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  1. I check 2 different original side draft motors and both had high cap screws with lock washers, I checked a original 29 down draft and it had high cap screws with holes for wire. Mike
  2. Hi Layden, what do you have in a early 6 cyl timer or distributor? Hope all well Mike West
  3. I have a friend that will run the VIN # for me and search New York current registration's . Maybe its still in NY and on the road.
  4. I need a 6 Cyl brass era timer (1909-15) for a project I am working on. Restoration not a problem. Mike West 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com Thank you!
  5. Still looking for a 6 cyl timer for this Wisconsin. I have the mag and mag shelf but want to run dual ignition. Can anyone help? Mike
  6. 6 more tags were mailed out today!
  7. I bought 20 years ago a clean original 1932 8-100A sedan .Im the papers that came with the car was a original red tag just like the one pictured here . It had a twine string attached . I reproduced these tags so other owners could have one for their car if they wanted one. They were printed at Engler Printing in Ohio and was told this tag hung from the dash when the cars were delivered new. I just ran onto another bunch of these tags in my office and am selling them $5.00 each or 3 for $10.00 postpaid. (I pay the shipping) The quality is perfect and they are the exact size from new. They are made from heavy card stock like the original. Mike West 100 West ave , Livonia , NY 14487 Thank you.
  8. Bud - Must be!
  9. I have a Model J glass body, hood panels and fenders for sale it anyone is interested in building a car. $750.00 Mike 585 738 1541
  10. Pete What size are those lenses?
  11. What do you have for Franklin 1929-34?
  12. This is a fresh to the market a very clean Wayne 60 gas pump. This pump was hooked up and working . Its been in a building for decades and not out in the weather. The glass and signs are original and very clean. The enamel face looks great . The pump in located upstate NY . Call Mike 585 738 1541 $3000.00 I can ship on a skid or get to PA shows free.
  13. More tags to sell. Everyone so far is very happy with the tags. Mike
  14. I have a pair of these 1931-33 headlights marker Parabeam on the light body and the lenses, They have a grommet for a badge bar to go between them and a blue/green jewel on the outsides. They attach to the light bar with a large nut and looks like they had a chrome sleeve that went verticle down to the frame for the wires to run up through like a 31-32 Franklin or other early 30s cars. These are a real mystery to me. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
  15. This sidemount cover came to me with Franklin parts. I know its not Franklin. Any ideas? The center hole measures 19 1/4 inches, The diameter across the back is 28 inches and measure inside where the tire tread would fit in the center is 30 inches. Notice the finder hooks to assist installing and removing the cover.
  16. Selling 4 screw on 1930 and 1 1931 Franklin caps . The 31 looks NOS but has a crack in the thread area The 1930 caps will polish nicely! $50.00 each postage included. Mike West 585 738 1541
  17. Im selling a long wheelbase frame (132 inch chassis) complete with springs, front and rear axle assembles, wire or wood wheels, all steering, battery box, running board brackets,1930 or 31 side draft motor and 3 or 4 speed transmission , and hood front. This is a nice collection of clean parts that would make a great speedster or displace chassis. $3000.00 Located in Livonia NY call Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com Also selling wire wheels and snap rings 1930-33, wood wheels , several transmissions 3and 4 speeds, jugs, valve train. crankcases, cams , cranks and everything in between. Selling sets of 1930 and 31/32 style headlights, several original 11.5 and 12 inch Twilite lenses, headlight bars, splash apron running board lights, lighters , 1930 hood front with cap. 1929 and 1930 air cleaners. (they are different) Stromberg T-2 , factory gas lines and fittings (go between the fuel pump and carburetor) , heater manifolds (Masco) , tall distributors, NEW 31-33 running boards , 29-30 trunk rack complete with frame castings for mounting, 2 gas tanks. My son in law Tim just dragged home a neat accumulation of Franklin parts squirreled away for decades. Other parts not yet sorted. Call or email Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com Thank you!
  18. John , Its always my pleasure to see you and your dad. My only regret is that your shopping list is almost completely been filled. Your Franklin is going to be completely authentic and complete after one more session! Mike West John bought a sharp two tone green 1930 145 Town sedan that was donated to the club last year. It was sold to him on a sealed bid. The car had some xyz parts on it that have now been replaced authentic Franklin parts.
  19. Its listed in the roster of the franklin club -the owner.
  20. I need one new or very good condition used white wall tire that has the extra white ring like shown in the picture for this car. I have 5 like new. Please contact Mike at 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com. Thank you!
  21. The bore diameter is 1 3/8 inch where it goes into housing that holds this lock. The distance from the underside of the cap to top of the dogs that engage the housing are 3/8 inch . Th OD at the top of the housing is 1 7/8 inch . Im not selling this exact one as the keys are Franklin script but I have many more. The locks with no keys(you get the keys made) are $125.00 The locks that have keys and work perfect are $200. They are all made by OAKES>
  22. Dave does it look like this one? Mike mawest729@gmail.com
  23. Im looking for 1 new or good used Custom Classic 650/19 that is the older style with a extra outboard whitewall as shown in the picture. I have 5 on the car and need one for the spare. Thank you Merry Christmas, Mike 585 738 1541 mawest729@gmail.com
  24. Still looking for one of these tires. I have lots of parts to trade or will buy outright! Thank you, Mike