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  1. Tesla Truck Purchasers to receive $75,000 from Government

    I would say that generic government spending in the right place can spread the benefits over a large amount of areas. IMO, the space program of the 60's and 70's provided a lot of benefits that we still enjoy today.
  2. Help with Early 1910's Buick Possible Restore Project

    University of Michigan.
  3. does anyone know what this stewart warner pump is

    Just making a guess, but it looks like a vacuum pump with the cylinder and piston removed.
  4. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    As for a monitor, just buy a flat panel TV and use it for a monitor. About $100.00+-. That is what I did.
  5. Computer problems with my ASUS, laptop any help?

    I would not condemn the computer for a download issue. I have an Asus laptop computer that I have had for several years. It has travelled all over the world with me and it has a good computer and I have had laptop computers since probably 1985. Lost count the number of computers that I have had because most of them were work computers and got replaced about every 2 or 3 years plus my personal computers. If I was getting a new computer, I would just go down to someplace like any one of the big box stores like Best Buy, Staples, or any of the warehouse clubs. Buy the best computer you can afford and reinstall the software that you had on the old crashed computer. Agree with SC38DLS from what I have heard about TigerDirect. Just hope that you had your records backed up. Good luck.
  6. Antique Mall Finds

  7. Happy Hanukkah

    חנוכה שמח = Happy Hanukkah
  8. 1900 Locomobile Trace Catalogue - Syracuse, NY

    True and the personnel are very helpful.
  9. Neil Young's 1953 Skylark Sold At Auction For $400,000

    Mine too. Used to play with my son, now my grandson on the same layout that my son and I played on. Ton of fun.
  10. Help with Early 1910's Buick Possible Restore Project

    AAHHHH, work at the country club. Spent some time there, but not much. Mostly in Warren the Tech Center, Old GM Building, Flint, and out in the field. If you get the car back to Michigan let me know and we can get together.
  11. 1917 or 1918??

    If you ever worked in a dealership or for an automaker there are update and corrections all of the time. The one that you have is an error. Production records trump parts books.
  12. 1917 or 1918??

    Morgan, Let me point out a couple of errors in the judging book page that you show above because it is not 100% accurate. Buick made in 1913 & 1914 trucks. They were model 3 & 4. The difference was the length of the chassis. That was the factory designation for the trucks. In 1915 Buick changed the truck designation to a model C-4. This model evolved from the Model 4 chassis with the longer chassis and was a 3/4 ton truck and according to the literature "more (weight) on smooth roads" In 1916 the Model C-4 was carried over and with the new 1916 designation as a D-4 truck. There were no trucks made in 1917. Period. In 1917 Buick did not make any trucks. Statement of fact. In 1918 Buick changed the truck size and model naming it an E-4 Light Delivery truck. This truck was a 1/2 ton truck. Buick did not make any trucks until the 1922 model year because of senior GM management and 1923 was the last year of Buick truck production. This information is not all correctly captured in the above list. If you have any questions about the accuracy of my statements above you might want to talk to the Worlds Expert on early Buick trucks. Oh, by the way that would be ME. I own three Buick trucks and my documentation trumps the judging manuals etc.
  13. Advice on a Bentley please.

    I know that he rebuilt about a 1925 Rolls Royce about a year ago.
  14. Freeway HMV

  15. Question for you experienced guys

    Mark is who looked at the car for me and met me when I finished the transaction to help load it. Thanks again.
  16. 1917 or 1918??

    Not true. No E models were made for the 1917 model year. Maybe you know more that I do, but just to let you know that my Grandpa Hawke hired into The Buick in 1914, built Liberty aircraft engines and retired from Buick. I also spent about 15 years at Buick during my career at GM and the pages that I posted are not just some typed up sheets from the 40's. They were copies of the original records from Buick documents from the 3rd floor of the old Buick headquarters on the north side of the building known as Mahogany Row because that is where all of the executive offices were. If you knew so much about this car, why did you come to the forum and ask for information on identifying the year of this car. Obviously you just want to argue for entertainment. As Kongaman said,
  17. 1917 or 1918??

    Hey, just call it what you want.
  18. 1917 or 1918??

    And here is the sheet that identifies the 1918 E-49 data. See if your numbers match this Buick official record sheet compared to the 1917 list.
  19. 1917 or 1918??

    Here are the tires sizes by model year. E-49 is only listed for 1918.
  20. 1917 or 1918??

    These records were copied from the Buick Home office in Flint. I guess that their records must be suspect? Where does the VIN# and engine # match up to the Buick official records? That will tell you what year your vehicle is. Not my opinion, just looking at the documentation from Buick.
  21. 1917 or 1918??

    Are my documents enough?
  22. 1917 or 1918??

    OK, for some of you that might have more early Buick information than I do, but listed below are the copies of the ORIGINAL factory records for 1917 Buicks. Let me know if you have any questions. You can look up your serial number to see if it is a 1917. I do not see any E vehicles for 1917.
  23. Tick-Tick-Ticking

    A wooden "yard stick" also works well. If you slip and it hits something moving it just breaks and hopefully will not hurt you.
  24. 1917 or 1918??

    Agree with Terry. My 1918 E-4 Truck was originally titled as a 1917. Looking at the Vin, it is an early truck so I sure it was titled in the fall of 1917. I eventually got the title corrected to match the truck as a 1918. Just took some documentation to the secretary of states office and showed what it should have been and they corrected it for I think about $15.00. Title now matches the model year.
  25. Help with Early 1910's Buick Possible Restore Project

    Tom, Welcome to the forum. You have come to the right place for help. As for your car, if you look on the frame rail kind of below the left front head light there should be an oval tag. On that tag there will be the number. That is the serial number of the car. We can tell you year of car by that number. As you know it is a four cylinder car and just a guess is maybe around 1915 from what I see. The picture of the engine shows that you have a stuck valve on cylinder #3. Brings up questions on condition of the rest of the engine and car that you would need to be aware of. My 1915 truck has a similar engine and I have had it out I think three times for repairs. I drive it as much as I can. Where do you work for GM and what kind of engineering work do you do? I retired from GM Product Engineering after a career at GM. You say that you are travelling to see the car. Where are you coming from and where is the car? If it is in SE Michigan there are a number of early Buick devotees that can help. PM us if you would like some help.