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    Serial number tag location needed for 1918 K-45

    It is possible, but I doubt it because of the cost of building a body and then removing it would not make sense. If anything, the car was probably converted by the first or second owner. To add a truck body to a 1915 Buick chassis at time of manufacture was $75.00. I would suspect that a car body cost a lot more.
  2. Larry Schramm

    Serial number tag location needed for 1918 K-45

    Nope, Usually by necessity farmers would take out the back seats/ tub and build a truck body bed or take something from an old farm wagon. Buick made trucks on and off from 1908 to 1923 and all Buick trucks were 4 cylinder except the model 2-A from 1910 and an earlier "delivery car" also placed on a Model F chassis. If you see a "Buick truck" with a 6 cylinder engine, it is a converted car.
  3. Larry Schramm

    1917 buick d45

    I also have a NAPA serpentine belt on my truck. The only way to go IMO and others that drive their cars & trucks.
  4. Larry Schramm

    WTB 2 hood clamps to finish restoration

    If they will work, let me know but I know they are the wrong color .
  5. Larry Schramm

    1917 buick d45

    Tom, Greg Lange in Saginaw has floats. Larry
  6. Larry Schramm

    Vintage "Buicks at Service Stations" Photographs

    There is one down the street from my house.
  7. Why the BMW wheels? Also I do not remember Buick making a V12.
  8. Larry Schramm


    The Moxie vehicle is a converted car. Cute vehicle though. The white delivery truck in a couple of posts previous is from the GM Heritage Collection. It is a 1918 Model E-4. I think the picture was taken at the GM Vehicle Engineering Center in Warren.
  9. Larry Schramm

    FI Unit for 89 Suburban Fuel Consumption Upgrades

    What Buicks do you have?
  10. Larry Schramm

    1917 buick d45

    Welcome back Tom. Good to see you are back in the company of Buicks.
  11. Spent Thursday & Friday on the HCCA Lansing-Dearborn tour as part of the Old Car Festival and Saturday & Sunday at Greenfield Village. Joyce and I were one of the chase trucks for the tour but drove the '15 truck around the village some. The gray building behind the truck is the Edison Laboratory and the brick building is the machine shop.
  12. Larry Schramm

    1958 Caballero

    I was over to Joe's house today and the car is truly spectacular. It should be at OKC next year from what the current plan is.
  13. Larry Schramm

    How to determine a fair offer for a 53 pickup

    I would probably have left my number with the seller and let him know a price that I was comfortable with, and if he did not sell it for his price and got to my price to give me a call. Never know. I have gotten a couple of vehicles that way. Just wish him well in trying to get his price and be nice.
  14. Larry Schramm

    FI Unit for 89 Suburban Fuel Consumption Upgrades

    11MPG for a 3/4 ton truck is about normal for that vehicle. Very true if is has a big block engine in it. Friends that have that truck like you say it is bullet proof, is a great stump puller and always gets 11MPG. Not sure I would try to put FI on the vehicle since you have said Newer vehicles similar to yours do not get much better fuel economy from what I have been told. They are designed to work and tow big trailers.
  15. Larry Schramm

    1919 Buick Roadster

    Normally about .008 - .010 inches.
  16. Wonder who the VIP BCA folks are. I tried to make reservations a several weeks ago and nothing and I am a Marriott Platinum Elite lifetime member. And I am on the board. Guess I will be bunking somewhere else. Let me know where some of the rest of you are and I will try there.
  17. Larry Schramm

    this is my opel! show yours!

