLD 1989 Buick Electra Park Avenue Sedan SOLD

    Drove home (over 200 miles) without a hitch! 👍 Thanks, Matthew.
  13. SOLD 1989 Buick Electra Park Avenue Sedan SOLD

    Matthew, I am definitely interested. Sending you a PM PHILLIP
  14. Chance to buy a 1968 Chevelle - Need Advice

    You really need to know what transmission it has. George is right. The powerglide and turbo 350 can't really handle the torque. Definitely check if it has a 10 or twelve bolt rear end.
  15. Found Jewett plate

    Made 1922 -1926. Part of Paige-Detroit Motor Company. The Jewett company also made streetcars early in the 20th century. Someone like Terry Bond may be able to tell you more about the badge. Also, look under Jewett (automobile) in Wikipedia.