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  1. WW2 Gas Ration Window ID

    Is there a trick to get the back side to line up correctly to the front? What adhesive do you use to attach to windshield?
  2. Charlotte car show in April

    Look at the seven hotels in the meet brochure. (Meets at They are all within 2 miles of the Speedway and varying price levels.
  3. 2018 Judges Guidelines and Jan 2018 Judges Newsletter

    I agree. Brings tires in "balance" with the rest of the form.
  4. 2018 Annual Meeting Registration & Seminar Schedule

    Look at the Reading Terminal Market website before you decide to stay inside the whole time.... 🤔
  5. Hay, How are you going to move that car?

    Looks to me like the hay, the chassis and the motor are already restored. All you would need is some paint and a cow.
  6. HPOF deductions

    "Mud and Snow". not sure, but... I'll leave the deduction questions to the HPOF judges; but yes, 68 C10s could come equipped with optional equipment "On-Off Road Nylon" tires, "Rear Only". Option #s: R43 on 5.50 rim width, R64 on 5.00 rim width, R81on 5.25 rim width and RQ2 on 6.00 rim width; 7.00-15, 6.50-16, 7.00-17.5, and 8.00-16.5, respectively. What you need is factory documentation. Do a Google search for "1968 Chevrolet Trucks, Series C10" from the GM Heritage Center Archives. Actually, just "1968 Chevrolet Truck PDF" should do it.
  7. hose clamps,

    You need the Factory Assembly Manual (AIM) for your year, make and (possibly) model.
  8. Charlotte car show in April

    Take a look at these Hornets Nest Region and Charlotte Autofair websites. Our office doesn't switch over some of the web info to the April event until after the first of the year. But you can still get an idea. Working on the brochure for National right now.
  9. Front license plate bracket

    If you go to and click on Publications, you will see a tab that says Judges Guidelines. Click on that tab and download the 2017 Guidelines currently. Steve M may tell us differently, but I doubt if you can get a 2018 before Philly in Feb. Let me also recommend that you attend a Judging School. Even if you never judge, it helps to know how the judging process works when restoring and showing.
  10. Front license plate bracket

    Renwaltoys, Since this has been your only post and you have not revisited it since Oct. 20, I'm assuming you have moved on. But if you happen to come back on the forum, would you please post a picture of the front bumper area of your 65 Corvette. Also, mainly to satisfy my curiosity, how did you find out you had received this deduction? Thanks in advance. Phillip
  11. The worst of times

    Joe, Great story! Having seen your beautiful car run perfectly on tour when others were falling by the wayside, I hope you weren't too put off! I was on the other side of the clip board (actually, iPad)at Pinehurst this year. Three days before the event I was invited to be a guest judge (since a European judge could not make it) and told three possible classes I might judge. I spent most of those three days preparing. Naturally, I wound up being assigned to another class. Fortunately, the AACA Guidelines got me through it... That and having judged a similar class the year before at Hershey. Anyway, you have a beautiful car! Be proud!
  12. hpof

    Go to Under Publications, click on Judges Guidelines to download it. Look at pages 3-10 and 3-11, HPOF Certification and Original HPOF Certification forms, and decide for yourself.
  13. NC Region Fall Show, Spencer NC

    I thought the remembrances of Herb Oakes was a nice and proper addition.
  14. BEAULIEU 2017

    Very interesting! Thanks for sharing
  15. Fall Autofair Sept. 21 - 24

    Highs in the 80s, lows in the 60s. Sunny