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  1. Just for grins, I spent an entire 3 minutes of my life searching the web. Kal Tires in Toronto will sell the LT tires that GregLar mentioned for 150 bucks each, Canadian
  2. 2 Grand for tires?!?!? Canada isn't North Korea. You have tire dealers there, just like we have south of you. Nobody has, or can order a set of 600-16s or the tire that GregLar suggested?? My tire store has ordered oddball tires for me and they didn't charge for shipping. 4 new tires shouldn't set you back more than 500 bucks US
  3. Are we talking about changing the rims or the entire wheel??
  4. I see one Ford tool. The broken wrench probably has scrap value. The rest , maybe a bit more
  5. Cemetery, not "cemetary" Cemetery, not "cemetary"
  6. Overdrive
  7. I believe the myth, that the Stude V-8 was a copy of the Cadillac design, has been pretty well debunked
  8. The first engine is a Stude
  9. Clean interior??? I guess that means it was vacuumed. The big rip in the driver's side seat back was the first thing I saw. I wonder whats under that blanket?
  10. That tiny bulb says, to me, that it isn't a tail light. Maybe a roof mounted clearance light???
  11. The lower reveal seems to be missing on the mystery car
  12. When did you go into the spamming business??
  13. Not Ford
  14. The government spies on you through the CONELRAD frequency