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  1. 1932 Auburn 12 transmission

    You could run a 31-33 8 cyl gearbox until you find the correct one.
  2. 1930 Franklin G80 Engine

    Im curious what the engine number matches??? Where is this rig located? Mike
  3. https://www.discountleatherhides.com/ I needed some hides for my 1910 Mitchell restoration and found this supplier .After talking with him and finding out details I bought 2 - 55 sf hides with a medium sheen Graphite Black for $55.00 each ! They were $225.00 marked down to get sold. He has 700 of these hides as of today. He accepts full refunds within 7 days. I cant be happier with what I bought! . Check out the link provided. The owner is the guy on the other end of the phone!
  4. https://www.discountleatherhides.com/ Last week I was looking for some black or dark charcoal leather hides for my 1910 Mitchell project. I ran across this site and after talking with the owner went for some Dark Graphite hides , average 55 sf, with a medium sheen. I got my hides within 2 days FedEx and cant be happier with them. These were $225.00 each marked down to $55.00 each. The owner made a large purchase wants them sold. Check it out! He accepts full refunds with 7 days . The hides are excellent ! Click on the link above.
  5. I have a new Dodge Ram 3500 with a 3 car wedge trailer that is going to be make 20 + trips unloaded to Rochester , NY . Call if you have cars trucks equipment that you need moved. Good Rates, new equipment, flexible hours and destinations. Mike West 585 738 1541
  6. 1932 Auburn 12 transmission

    Check with Mike Samson Ill. also check with the Vintage Rod Shop in BC Canada , I sold him one last year.
  7. David, Im surprised you would endorse Carroll Leather when the very hides that you recommended to Restorer32 are advertised as thinner that the hides I bought and more than 5 times as much money. What I have in hand and are top notch quality. Ive learned after almost 60 years of living not to believe every expert opinion. Ive learned my lessons by actions and not words of others. My only reason that I posted about the black graphite hides I bought as they are great quality , great size and a great price. I really wish I didn't say anything about them and just used them. My motive was to bring to light the sellers web site as I was impressed with the what he sold me and the great service I received and the great total refund promise if I wasn't happy. Im not trying to get into a volley of words , just setting the record straight. Have a good afternoon! Your friend , Mike West
  8. I would suggest calling the owner and visit with him. He is very anxious to do business. Im not an upholsterer but I have bought hides for several high end restorations and they satisfied me. You are correct that only the Graphite Black is on sale.
  9. I have a early Mustang coupe , clean original. The number on the inner fender is 5F07C305089 The registration number is 4F07C305089 The fender date code is 9 25 D3 and the code on the water pump boss above the water pump is 4J17W What do all these numbers tell me? Thank you Mike
  10. Matt Ill look today! That is amazing My car was bought from the original owner ,I have the window sticker and still wears its factory paint. It was never driven in the winter. Its Wimpleton white with red interior , console ,v8 auto, Neat little car.
  11. Franklin automobile

    You aren't looking at the right place . Lay on the ground behind the rear end and look where the right (passenger side) axle tube enters the center housing. There is a narrow boss on the casting facing you and stamped in the aluminum will be the ratio -example 12 /52 You are looking at the top to see the oberdorfer Syracuse NY business... I wouldn't be interested -too far away. Other wise I would buy it , take it apart and see for parts .
  12. I thought the 4 because it was actually manufactured in the fall of 64. The inner fender is clearly stamped with a 4 yet the VIN # has the 5 in it.
  13. Franklin automobile

    Where are you located? Its worth more than scrap. Check out the gear ratio stamped in the case and tell us what it is. Measure the wheel base .It looks like 132 inch from the pics It could be 125 inches.
  14. Franklin automobile

    David is one of the "sharper knives in the drawer"... I knew he was playing the crowd! and I was happy to point it out. Just for everyones information that doesn't already know it, A Franklin has a" HOOD FRONT" The proper name for the grill shell assembly and so called out in the parts drawings.
  15. Franklin automobile

    Paul Its a 1931 Chassis - 32 spring pivot bolts had a different design
  16. Spare Tire Lock

    I have Oakes locks with and without keys. Private message sent.
  17. Franklin automobile

    David If he finds a Franklin Radiator it will be a rare one. !!! He should check the ring and pinion ratio stamped on the right side of the case where the right axle tube enters the center section and see what it is. I don't see any value in the wheels or chassis. (Rust and wood rot) The springs are 1931 153 series .
  18. Franklin wanted.

    Always buying unrestored. Franklin cars. Builders,parts cars, all considered. Mike west 585 738 1541 Livonia N.Y.
  19. Franklin wanted.

    Thanks Dave! Ill take a look.
  20. For Sale 1930 Franklin Headlight!!!

    Marv. You will see I made you a fair offer now. No offers on Ebay? Mike I can use it on a 30 sedan. Mike
  21. 1931 Ford Phaeton

    Please email me the documentation to mawest729@gmail.com
  22. This drum shaped magneto drive must of had a another sleeve that could clamp tightly over this piece. The straight flat spline was used to adjust the timing. Im missing the piece that clamps over this drum and connects the mag . Does anone recognize this type drive? The OD of the drum measures 1.250 inches. I hate to remove this drum and use a modern coupling. Thank you Mike West 585 738 1541 (PS The motor is a 1911 Wisconsin Model L, T head 6.)
  23. I sent new pics no worries the gauge is fine .I can send to you.
  24. Here is a few items I don't need that you might need. 4- Early Cast Brass Mitchell Hubcaps in excellent condition. The threads are perfect , no cracks or dents. Not sure of the year but most likely Pre 1912. The hex measures 2.250 inches and on top of the threads measure 2.82 inches. Shipping in the USA is $10.00 Seems like $200.00 for all is reasonable This is a Stewart Vacuum Tank gauge ,its made to go in a wood dash car or truck. The rim and mounting ring are brass . The bevel glass is perfect. The gauge looks in very good condition . $50.00 Shipping is $10.00 2- Newly cast yellow brass Speedster Gas Caps. Nice size-4 inch OD $75.00 each Shipping $10.00 Nice restored exhaust cutout Pipe size is 2.25 inches. Its been apart and blasted , painted with hi-temp paint. Turns free. $100.00 Shipping $15.00 (Its heavy) .
  25. Im looking for a fiber drive gear for a Jones 1-1 speedo drive. Its marked # 2 , has a OD of 2 inches and has 16 Tooth. Can anyone direct me where to get? Thank you, Mike West NY 5857381541