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  1. Number 12 Screws, Aaarrgh!

    That's new. Remember ordering a part that could have been put in an envelope for 48cents, but it was put in a box and charged like $15.00
  2. ?? Steering wheel and column

    Thanks Tinindian for the information.
  3. Saturn SC at Hershey

    The Chevette is not an orphan as it was a model under the Chevrolet Brand. My wife and I owned a Chevette in the day. Our experience was that it was not a bad car for the money. I believe that it was a design imported from Opel in Germany, the GM European brand.
  4. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    I would say that usually the best way to turn $20,000.00 into $8,000.00 is to restore a car. Now there are exceptions, but usually buying a car to restore and make money by flipping it is a loosing proposition for the non professional. That said, like art, you buy a car because you like it, want it, and want to drive it as a statement of your personality. My view is that it is an item to enjoy. As I tell my wife, I don's smoke, rarely drink, no girlfriends, no airplanes, no quad runners, no boats, no snowmobiles, no motorcycles and I do not go to any professional sports games and don't gamble. I just own a few old cars.
  5. Could someone explain these Head Lights on this Reo .

    My vote is for aftermarket.
  6. A trip back to 1903--sort of

    Neat video. Saw the picture of I think Walter Marr and Billy Durant on an early Buick in a picture shortly after the video began. They were on their Flint to Detroit and back test run if I remember correctly. That car is now in the Sloan Museum in Flint.
  7. We were going to take the truck out and give hay rides this weekend. Even bought hay, has rained ALL WEEKEND. Never was able to get the truck out.
  8. Mid 20's timing cover oil leaks

    Is there an oil slinger on the crankshaft? If so that is what is suppose to keep the majority of oil away from the front of the engine. The groove is used to work any oil back to the crankcase. If there was no seal, putting in a seal could make the engine leak A LOT more oil. Tried installing a seal in my truck and it leaked terribly. Removed the felt seal and it is almost dry. Remember that these old cars always leak. If they are not leaking oil, then there is probably something wrong. Just IMO.
  9. 1970's GM Air Compressor Leaking Oil

    Where is the oil coming from? If it is from the front seal, I believe that the front seal is a ceramic seal. If there are any voids in the seal then it would leak possibly oil and refrigerant. Also I would ask what kind / brand of seals that they are using. Just some thoughts.
  10. Need Help identifying Chrysler truck

    There was one at the RM auction in Hershey last week. It sold for $4,400.00. It was in mint type shape with a good looking paint job. Here is the link to the auction results. It is lot #177. Availability
  11. Glass jar application...

    I have the plastic replacement in the garage without a label if you would like to see it.
  12. Glass jar application...

    I know Buicks in the early 60's had them. I had one on my '63 Buick Special.
  13. 1925 Standard Saga Continues

    I am one of those persons that had the bolt break and I lost a cylinder and piston when the top of the rod broke on a tour. Needed to sleeve the cylinder and replace the rod. The good and bad of that experience is that I ended up putting aluminum pistons in the engine since it was out.
  14. 1937 Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    BonAmi was actually sold under the GM accessories with a GM part number. I recommend it for cleaning windshields, especially the extra dirty ones that keep streaking the wipers.
  15. I was out driving the old truck this weekend with Mark Shaw and also had a nice lunch with Brian Heil. Below is Joyce and I driving the truck at the Old Car Festival in Greenfield Village in Sept. We are at about 38 seconds into the video clip.
  16. What is this???

    Buick had roller lifters all the way back to 1904 I think. My 1908 2 cylinder F has roller lifters and my '15 truck has them also.
  17. Any idea what this old jack would be for?

    My guess is it is not a car related part, but maybe used on a house awning that can be adjusted to different heights.
  18. Want to buy Jaguar E splined front hubs

    John, Where are you located. I have 5 mid 60's wire wheels off a Jag XKE. PM me. Larry

    The truck is a 1929 Cut-Down Buick.
  20. FS/ 1923 Buick Model 48 parts car

    Any interest?
  21. FS/ 1923 Buick Model 48 parts car

    I have what is left of a 1923 Buick Model 48 car. Looking to sell complete car. I can deliver to Hershey. Make an offer.
  22. Please identity this hot rod

    Looks like it was a truck. Maybe a Plymouth? Just a guess.
  23. Cooling system cleaner

    Same experience.