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  1. Tom, I restored a good original 1932 Peerless Master 8 sedan . (The 32s were assembled from 31 parts , so basically a 31 car) . The block was black, the exhaust manifold was also black fired porcelain and the intake I painted machinery gray. I don't remember it being porcelain... The car is in Calf now and owned by the Peerless Lighting Company. I think it had a 13k Continental .
  2. I lost my dad at 84 years young Oct 2016 , He is who caught the "All old things" disease . It starts when I was about 8 years old . Here he is when he was 14 in my 02 Crestmobile that he got from his dad....
  3. Hi $ speed what is the price on the gears and the jump seats separately? Mike
  4. Where is the car and how much do you want for it? Mike
  5. What year car is it that you want to make the parts for?? Lets start there.
  6. Does anyone know the make of this great 7 pass touring?? Its very handsome!
  7. Here is my grandfather Samuel F West to the far right in the rear. The car is a 1902 Crest Runabout . The car is in my collection yet today. This picture was taken in 1940 in Livonia Center , NY. He paid $50.00 for the car in Lakeville NY to a man named Bob DeGarmo. The second picture is of my dad Anthony West when he was 14 at the start of a Memorial Day Parade in Livonia NY in 1946.
  8. Karl, Are you in Seneca Falls? Im in Livonia , not far away if so. Do you have a complete set of wheel rings ? 3 per wheel? Any knowledge on completeness of the motor , transaxle and rear? Mike West Livonia
  9. Can anyone tell from the pics if its a 66 or 70? (model)
  10. Just cleaned out some old stash headlights that had several Monogram 11.5 inch headlight lenses used on the 27-28 Auburns. Nice originals with no bruises. Selling for $50.00 each. Shipping extra . Pictures on request. Mike 585 738 1541
  11. Wow - Gears sold in 3 hours! Going to the owner of the 1930 145 sedan the club sold last year! Thanks John.
  12. I have a set of new never used in the original shipping box a set of 3.92 Franklin rear axle gears. Lower RPMs and higher road speed achieved. Also included is the gearbox to correct the speedometer reading. $1000.00 plus $25.00 shipping or free delivery to the Trek this summer. Mike West 585 738 1541 PS The crown gear is 51 teeth and the pinion gear is 13 = 3.92 . This ratio was offered in the 1929 Speedsters..... Im also selling other rear and front axles, wire wheels and hubs/drums, a nice set of clean 31 153 springs, steering columns , motors , trans , gas tanks, and more.
  13. Selling a good running driving convertible. Car is solid , good floors , crappy paint and decent interior. Has 4 new tires and a trunk full of parts. The brakes and clutch work fine. I have a PA title. These cars are really taking off and commanding prices north of $20,000 fixed! Price $3500.00 Mike West Livonia NY 585 738 1541
  14. Selling a complete rear axle assembly with wire wheel drums that has 4.25 gears . This was the best ratio for road speed available in 1930. Contact Mike if interested . 585 738 1541 Can send pics., Thank you
  15. Im selling the exhaust cutout control Bouden cable that has the knob on it that says something like " PULL OUT FOR HIGH SPEED DRIVING. " The cable has been shortened to about 3 ft . $50.00 plus like $10 for shipping in the USA , Mike West 585 738 1541
  16. What is the price? Mike
  17. No not really... I was in Virginia for the Franklin and came upon the Chev, I like the long trailer as I try to never come home un;less its fully loaded . Sometimes it takes a extra day or two... smile..
  18. Yes The Franklin is a 1933 16B Great original car , Its now running and driving.
  19. These are rear spare wood wheeled spare tire locks .The Locks are made by Oakes and have a code on them.The one with a key is marked OK635 and the unit without a key is marked Yale OC 316. Any info is appreciated. Mike West
  20. I just was this post . I have a 1968 Monza convertible, 110 hp, 4 speed car, am radio . It runs and yard drives with working brakes, lights ect, has new tires and decent interior.The dash pan is nice. The body is quite good, great floors and rockers. It has a old repaint on it .The car is cream yellow with black interior and top. . It has a PA title .I would like $3000.00 Mike West 585 738 1541 Car is located in Livonia NY
  21. Nice looking car .Seems like a fair deal to me! Where is the car located? Mike
  22. Mark, Im curious.... what do you like about this car?? If the guy gave it to you and you painted , chromed ,rebuilt and new interior youd be upside down in it for about 20grand...
  23. Call Mainley Magneto in MAINE Google for number They do great work.
  24. Very Sharp! and the right color for me!