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  1. 1960 Buick Advice

    OK LF: Are you a member of the 1960 Buick Universe Facebook page? If not I invite you to join. If you are..... Post lots of picgures and get some feedback from the group. Remember, we're 1,500 strong and this is a fantastic resource for advise or selling/fixing/swapping. Your location is also important. Mitch
  2. OK Riviera People: I recently purchased a brake like kit from Classic Tube. They list. 63 different than 64 and 65. Any body know about the differences? Mitch
  3. Winter Projects

    OK: I purchased both actuators from old air. Replace the vacuum hoses and if the system holds refrigerant ......wa la! Mitch
  4. OK Riviera People: I've disconnected the heater hoses from the core and blown it out with a pressure washer. Lots of black caca came out. Worth a shot. Mitch
  5. OK Buick People: A shop that does some of my work is looking for someone to rebuild the straight 8 from a 35 Buick. The engine's out of the car and apart. He's in the San Francisco East Bay and is looking for someone fairly close. Any referrals? Thanks, Mitch.
  6. OK Riviera People: I not a brake line set from Classic Tube. Excellent!! Remember, the brake system is ONLY AS STRONG AS IT'S WEAKEST LINK! Replace every hydraulic component. Not that expensive. Get the emergency brake operating flawlessly. Stop on a dime give 9 cents change. Mitch
  7. OK Riviera People: I've done a few consoles. It's easy to paint 'em, difficult to repair busted up plastic and rotten soft parts such as heating vents, cardboard vent rails and rubber collars. I got tons of wood trim from Bob Scanlon. Bob's excellent and I recommend considering him for wood replacement. Mitch
  8. OK Riviera People: There was a gentleman who owned a trio of these. His target price was 50K. They appeared, from his presentation, to be fabulous. Another gentleman from this forum recently got the Low 30s. Tons of variables. Looking at them in the flesh rather than an internet presentation. Color. Method of marketing such as auction, eBay, collector car showroom joint, Craig's List etc. Time of year. How the stars are aligned. I'd put it on the eBay and see where it goes. Remember, the market tells us what it's worth. We either accept or reject. Mitch
  9. OK Riviera People: A dual master? Sure......if you also install a fresh brake line kit too. Don't forget the EMERGENCY BRAKE. It's gotta work correctly and,...............,...........THE DRIVER MUST BE COMFORTABLE with the adjustment of the pedal. Mitch
  10. Front bumper 63-64

    OK Rodney: MANY SMALL ITEMS to be addressed. 1. Chase all bolts and nuts with the tap and die so they are easily screwed on. If the nuts are stiff it makes for tons more work. 2. Tape the bumper well as not to scratch the paint. 3. Installation is a 2 person job. One to adjust and the other to view and relay where the bumpier is positioned. 4. This could be a big problem. Make sure the bumper fits. Many bumpers have been tweaked either from a bump or a lousy rechrome job and JUST WON'T FIT RIGHT!!!! I've installed many front bumpers on First-Gen Rivs and I hope these tips help. Mitch
  11. OK Buick People: A guy comes In to my place after noticing several old Bu's in the back. Hey, want some old cars? Gotta get them off my property. Three old Mo pars. A 55 DeSoto sedan in the barn since 75 so dirty I couldn't tell what color it was. A 56 Windsor sedan delegated to the open field and not so great. A cherry 56 DeSoto coupe with the engine out in pieces getting ready for the machine shop when the owner died. I LOVE TRADING. SO................. The 55 DeSoto was sale proof. Rockabilly guys wanted the heads and grille and I wasn't about to bust it up so I traded it four a 65 Le Sabre 4 door ht rough and a 66 Le Sabre 4 door post sedan which ran a long time ago. I solid the 65 for $300 and still have the 66 which I got running and driving. The 56 Windsor sedan? Traded for a 66 Le Sabre convert. I got it running and it turned out to be 98% rust free. Still got it. The 56 DeSoto coupe? Traded four a running, driving 55 Savoy sedan. I loved the Plym but had to send it down the road being a 6-stick. I traded the Plym straight across for a good running 64 Riv needing paint and interior. I still got the Riv. So I started out with 3 MoPars and wound up with a trio of Buicks that I'm still very happy to still have. Mitch
  12. 1960 invicta convertible parts

    OK Charlie: Wanna get together and do some swappin'? Mitch
  13. OK CTX: I got everything you'll need in Castro Valley. Mitch
  14. OK Riviera Bob: Come on now, what's your secret? Mitch
  15. 1963 Electra 4-dr. $300 So. Oklahoma

    OK Buick People: Unless someone has an absolute personal connection, this baby's toast. BUT......if someone can get it running and driving it's a great one go harvest the 401/open Dynaflow and put it in a really good 63 Riv that has a dead drive train. Mitch