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  1. what do i do

    ^^^^^^What he said
  2. Great-Great-Grandpa's Car - What model?

    The lamps on grandpa's car are, certainly, OEM. The restored car may have lamps that were "close enough" or, perhaps, Buick might have used different lamps when one style was not available that day.
  3. New here- 1st Post: what is it

    The three large holes are for coolant. How would fuel get from those holes to the other side of the engine and under the valve????
  4. Henry Ford?

    H He played Ford in a movie. The first engine Henry built was a dead ringer for a vertical shaft Briggs, according to the flick. The kissing scene, with his paramour, was especially creepy
  5. Henry Ford?

    I think it's Henry's hat. Other than that, not a Ford in either case
  6. Those aren't demountables. They're drop center
  7. What's your thought ?

    Well, yes, I will not be doing that again. I tend to learn from my mistakes. Aversion therapy works quite effectively
  8. What's your thought ?

    Well digger, you keep digging a deeper hole for yourself. Since you have, tacitly, called me a liar, I will do the "decent" thing(???) and relay the chain of events that led to my near demise. I ride a V8 motorcycle. Why, is my business. Due to a badly leaking Quadrajet carburetor, I managed to hydrolock the engine. This FACT is documented, with photos on my blog, should your inquiring mind require further proof. In an effort to clear the cylinders, I pulled the plugs. Standing astride the bike I hit the starter button. I failed to disconnect the hot lead to the distributor. The gas was blown through the plugholes and the dangling high tension leads were close enough to the block to allow spark. Three feet of flame shot out of the sides of the bike and soaked my jeans with burning gasoline. Fortunately, for me, I had a blanket that I had used to lay on when I was working under the bike. I wrapped myself up and doused the flames. I just had some minor first degree burns and a few melted parts on the bike. I'm sorry that I didn't save the jeans so your CSI team could examine them to verify my story. As an aside, I ended up with a bent rod and had to dismantle the bike and the engine to replace it. This is also documented, also with photos. Here's is how someone with a functioning brain siphons gas. Stick the hose in the donor tank. Stick the other end in the gas can. Stick your blow gun in the donor tank filler. Tightly wrap a rag around the blow gun, siphon hose and the filler neck. Squeeze the blow gun a few times and gas will flow. Simple science and no gasoline cocktail
  9. New here- 1st Post: what is it

    If those are intake and exhaust valves, then having a head with integral intake manifold is impossible. The valve has to be in between the carb and the cylinder. I have stared at the proposed valve and port diagram and it seems equally impossible. How do the runners pass by each other in the limited amount of space available? They would have to be half an inch in diameter to allow for coolant flow and to eliminate thin spots that would crack and allow exhaust in the inlets and vice versa. They certainly can't intersect each other. Very odd
  10. What's your thought ?

    I don't know what living in California has to do with the idiotic idea of rigging up the contraption that you have recommended. My original post would lead someone, with a modicum of reading comprehension, to see that I am concerned with safety. Nowhere was the topic, of moving gasoline from one container to another, broached. BTW, all of my vehicles run on gasoline or Diesel. I will admit that I use the crazy, California method of putting fuel in them. We have these places here that we call gas stations. We give the guy a number of fun tickets and, magically, fuel issues forth from the pump at the island. No wacky flame throwers needed. In the rare event that I have to transfer fuel from one vehicle or implement to another, I find that a good old siphon hose still works. Because of an incident, in my shop, several years ago where I set myself on fire from the waist down, I do have a bit more respect for flammables. You may continue to use your device as you please. See you on the 5 o'clock news
  11. What's your thought ?

    So, you're pretty much building a flame thrower. No thanks
  12. What's your thought ?

    How do you suck with an air compressor???? Mine blows
  13. Rickenbacker Club Is Alive & Well

    Is James B. W. Bevis a charter member??
  14. eBay sale - 1970 Ford Maverick 21,000 miles original!

    No Puddy?!?!?
  15. Looking In All The Wrong Places

    All he needed was a time machine so he could have watched these YouTube videos, as Al Gore had not invented the internet in 1975, so yes, I can also guarantee that he didn't watch any DIY videos. You can spray all of the caustic goop on your car that pleases you. I will err on the side of discretion.