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  1. Packard Ornament but What Year?

    That's a pretty cheezy looking mascot. Lots of flashing left on before plating, poor detail. Whitney or Western Auto. Certainly not a Donut Chaser
  2. Front brakes Locked up on mgb

    We always told our customers to use Girling fluid only. Other fluids could and did ruin the rubber parts in the system
  3. Cadillac flower truck?

    How did they back them up???
  4. Convert slides to digital?

    Sometimes, the lo tech methods are the best. I have all of my family's 8mm home movies. I made a "telecine" to convert them to digital. Works just fine.
  5. Cadillac flower truck?

    Agreed. As a former mortician, I am certain that car was never a flower car. As the pic, above, shows, they were much more elegant and well designed. The car seems to be a fairly well built, pickup truck. Possibly a dealership body shop converted a damaged car into a shop truck
  6. What kind of truck is this?

    We had Divcos in SoCal
  7. Stewart Warner Horn

    I need some parts for my Model A Ford S/W horn. All my tin is in excellent shape, but the motor is shot. Anyone have a good motor or armature?
  8. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    It isn't as if they keep a stock of the good USA stuff for warranty purposes. You get what they have. Sometimes the "kid behind the counter" can be a bonus. I busted a tool a few years ago, before Craftsman became Crapsman. I went through all my stuff to see if I had any other tools that I could turn in. A the bottom of one drawer was an ancient Craftsman hacksaw. The kind with three notches in the frame to accommodate different length blades and a wing nut to set the tension. The plastic handle had broken off. The "kid" looks at it and says he'll be right back. After, what seemed like 20 minutes, he comes back and says the this is all they have and hands me a 30 dollar, lever action, magnesium handled USA Craftsman Pro hacksaw. I sorta look it over, sneer a little and say, "I guess this will do." I slowly walked to the exit and sprinted to the truck
  9. Mulling over a barn find

    I think it was Roger Penske that did the one in the magazines. Of course, it was a meticulous job
  10. WANTED Ford V8 Flathead 136 60hp motor

    I'm a bit slow on the uptake sometimes
  11. WANTED Ford V8 Flathead 136 60hp motor

    None of the stuff that you have listed is V-60. The V-8 60 is a whole nother animal
  12. Selling titles

    Everyone goes "Wink Wink" whenever these "historical documents" are offered for sale, "suitable for framing". When someone posts that they need a title for a 37 Chevy pickup or a 28 Ford Tudor, what are the chances that it is for the wall in the ol' man cave? I would guess somewhere around .00001%
  13. WANTED Ford V8 Flathead 136 60hp motor

    You're over two years late to the prom
  14. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    For the average guy at home, those HF toolboxes are a hell of a good deal. Maybe not Snap-On quality, but at least as good, if not better, than the Crapsman stuff, being peddled by Sears these days. Each time I'm at HF, I almost pull the trigger. I do try to avoid HF except for things that I know will be OK. I needed a wobble extension the other day, to work on the rear main on my Model A. I got a set of 9 at HF for 19 bucks. What the heck, they're extensions. I have some cheepo Pacific Rim extensions in my box and have never broken one
  15. Mulling over a barn find

    I would guess the manifold, carb and, if I remember correctly, the FI had a different distributor. Possibly a fuel pump, too. The distributor may be a non issue but, if not, it's a generic AC/Delco unit. The carb would be whatever the Olds came with, probably a Q-Jet. I would source all of the correct Olds parts, get it running, be sure it has a factory air cleaner, ect., and take it to the smog guy. Who knows, it might just pass without a bunch of funny business. You have nothing to loose. First, try to fire it up, as is. You might hit the lottery