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  1. Clean interior??? I guess that means it was vacuumed. The big rip in the driver's side seat back was the first thing I saw. I wonder whats under that blanket?
  2. That tiny bulb says, to me, that it isn't a tail light. Maybe a roof mounted clearance light???
  3. The lower reveal seems to be missing on the mystery car
  4. When did you go into the spamming business??
  5. Not Ford
  6. The government spies on you through the CONELRAD frequency
  7. About a 1910 Brush
  8. Those crossed the border a long time ago. Someone call ICE
  9. If it has a curved windshield, it is a sedan delivery. The 51 AD had flat glass
  10. Since his reserve is set at 100K ( the price of an S Class) it will never sell or reach reserve. My guess is, this is a ploy. Put it on eBay. Run it up to near reserve by use of shills. Let the auction run it's course with a no sale. Do this once, maybe twice and then re run the auction at a much lower reserve. Suckers will see this and see an opportunity to buy a car that didn't sell, previously, for 50K. They will get a bargain at 45K, or so they think, for a rare and valuable classic Benz. I may bid on it, myself. It will look great, in my museum, parked next to the Model T Opera Car and the Tucker Convertible
  11. Model T
  12. I have two of them. Never turned back.Of course, one only has 6K on it
  13. Well, a new S Class Mercedes starts at almost 100K. This guy is a serious dreamer. It has been bid up to what it might be worth as a novelty car or a parts car. I really doubt that it will go a whole lot higher. There may be shill bidders involved as well. All anyone has to do is Google "1919 Benz" to see that there isn't the slightest resemblance to any actual car from that era. I wonder if he bought it, thinking it is real?
  14. There is a two part article in SIA about the E-1 Cord and it's restoration. It is fascinating and amazing. The car was dismantled and it's major components were scattered to the wind. One by one, the parts were located and the car was brought back from the grave