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    Switch purpose and identity

    I think the Maxwell noted above is a 1918? Did not know about the rivet history going back that far.
  2. Larry Schramm

    Switch purpose and identity

    I would agree that the switch you show is not original unless is has been repurposed. I am quite confident that "pop" or blind rivets were not used in that time period.
  3. Larry Schramm

    New Image upload size

    80 gig to 300 gig? I just bought a 2 terabyte external hard drive for $65.00 at MicroCenter last week. 300 gigabytes = .3 terabytes.
  4. Larry Schramm

    Buick Select 60 program

    The Select 60 dealers were the largest dealers in the country by sales with maybe some customer satisfaction factored into the sauce. When I was a rep in the 80's in Alabama I had three select 60 dealers. They were the largest dealers in the state. During those years Buick made a special run of vehicles for those dealers with special identification plates with their names on the dashes usually. The cars were usually the new model as it came out to the public, but not always. An example of special badging would be on the Reatta. It had a special hood emblem that said Select 60, not the standard Reatta emblem on the hood. The dealers in the program also got special access to Buick management and had meetings with managers I think at the national new car announcement shows. Forgot other details of the program, this is just what I remember. Some details might not be 100% accurate as that is +- 30 years ago.
  5. Larry Schramm

    Loosing another piece of Buick history

    I was involved in donating cars to the schools in the day including Reattas. This is the problem as I see it and I AM NOT AN ATTORNEY, but. The car was given to the school for training purposes. The reason that it was donated is because it probably has non production approved parts on the vehicle. These parts may have been made to test design and operation and did not go through the PPAP process. In a training environment the students can take the car apart and reassemble it and not have any liability to fitness on the road while driving. Worst case a part might be damaged beyond repair. So what, the car will never be on the road. In todays legal environment if the car would be in an accident the attorneys would be involved and even though GM would be involved, the actual responsibility for the car would go back to the school or current location that the car would be on loan to. A large potential liability from my view. That is why I think the contract for donation would require the car to be crushed if it is not being used for training any more. As for changing VIN tags, we all know that it is a felony to swap tags, at least in Michigan. Not an attorney, but just my thought process.
  6. Larry Schramm

    Now I can Throw away the Crowbar

    You need to remember that this was printed about 1920. A decade before Nazi Germany came to power.
  7. Larry Schramm

    Now I can Throw away the Crowbar

    Here ya go.
  8. Larry Schramm

    Buick Heritage Alliance Orders

    What manual specifically were you looking for? There are some of us that have quite a few pieces of literature laying around.
  9. Larry Schramm

    Now I can Throw away the Crowbar

    Rod, I have one also and it is the best. I think it is one of the most traveled tools that I own. Bought if from someone in Australia, to me in Michigan. It has been loaned out to Washington state on the left coast to the east coast and even Brian Heil has used it who lives about 30 miles north of me. Great buy and congratulations on your purchase. PS, did you get the round disk like a washer with it? If not I can post a picture of it.
  10. Larry Schramm

    Repair Shop Recommendations

    What do you need to have done? Do you belong to the Buick Club? Members in your area would be a good source of help.
  11. Roger, Your work is incredible. I wish I had the skills to do what you are doing on your model to do on my full size cars.
  12. Larry Schramm

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    40 PSI is not enough. Should be in the 60 psi range. Need to change the pump.
  13. Larry Schramm

    1912 Buick Model 35 Touring

    Great looking car. Would love to have it in my collection.
  14. Larry Schramm

    No Heat Blowing 1962 Cadillac

    I think there is a resistor block that is used to change the speeds on the blower motor. Probably bad. Should look something like this. Look under the hood around the blower housing.
  15. Larry Schramm

    Enclosed towing wanted June 2018

    Not including tolls, and other expenses.
  16. Larry Schramm

    starter -generator manual DELCO D-44 -45 - 46- 47-

    Manual for the 1916 & 1917 Buick 6 cylinder cars.
  17. Larry Schramm

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    If you put a fuel pressure gauge on the rail first and then turn the key to the on position, while it is running for the 6 seconds it will make enough pressure to tell you if it is good or bad. It must build pressure immediately so the car will start quickly. If it does not start quickly, the starter will just keep running for a while and then you have more problems.
  18. Larry Schramm

    89 Firebird V6 doesn´t start anymore

    How many miles/kilometers are on the car? If it is in the 135,000 miles/ 200,000 kilometers, good chance it is a fuel pump. Fairly typical. The best way to check fuel pressure is to just turn the key to the on position, radio and everything off and if you listen carefully you should hear the electric fuel pump run for about 6 seconds and then turn off. If you do not hear this, bad pump. If you hear this then you need to check the fuel pressure. Under the hood there is a Schrader valve connection to the fuel rail like a tire stem. You will need to put a gauge on that to read the pressure in the fuel rail. I am guessing that it is a port fuel injected engine. If it is a port fuel the fuel pressure must be at least about 45 psi/ 300 KPA. Ideally it should be about 60 PSI / 400 KPA. If you do not have these readings, then it is time to put a new fuel pump in the tank.
  19. Larry Schramm

    Ford is all but getting out of the Car Business

    Only selling trucks depends on what you consider a car or truck. In todays over regulated world, many of the vehicles that we might consider cars are really classified as trucks. Think of many of the crossover vehicles that look like an old "station wagon". Many of those are now classified as trucks for federal fuel economy ranking. In reality there is a large blurred line between cars and trucks especially in the mind of the consumer. As for fuel economy, I like my '07 Silverado which averages about 16mpg. A couple more in the summer and 1 or 2 less in the winter. Have no plans on buying any more cars.
  20. Larry Schramm

    A few Caddys, 1918 Buick, & several others

    Any contact information?
  21. Did you try googling the vin# ? I have heard that sometimes you might get lucky.
  22. Larry Schramm

    Demountable Rim Bolt for Buick or Marquette

    Is this what you are looking for? Threads are not perfect, but still good.
  23. Larry Schramm

    Thoughts on Brake Linings

    The brake material is shorter on the one shoe to keep the brakes from grabbing and give a more uniform friction force from the leading / trailing shoes as applied to the brake drum. I have heard that this was pioneered in the 1924 French Grand Prix by the Dusenberg race team as they were the only team that had hydraulic brakes on their cars. They also won that race which was the first American team to win that race.
  24. Larry Schramm

    BCA 2018 Denver Meet Prewar Buick Parking

    Let me see if I get this long discussion right. If you own a car that was built 1941 and BEFORE you are invited to park your car with the Pre-War Division group who will be parked in chronological order. Anyone that fits that criteria can park in that area. Rumor is that there are about 50 spaces available for this group. If you fit the pre 1942 group you are not required to park anywhere else even if you want your car judged. This includes modified, driven, HVOP,or any other category. Park with the prewar group if you want to park with the same age car and owners as yours. This chronological order parking is about getting to know other owners with the same vehicle you have and develop new friendships, contacts, and network to keep our similar age cars on the road being driven. You might find someone that has had the same issue as you have with your car and they can be a great help. If you park with the pre war group your car can still be judged. What's the issue?? From my perspective it is very simple.