    Very nice looking car.
  18. Larry Schramm

    1917-20 (?) Steering Wheel FS

    Maybe as a reference point what the old steering wheels are worth. About $25.00 Average.
  19. Larry Schramm

    Finishing my Buick Shop

    Joel, Fantastic work on the shop and the table.
  20. Larry Schramm

    Valve Cage Removal

    50:50 acetone & automatic transmission fluid is better.
  21. Larry Schramm

    Seat belts

    There is a long write up on seat belts on this forum from a couple of years back. It has a lot of information including pictures of the types of fasteners , etc.. that you can/ should use. There are some companies that sell retro fit kits.
  22. Larry Schramm

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Willis, A couple of items. When was the last time you went to a national meet? Did I meet you and did we talk? Being one of the persons that Mr. Gerstkamper will not work with (on the record) and I have never talked to him let me state again my opinion on judging. I am not against judging and do it if it knocks your socks off. If you want to spend $100,000.00 on a $25,000.00 car or some other amount on your car, please do. It is your money and you can do what you want to do with it. I am no one to tell you how to spend your money. Not my business. I like looking at the well restored car but by design of putting judging as a priority for the car meets the BCA is pricing out the younger people that might not have the means( time& money) to spend a lot on a car. If they even have a hobby car they are really in the minority. We should welcome them with open arms even if their Buick is not in great shape and help them succeed to where they want to be in the hobby. I have heard people with the judged cars ask why that POS is next to theirs. Ya think that is welcoming. We should be engaging them in conversation and helping them any way we can even if it is giving them a less than perfect part that we replaced but is better than the one on their car to repair tips, connections with others or leads to help them. I just helped a couple of persons this last week on their vehicles because I am known to be helpful in the prewar and other groups. I get calls all of the time and I answer my phone if I hear it. If not, I return all calls. Because I was on the Reatta launch when it was launched for the '88 model year I have also helped persons in the Reatta group. No big deal, just trying to help the club and hobby. Currently the member number assigned to a new person is about 49,800 if I have been told right. We currently have about 6,800 members. Where have the other 42,000 persons gone? I doubt that they have all passed to drive the great open road in the next life. With that kind of attrition by any normal measurement tool it just seems that something not right and is not being in an effective manner to grow the club. One way to look at it is if the club has been around for just over 50 years, dividing the 42,000 by 50, we have been losing something north of 800 members a year.
  23. Larry Schramm

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    The laissez-faire somewhat informal operation of the prewar group is the way the current members like it. We communicate between each other and on the forum. We also have meetings twice a year. Most of us are, because of age of our cars are looking for help with advice and parts. This forum has been the preferred method of communication. Our standard operating procedure for us and our cars has been: DRIVE IT, BREAK IT, FIX IT, REPEAT. If we get stuck on advice, parts, or moving stuff across the country we come to the forum or one of the at least four persons (three board members, read the board minutes) that Mr. Gerstkamper said that he would not work with. Just in the last few months I have facilitated the moving of a frame from the west coast to the east coast, a Reatta from Georgia to Canada, and a '29 Buick from Michigan to Florida. This is the way we work as a group. If you really want to talk about having a meeting, then we do have at least TWO MEETINGS A YEAR. The first one occurs in Chickasha, OK in March every year at the Pre-war swap meet in March. This is usually documented in The Bugle showing all in attendance. We usually have about twenty persons. The second occurs every October at Hershey where we meet at Steve Hammatt's booth. NOTE: I got an email after my posting above correcting me that we really have three meetings a year. The third is at the National Meet where in Brookfield we had a tail gate party off the back of my truck with watermelon and other beverages. I can provide pictures f that if anyone would like confirmation.
  24. Larry Schramm

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    A note went out to all of the pre-war members by Mark Shaw. He asked if anyone wanted to succeed him as the division leader. No one raised their hand so he continued. Fact, not conjecture. Dave Ebert has been the "webmaster" handling some of the administrative activities. If you were to ask anyone who is the prewar leader, Mark would be about the only name given. He has been the banner carrier for as long as I can remember. My position as owning four prewar (brass& nickel) cars and Mark owning about 1/2 dozen.
  25. Larry Schramm

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    And I would add that the response was overwhelming positive. By having the cars parked together by year the owners were able to swap stories and help each other with questions and problems without walking all over a show field. I think there were twelve 1929 all together and I heard lots of positive comments that individuals were able to compare the vehicles side by side. One of the comments made numerous times was all of the different wheels that were on the cars. Would not recognize that unless the cars were together.