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  1. CarlLaFong

    Just saw this nice T-Bird on a trailer....

    Diesel, here at my usual station in SoCal, is $1.05 cents more, per gallon than my usual station, at our other house, in central Texas
  2. Looks Stutzish
  3. CarlLaFong

    Scam member

    He is a scammer
  4. CarlLaFong

    Parts wanted response

    Oops I got one too
  5. CarlLaFong

    HELP With 1955 Nash Ambassador Custom

    Original big block car?? Exactly what does that mean? Does it have a Nash engine in it now? Nash used a torque tube setup, so engine swaps are difficult. More info needed
  6. CarlLaFong

    77 Seville Noise update

    My flagging memory tells me that there was some sort of issue with the rockers or the trunnions on some of the 350 Olds engines. I recall when I rebuilt my 77 Seville, I had to replace a few of them
  7. CarlLaFong

    Define replica

    Super Eight with a six cylinder engine?!? Regardless, it is a well built car, from the pictures. I thing everyone would be more accepting if he didn't have the temerity to call it a Packard. It isn't everyone's cup of tea with it's Superfly vibe. I think I liked it better when it was an MGB
  8. CarlLaFong

    P-A Barn Find

    If the price was right, this would be a good car to "fix up". Restoring it would be, as a few have pointed out, a bottomless money pit. Getting it running and driveable and then tending to the various cosmetic deficiencies as time and money allowed would result in a fun, everyday, "beater classic"
  9. CarlLaFong

    1929 Nash 433 (?) value?

    Unfortunately, that car will probably rot into the ground. It sounds like the owner has 20K+ invested in it. He may think it's worth half of that, at the worst. There isn't 10K there and it's not gonna get any better. The pix are hard to see. It could be heavy surface rust or much worse. Either way, that car won't be worth 500 bucks in a few more years
  10. CarlLaFong

    1938 Ford Questions

    $4500 and it's not in your driveway yet?!?!?!
  11. CarlLaFong

    1927 graham brothers truck

    Got any worse pictures????
  12. CarlLaFong

    Packard Ornament but What Year?

    That's a pretty cheezy looking mascot. Lots of flashing left on before plating, poor detail. Whitney or Western Auto. Certainly not a Donut Chaser
  13. CarlLaFong

    Front brakes Locked up on mgb

    We always told our customers to use Girling fluid only. Other fluids could and did ruin the rubber parts in the system
  14. CarlLaFong

    Cadillac flower truck?

    How did they back them up???
  15. CarlLaFong

    Convert slides to digital?

    Sometimes, the lo tech methods are the best. I have all of my family's 8mm home movies. I made a "telecine" to convert them to digital. Works just fine.