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  1. This drum shaped magneto drive must of had a another sleeve that could clamp tightly over this piece. The straight flat spline was used to adjust the timing. Im missing the piece that clamps over this drum and connects the mag . Does anone recognize this type drive? The OD of the drum measures 1.250 inches. I hate to remove this drum and use a modern coupling. Thank you Mike West 585 738 1541 (PS The motor is a 1911 Wisconsin Model L, T head 6.)
  2. Latest Air Cooled News Cover - Great Picture

    Our printer Jay Engler in Ohio deserves recognition as well. His quality work materials and timely mailings are greatly appreciated. here in Livonia.
  3. Layden, Chocolate Town, Thank you much for your views on this matter. I was going to remove this piece, but after these two new emails I am leaving it alone and adapt to it. I had a preconceived notion that I was missing a piece that had all those splines internally but after reading yours and Chocolate Towns response's , I admit Im most likely wrong. I ham going to fashion a sleeve or rubber that will go over this hub and get the motor running. Thank you!! Mike Here is a shot of my Wisconsin T head 6. Bore 5.185 x 5.5 inches
  4. Im selling a 153 sedan that restoration was started on by a club member a few years back. The jugs are off the motor but the crankcase, trans and driveline are all in tact and undisturbed. The car has wire wheels , sidemounts, good wood and a very solid body. The fenders on this car are in nice condition. I want this car sold as soon as possible , I need the room. This is a great project for someone that wants a sidedraft car. Price is $7000.00 Mike West 585 738 1541 Livonia NY (30 miles south of Rochester NY)
  5. Clum Headlight Switch For Sale

    How many do you get for 400??????????????????
  6. For Sale

    I can vouch for the original lister Bill Boudway , he is a good member and seller. He sells good parts and very trustworthy.
  7. Franklin Headlight????

    Hi Marv, It fits 1930 Franklins 145 and 147 models.
  8. FS 1935 Graham "House Car" One of a kind!

    Ill threw in 2 new ones at no extra charge! smile....
  9. Selling a one of kind house car, a period motor home. The drive train was Graham .There is no motor , transmission or steering column. I sold this unit 4 months ago and a deposit was made but the buyer cant complete the deal. Selling for $1500.00 (the balance owed). Aluminum skins on the outside and steel framing. No wood - inside has been gutted to framing. Power this unit with whatever you want! Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  10. 1949 Crosley station wagon price reduced

    What is your asking price? Mike
  11. 1913 Reo

    Bering a roadster its a rare bugger..... I think if the seller would part with it for 7500 it would be a good deal. 10K is a bit heavy .(In my opinion)
  12. What are the measurements of the COLE rad? width , depth ,and height from bottom to top not including the filler neck? Thank you, Mike
  13. I have a new Dodge Ram 3500 with a 3 car wedge trailer that is going to be make 20 + trips unloaded to Rochester , NY . Call if you have cars trucks equipment that you need moved. Good Rates, new equipment, flexible hours and destinations. Mike West 585 738 1541
  14. Hele-Shaw clutch

    Hi Ron, We spoke on the phone about the Hele-Shaw clutches we both have. I lost track of your phone # . Could you please message me your phone number ? My email is mawest729@gmail.com Thank you.
  15. wheel covers

    I have one very nice one if you cant find a pair. The stainless bands are good condition and the metal is in excellent condition, nice old black paint. Came to me on a 33 -16B on the rear spare, which is incorrect . Notice on the bottom its not a full circle where it goes in the fender. Mike 585 738 1541
  16. Wanted - A unrestored Franklin project cars. Whatever the condition is ok. All years considered. Have truck and trailer with winch . Mike 585 738 1541 Livonia NY
  17. I have some 39 Ford deluxe fenders left over from my convertible coupe restoration. I cant remember but think I have to left rears and a pair of fronts. I want them gone........... $50.00 each Mike West 585 738 1541 Livonia NY I can get pics.
  18. I just cleaned out a old garage and in the parts came some new old stock still in the cardboard GM cardboard sleeves Pontiac Vent windows from the 1940s and early 50s. There are 2 different ones for different models Ill check it out if anyone is interested (I just don't have the info in front of me as I writing this ad) .Id sell at $5.00 each or all for $25.00 . Mike West 585 738 1541 Livonia NY The model they print is marked on each sleeve.
  19. Wanted 18" Lock Rings

    I have good 18 inch snap rings at $100.00 each . Ill get a few pics tomorrow of them so you can see them. Mike
  20. 1969 Buick Electra Conv. FREE

    Jake , I am going to call my shipper Monday and see what he would charge to get the car to me in NY. Did you look under the hood? Mike West
  21. Im selling my 1933 Franklin 16B 5 pass sedan .Its a very good original car that has had long club member ownership. The car shows 58000 miles and I believe its correct. The car has one repaint that is poor condition.(Checking and paint falling off) The interior is intact and very serviceable . The car runs and drives, needs exhaust work, has great solid wood, good roof, and correct in all areas. I have 4 good 700 / 19 Generals for the car but only one installed at this time. Still has its original Franklin keys, and tools under the front seat. The lights are all correct and work . Car located in Livonia NY , 30 miles south of Rochester NY. Price is $19,500 Call Mike 585 738 1541 for a test drive.

    I have a 1932 Franklin Model 163 3 window coupe. Its 132 in wb and one of only a handful known to the Franklin Club . Franklins from 1930 and up are wonderful driving and tour cars. They have great 14 inch , 4 wheel brakes , easy LIGHT steering , and good highway speed. They will run the pants off most cars the same years. Ive had a early 30s Packard 8s and early Cadillac's and they would not run with the Franklin. This car is complete, motor turns over and wood decent . It is set up for dual sidemount spare wheels and tires. The car is Walker Body # 86 as shown in the picture.Its located in upstate NY . I can provide shipping. Call Mike for more info. 585 738 1541
  23. Tom, I restored a good original 1932 Peerless Master 8 sedan . (The 32s were assembled from 31 parts , so basically a 31 car) . The block was black, the exhaust manifold was also black fired porcelain and the intake I painted machinery gray. I don't remember it being porcelain... The car is in Calf now and owned by the Peerless Lighting Company. I think it had a 13k Continental .
  24. Thanks, Dad!

    I lost my dad at 84 years young Oct 2016 , He is who caught the "All old things" disease . It starts when I was about 8 years old . Here he is when he was 14 in my 02 Crestmobile that he got from his dad....
  25. Pierce Arrow parts

    Hi $ speed what is the price on the gears and the jump seats separately? Mike