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  1. CarlLaFong

    Unsung inventors

    As I said, old urban myth. The Ancestry website, which contains millions of records, lists no one named Charles Moncky. Not in Baltimore, not anywhere in the world. Everyone knows it was invented by Chester Crescent, first cousin of Asa Hammer who, oddly enough, invented the screwdriver
  2. CarlLaFong

    Unsung inventors

    Old urban myth
  3. CarlLaFong

    looking brace / jumpers drive shaft buick 69

    In France?!?!?
  4. CarlLaFong

    Car Logo Quiz...

    45. I stupidly missed Nissan and SAAB, both of which I knew but had brain fade
  5. CarlLaFong

    Muntz Jet serial number location?

    That's a Playboy, not a Muntz
  6. CarlLaFong

    Why? Why?

    Hope he means "Bose". "Boss" are swap meet quality stereos. I had one in my RV. Pretty cheesy
  7. CarlLaFong

    Bliss Surrey License& Title

    Of all the CDO replicars, Bliss nailed it. Perfect proportions and my favorite running gear, Cushman Husky
  8. CarlLaFong

    This must have been in my car a really long time.

    Little known trivia. All Lincoln pennies have VDB on them, not just the 1909 S. Look under Abe's shoulder
  9. CarlLaFong

    Rarity ? Pure sales talk?

    He's a railroad man and gets up very early in the morning
  10. CarlLaFong

    Rarity ? Pure sales talk?

    I love the ads that state, "Documented Survivor!!! Only one in existence!!!", and there are two more in the same page listing
  11. CarlLaFong

    Rarity ? Pure sales talk?

    55-57 Chevys are not rare, yet they command big bucks. Yugos are rare, yet you can barely give one away
  12. CarlLaFong

    Million $$$$ Beetle

    Seems a tad high but, with the EZ Payment Plan, it's a mere $10,151 a month
  13. CarlLaFong

    Fenders...maybe MG?

    Joseph Lucas, the inventor of the push starter
  14. CarlLaFong

    WWII Jeeps

    I'm not a Jeep guy, but 2 of them with extra bodies seems like a bargain at that price, unless they are really rough
  15. CarlLaFong

    Need help identifying a chassis

    You might want to add photo posting to your skill set. It does come in handy. I'm nearly 71 and can do it. So can you