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  1. Yes, I'm watching for a couple of others who have let us know...
  2. 50s Chevrolets may have peaked, but 50s Fords seem to be coming up price wise. Trucks of virtually every year and make are on the rise. You can literally build a first generation Camaro out of a catalog, so they will be around for a long time. 60s and early 70s muscle cars are big at car corral's (outside of Hershey). I think we'll see a big decline when people who grew up in the 80s reach retirement, both from a lack of interest and a lack of memorable cars. I've been watching car corral's across the country and many of them have declined over the last five years. Hopefully, it's just the economy. BTW, I'm a decade older than Matthew and still considered "young" in my region. What we all need to do is find persons Matthew's age and younger!
  3. Don't doubt it... Some of the chain hotels have convoluted reservation arrangements. I did tell them I was the meet chair; but in turn, she told me there was no block of rooms left but there were rooms available. It always pays to ask the same question about "rooms for the AACA meet" in several different ways.... BTW, stop by the show field tent when you arrive and say Hi.
  4. 63... Not an expert, but I think 63 had round front signals and 64 did not.
  5. Great! I did check with the Holiday Inn and they still have rooms.
  6. If you've already checked the hotels in the Speedway area (They do fill up during Autofair.), expand your search to the University area in North Charlotte or further up in the Concord - Kannapolis area along 85 or 29.
  7. Model T and "Tars" ought to be two of the first ones done. Well worth the time and effort!
  8. Don't forget that registration deadlines are March 14!
  9. 2017 brochure is online under Meets at Registration deadline is March 14.
  10. First, glad you are okay. Second, hope to see that beautiful Buick in Charlotte.
  11. Just last spring at the Charlotte meet, I was still learning from Herb. He was a great mentor and will certainly be missed!
  12. The Hornets Nest Region will host the SE Spring Meet at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Autofair, April 6-9. Vehicle and Judges registration deadline is March 14. Judges school is Friday, April 7, at 2 p.m. in the Media Center, Speedway infield. Meet is Saturday, April 8. Show field is in front of the Speedway. 7:30 a.m. for Judges breakfast in large tent on show field. All registered vehicle owners and judges will receive Autofair tickets. For more information see the brochure under Meet Registration at Stop by the HNR booth at the Annual Meeting in Philly....
  13. The Hornets Nest Region will produce the Spring Charlotte Autofair on April 6 through 9. Vendor set up is the 5th. More information:
  14. Check out classic car insurers' websites for articles on winter storage.