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  1. Are you sure that you have removed all of the fasteners that hold the exhaust system on?? I've removed a lot of M/C exhausts and never had a problem with them sticking or seizing in the ports, I have to wonder why you chose this site to ask that question??????????????
  2. Help Identifying These Antique Metal Wheels

    Also, they seem to have adjustable spokes. What size are they? Maybe a racing sulky?
  3. What is it?

    I would guess KD also, based upon a hundreds of Nicks KD posts or referrences
  4. Does anyone know what this is?

    Shoebox Ford door panel trim, I think
  5. I spotted this in the parking lot.
  6. What car used this wood steering wheel

    Correct, but that particular wheel is for a T
  7. 1931 LaSalle

  8. JJ

    Here on the left coast, also
  9. JJ

    Still can't get on Ford Barn
  10. JJ

    Looks like The Jockey Journal crashed, or something. No JJ, HAMB or Ford Barn
  11. My guess is, he has a 1959 Cadillac
  12. Model T era tool clamp. what is it?

    Battery cable puller???
  13. Museums where you can drive classics?

    Automobile Driving Museum in El Segundo, CA
  14. What is "Low Mileage"?

    I would imagine a 3220 ci engine would pull quite effortlessly