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  1. 1930 overdrive

    Do you own a camera??
  2. Heres one for you Hudson guys

    Hollywood hardtop. Twin H.............too bad it was allowed to get to this point. Probably on of those, "I'm gonna restore it, some day" cars.
  3. 1927 Caddy Victoria??

    Since you didn't use the quote feature, I can't be sure if this is directed towards me. I am hardly a Philistine. The deep pockets comment was a fact. It should not deter anyone from entering into a project like this, just serve as a warning that 4 or 5 thousand bucks ain't gonna cut it. You'll be into a basic short block for more than. I have made money on very few projects. My Austin Healey was one, since I got the car, running and driving, for free and was working at a dealership and was able to get many NOS parts at cost. Other than that I have lost my butt on everything else. My current OT project is worth less than half of what I have spent on it. I don't really care. I'm having fun. For a hobbyist, it is never about the money, or at least it shouldn't be. The easiest way to become a millionaire, working on old cars, is to start with two million
  4. 1927 Caddy Victoria??

    Is infatuation getting in the way of reality? I don't know you or your circumstances, but you have to ask yourself a bunch of questions regarding the restoration of this car. Do I have deep pockets? I mean really deep. This is no a job for the faint of heart. You may be thinking that you will do much of the work yourself. Do I have a fully equipped shop? Are my fabrication skills equal to the job at hand? Am I a woodworker? Not just a guy with a Skilsaw and a claw hammer. The wood in these old cars is a fiendishly complex puzzle. Can I weld? Not just stick two pieces of metal together, but form and join together multiple pieces into a usable part that is identical to the original. Minutia, like how many were built or the missing carburetor, will sort themselves out. As you get seriously involved in the restoration, parts and knowledge will appear as you network with other owners. I just hate to see anyone get in over their head. Far to many of these love affairs end in an ugly split with the car shoved out behind the house under the ubiquitous blue tarp, further disassembled and with missing or damaged parts
  5. 1927 Caddy Victoria??

    I suppose anything can be saved....................buuuuuuutttt.............!!!!!
  6. The bus has left the building...

    What is this "bus" of whom you speak??
  7. 6 Volt Positve ground Horns , found some

    Oh, for Pete's sake!!! Anyone with the slightest sense of humor would know when someone is just poking a little fun. If the OP has that thin a skin then, perhaps, all online forums should be avoided. Have you ever seen some of the responses on Facebook or YouTube?? Makes this site look like Sunday school. As far as new people joining, it could just be a natural evolution. How many people are joining the Masons, the VFW, the Odd Fellows, the American Legion?? A lot of the old clubs and organizations are simply aging out. Sites like this could be part of the problem. With online forums, you can join with like minded people, usually for free and talk about anything, be it old cars, knitting, camping, woodworking, you name it. Why belong to a club when all the advantages are a click away?
  8. "The car was never mistreated."

    Actually, that was the test mule for the Harold and Maude car
  9. 6 Volt Positve ground Horns , found some

    All of this is moot, unless you have a positive ground battery. Tractor Supply still carries them, but supplies are running low
  10. "The car was never mistreated."

    Ahhhh, a CSI investigator and a arborist.
  11. "The car was never mistreated."

    If you read the ad, it says a tree fell on the car
  12. Are These Model T

    Not Ford
  13. Flying Wheel Covers - '53 Merc

    A few dabs of silicone, on the rim, before putting the cap on???
  14. This is a LOOOOONG Shot

    Since there is a Cadillac, Michigan as well as one in Florida and Mississippi, I would think you would be free to make and market anything called "Cadillac", so long as it isn't automotive related
  15. This is a LOOOOONG Shot

    Any BOP pattern lid should work