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  1. Payment for parts,shipping,Paypal, problems??

    Same experience with ebay and paypal. Sold some sensors to a buyer and they were perfectly described as NOS. Buyer claimed the description was not correct because they were not CURRENT design. ebay/paypal took the money back and the buyer kept the merchandise. I could not even defend myself and I got a bad rating. Since then I do not sell anything on ebay. Period.
  2. Great-Great-Grandpa's Car - What model?

    Zach, Would send you pictures of it, but I am redoing it and it currently is a 1,000 ++ piece 3D puzzle. Currently there are pieces in at least four locations and soon to be in two states.
  3. Great-Great-Grandpa's Car - What model?

    I agree on it being a '09 or'10 Model F. I have an '08 and it has only one lever. Also true on work of mouth sale for these cars. That is how I got mine.
  4. Questions about an old car

    Looks like a modern/ updated Amphicar.
  5. AC K10 spark plug --- modern equivalent

    Having made millions of them while going to school, I would like to see the testing and failure mode. Also would like to know what the definition of "failure" is. Does not sound even closely real. Maybe 1 in several thousand plugs, but not 75% failure rate. Baloney.
  6. I drove the '15 truck to downtown Flint for the Back to the Bricks car show. The show took up all of downtown Flint and then some. The picture is of our truck in front of the GM Factory One today with other Buicks from the Buick club. Here is the website for the building.
  7. If It Ain't One Thing It's Another - '39 Fuel Pump

    Standard practice. Drive it, break it, fix it, repeat.
  8. Airplanes

    Here is the site:
  9. 1926 Studebaker President front brake shoes

    Will the recent aggressive enforcement of asbestos coming into Australia have any affect on getting shoes from overseas? Wish I could help, but not a Studebaker guy.
  10. Henry Ford?

    Should be The Henry Ford/ Greenfield Village. I don't remember seeing that there but will look for it when I am there for The Old Car Festival the second weekend of September.
  11. Questions about an old car

    I hope to be one of them to tour when I can get my 1,000+ piece three dimensional puzzle put together. I keep telling my wife that it is a 1908 Buick and she just says OK and smiles. The reason I bought it is because I have friends that own pre '10 cars had have gone with them on tours. Fun group.
  12. Here is a video clip about showing big trucks at the Back to The Bricks in Flint this weekend. I like the part about bringing your own man cave with you.
  13. Off the vehicle spin balance is my preference. The reason is that if the tire is ever taken off the trailer it would need to be re-installed in the exact position or you would have an out of balance condition. On vehicle balancing works only if the tire is never taken off the vehicle. Tough if you rotate tires. Every rotate would require a rebalance of all wheels.

    Here is the picture from the Sunday Detroit Free Press.
  15. AC K10 spark plug --- modern equivalent

    Looks like a modern AC-45. Would need to see the insulator tip to be sure.
  16. compression results and spark plugs

    I had the same thing on my truck. I drained out all of the water, put in 4 gallons of regular household bleach and drove it about 6 hot/cold cycles on a hot Saturday. Drained all of the remaining bleach out of the engine and flushed real well with water for at least a 1/2 hour and filled it back up. Never had an overheating problem since.
  17. Cars That Made America

    I also have the DVD and have watched it several times. The other Larry
  18. I always have my trailer tires balanced. I do not want an unbalanced tire(s) to shake the trailer suspension apart along with the trailer and load.
  19. Square hole in garage floor

    The last time they were digging for him was a couple of years ago about 2 miles north of my house.
  20. Colored Pre-War Photos

    WOW, great pictures.
  21. 1950 FORD Truck TAG Decoding HELP

    As for the HP, would it possibly be the Highland Park Plant? Does any one know if any automobile / truck production was done there during or after WWII? What I have read no, but never know.
  22. Cars That Made America

    Some of the information on Buick & GM was off base. The disappointing thing is that they had Larry Gustin as one of the commentators on the show. I know Larry and he is probably one of the most knowledgeable if not the most knowledgeable people on early Buick & GM history, bar none. He was with them and they did not fact check information with him. I also thought that the show shortchanged Durant and his vision in building GM. It was Ford, Chrysler, GM, not Durant at GM.
  23. 1913 REO

    Buy first and ask for forgiveness later. You can always find lights sometime over the next 10 years but the car only comes around for you to buy rarely.
  24. Things to restore/fix up for young mechanic

    Come around my neighborhood on trash day. This week when riding around the neighborhood saw a lawnmower and a weed eater sitting at the curb.
  25. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    Nice obit.