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  1. Tried that but there was not enough room for it to work. The bottom of the cylinders on my truck have the taper, but with new rings they stuck out too far to be compressed with the taper. That is why I said that it was a two person job in my earlier post. Needed to work around the ring to get it up in the cylinder while the other person was keeping pressure on the piston.
  2. If you would like to get correct seat belt anchors like this, You can look here: Or here:
  3. And a second welcome.
  4. Going from 35 year memory, but look close at the lens for the speedometer about where the flag came up. Is there a small hole in the are? If there is, then take a small wire and push through the hole. The flag should reset. (that was one style in the day if I remember) If not look under the dash and see if there is a knob coming down from the cluster.
  5. It would be best to put it in your profile so when we meet you at the dinners, forum meeting, and pre-war activities we will be able to put a name with a face. Welcome to the pre-war world.
  6. Ted, You do not need to hide behind some abbreviation. We really are a bunch of friendly people here. Also, We would like to know where you are located.
  7. I would say 1916 or '17 Buick D-45 6 cylinder
  8. If you want to see how the Reattas were built at the factory, Go to the Sloan Museum in Flint. I was on the original launch team as a Buick Field Service Engineer and my slide presentation is now at the Sloan Museum in Flint. Might be able to go there and view the slides.
  9. The last time that I did this task I had a second person help push the piston up in the cylinder while putting the rings in position to slide into the cylinder.
  10. Not too far away. Good to hear that you have it running well.
  11. Not true. Has to do with the materials that were put on the car. Later cars might have not had some of the materials put on the body after the ELPO dip like primer surfacer, quality of the "system" application, or not yet ELPO dipped at all because it might not have been started yet in that plant. The quality of the paint job is all in the preparation work prior to the paint going on the body. This is true for OEM just like it is for after market repairs. 80% of the paint job is in the prep.
  12. Having had a bunch of Reattas as company cars (lost count) and I can say that they were among my favorite and the best road cars that I drove. The most fun cars that I drove were '84/'85 Skylarks T-Type with high output engine, 4 speed transmission and every option you could order. The Reatta is very comfortable with lots of leg room. I really liked them and would like to have one now, BUT.....I just do not have room to add any more modern vehicles to my stable of vehicles. I am pretty much out of room for any more cars. On the technology in the cars, the cars have a few idiocyricies that are fairly common. There is a lot of information out there to help you be able to keep your car running. The Reatta group below are very helpful.
  13. Old Grand National?
  14. I have one of those assembled and one still in the sheet unassembled.
  15. If you can, post a picture of what you are looking for.
  16. If you are going to Milwaukee this year, look me up and I will give you a ride. Joyce and I took the truck out for a short ride today. Try this link.
  17. Joyce and I took the truck out for a short ride today. Try this link.
  18. Probably not because it is missing the rubber tire on the left rear.
  19. Do not recognize the first picture, but have been to see the painting in the second picture twice. Once when is was on the side wall in the gallery years ago and more recently when it was placed on a wall of it's own in the middle of that particular gallery. What was suprising was the size of the picture. You would thing the picture was 15"X20" from all of the pictures you see, but it is really only about 8 1/2" x 11". The size of a piece of standard office paper.
  20. Joyce and I took the truck out for a short ride today. Try this link.
  21. I like Steve was a service rep in the early 80's and EVERYONE/ every manufacturer had PAINT PROBLEMS with silver and the light metalic blue! It did not matter where the cars were built, in the US, Europe, Asia they all had the paint come off. From my understanding the paint at the time was being reformulated for emission reductions at at the plant. I was told that one change was the amount of ultra violet protection that was added to the paint(or lack of it). The lack of UV is what caused the paint to come off quickly. Think of it in this perspective of no sun block for you = sunburn. Same for the paint, no UV protection, paint stops adhering like your skin peeling from sunburn. For the delaminating issue, the farther south you were the quicker the paint would come off unless you were at high elevations (Denver,etc.) and the paint would delaminate like the deep south and Florida. Remember that paint is just a very specialized glue that does not bond two items together but bonds to one surface and has a good fininsh on the other side.
  22. I only use ebay as last stop to find something and have stopped selling because the last time I sold something, the buyer received it as described but said that is was not correctly described. I said that it was NOS which it was and they complained that it was not the current part number part. Oviously the seller wanted something different or had an application that the part would not work and LIED ON THE COMPLAINT form. ebay took the money out of my account and gave it back to the buyer and the BUYER KEPT THE PARTS! On top of that I got a bad rating from the theif buyer that I could not even defend myself from the theif.
  23. I've got to clean out my shop as I have a '29 to fix next week and then put a car together with a trailer of parts after that.
  24. I will be traveling from the Detroit area to Reno via I-80 the end of May with an enclosed trailer. Let me know if you need something moved. I will be returning back to Detroit the same week and will have some room for parts if needed to be moved.
  25. IMO, the cheapest oil today is better than the best oil when the cars were built especially the prewar vehicles. That said, I use Shell Rotella in my old trucks.