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  1. CarlLaFong

    Advice on repairing paint chips

    Looks like there may be an adhesion issue
  2. CarlLaFong

    Shortened 56 Two Ten

    Lop off the roof and you would have a pretty nice Thunderbird rival
  3. CarlLaFong

    Is this car worth something.

    The fenders are on. They would show when the hood up
  4. CarlLaFong

    Braking Distance

    If the impact is severe enough to snap off the cow's legs, then you'd have ground beef
  5. CarlLaFong

    1935 or 1937 Dodge Brothers Truck

    Looks like it has a later Plymouth engine
  6. CarlLaFong

    Stude to El Camino marriage

    About 20 years ago, there was a Studemino that belonged to a wrecking yard in the San Fernando Valley. It had a Hawk front clip. It was well done and seamless looking. It could have been a factory offering if you didn't know better. The early bullet nose on the late EL Camino looks a bit anachronistic to me
  7. CarlLaFong

    56 dynaflow to 54 264 engine

    Crankshaft WILL be a problem
  8. CarlLaFong

    After market sunroofs and what did you put one in ?

    I put one in my 72 Datsun pickup. Turned it into an inferno in the summer. I cut a hunk of foam rubber to fit in the opening to keep the heat out. It was nice on summer evenings
  9. CarlLaFong

    Any test pilots on this forum???

    The numbers are stamped on the floor pan, under the rear seat, on all the early Bugs
  10. I wonder why they would go to the trouble of slashing the upholstery? It isn't as if someone will uncrush the car to salvage a seat or door panel which, in all likelihood, would have been destroyed during the crushing process ????
  11. CarlLaFong

    HPOF Rules on Interior and Dent Repair?

    Actually, an acronym is a pronounceable word formed by the first letters of the words in the term, like SCUBA or RADAR. HPOF is an initialism. Back to our regular programming😉
  12. CarlLaFong

    Sway bars

    Model "A"s don't have sway bars. Are you talking about the radius rods or "wishbone"??
  13. CarlLaFong

    1948 Roadmaster Staight 8 Electronic Ignition Rebuild

    What could be more dependable than points and condenser?? Carry an extra set and you will run, flawlessly, for years.