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  1. 25 Buick first start issues

    AER is Jason Smith.
  2. Opel Manta Rally front end sheet metal.

    Pictures? That will help the most along with what you want for the part(s). You might also put in the headline for sale and also put a posting under the for sale tab.
  3. identify this hubcap?!

    The hole is for the lock.

    I would need to look at the vin# to confirm. Does it have the truck step behind the front fender?
  5. Buicks to disappear?

    Genetic promotion vs/ competency - skill - experience based promotion.
  6. Spark Plugs 38 Century

    Remember that a 46 plug is HOTTER than a 45.
  7. Buicks to disappear?

    One of the reasons for push button starts is because of the number of persons that put 5 POUNDS of stuff on their key rings and wear out the lock cylinder. That is part of the reason for the GM recall of the ignition locks cylinders. Especially younger women. I know because when I was a rep, I saw a lot of customer cars with that much stuff on the "key ring".
  8. Rotisserie wanted

    Did you try Craigslist?
  9. identify this hubcap?!

    My guess would be generic, but looks similar to GM wire covers in the 80's
  10. I D 25 x 2 1/2 wheel rim T hooks

    It is a rim for a car that has a wood felloe. the "T"s are there to keep the wood felloe from moving. Can not tell from the picture, but is it a clincher rim? If so it would probably be a pre 1917/18 vehicle.
  11. Buicks to disappear?

    I would submit that one of the reasons for Pontiac's demise in sales is that the division/corp changed the names of the models at least I think five times in about 25 years. As an example they went from a Pontiac Grand Am to a G6 and people walked away. Here is a starter list of all of the names more recently and I am not sure it has all of them. And that was just Pontiac. Remember when it appeared that every Oldsmobile had the name Cutlass attached to it? And the examples can keep going on. Total confusion on the sales floor.
  12. 1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    Here is the correct tool to remove the valve cages.
  13. 25 Buick first start issues

    I would also suggest that you attach a volt meter to see what voltage the generator is putting out. If it is more than about 7.3 +- for a 6 volt system that needs to be fixed. About 14.2 +- for a 12 volt system unless the battery is really run down and the generator is trying to get it back to full charge.
  14. Spark Plugs 38 Century

    Dave, I know that because it is not identified as from AC Flint. The place that they made sparkplugs was torn down about 10 years ago and it is now nothing but a large concrete parking lot with trees growing out of it. Just present the information to let others know when they are looking at plugs.
  15. Spark Plugs 38 Century

    Acniter not required on the plug. A 45 sparkplug may or may not have acniter, may or may not have the green rings, and still have been made by AC Spark Plug in Flint. All plugs made in Flint had them identified just above the area where the gasket is and they did not have the dots on the shell. It usually said AC Spark Plug Flint, Michigan. That identifier was "stamped" really rolled into the shell.
  16. Buicks to disappear?

    I understand the discussion on putting the name on the car, but if you are old enough to remember when Shell removed their name from the sign and only have the yellow shell on the sign. Very highly identifiable. Maybe this is just another experiment with the tri-shield to see what type of brand value the tri-shield has in the market place. Only time will tell if this is a good move. I am somewhat skeptical.
  17. Looking for dad's Buick Truck

    If you can find the number, I can tell you the model year of the truck. My 1918 truck was originally titled as a 1917 because that is when it was sold. By the VIN#, it was a very early vehicle in the model year. I would guess that it was made in Sept, 1917. I had the title corrected to a 1918 because that is what it is.
  18. Spark Plugs 38 Century

    If you look at this month's Buick Bugle, Pete Phillips wrote an article on spark plugs made by AC and their numbering system.
  19. Old Champion spark plug application

    The racing sparkplug is a colder sparkplug which would make sense because the engine is running at high rpm and torque and in that environment you need to be sure that the end of the sparkplug does not get too hot which could cause pre-ignition and possible engine failure. You can tell that it is a colder sparkplug because the tip of the insulator is very short and stubby and close to the spark plug shell that draws heat away from the tip of the sparkplug. I built a few million sparkplugs when I worked for AC Spark Plug Division.
  20. Looking for dad's Buick Truck

    From the production records, the trucks in 1922 & 1923 were all designated as a model 4SD with the 4 meaning a 4 cylinder engine and I believe SD meant Special Delivery. Buick only made 4 cylinder trucks from 1911 - 1923 and before 1910 for the Model F delivery car (+- 1908) and the 1910 Model 2A which was built off the Model F chassis. If you would want the serial/frame numbers for the 1923 trucks, I could post them for you if you want. In 1922 all the trucks were in one serial number range.
  21. Looking for dad's Buick Truck

    In 1922 they made 399 Model 4SD trucks. The serial numbers were between 832675-833074/
  22. Define replica

    I think the tire color is the same also.
  23. 1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    I believe that you are correct on the distance a horse could go in a day. My opinion would actually be closer to 25-30 miles in a day. The reason would be if you look at the distance between small towns east of the Mississippi River on old maps, most towns were about 25 miles apart. This is where the railroad would not be a factor in farmers going to town or where towns were started. That made the longest distance from a farm to town about 12-15 miles. This distance to town in the morning and the same distance in the afternoon back to the farm. Times two would be 25-30 miles for a total for both ways. West of the Mississippi River the railroad had a much larger influence in where towns were placed.
  24. 38 Century, Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement I...

    I generally prefer the gray. Regardless what color you use, be sure the surfaces are squeaky clean.

    Now I am not a NASCAR expert, but I believe that in the 80's almost everyone ran small block Chevy engines, or at least 350 ci displacement engines before being toyed with by the teams. I was living in Alabama at the time and attended the race where Bobby Allison took flight to the safety fence along with the implementation of the restrictor plates in those years. Fun times!!