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  1. OK CTX: I got everything you'll need in Castro Valley. Mitch
  2. OK Riviera Bob: Come on now, what's your secret? Mitch
  3. 1963 Electra 4-dr. $300 So. Oklahoma

    OK Buick People: Unless someone has an absolute personal connection, this baby's toast. BUT......if someone can get it running and driving it's a great one go harvest the 401/open Dynaflow and put it in a really good 63 Riv that has a dead drive train. Mitch
  4. OK Riviera People: I got the insulation kit but opted NOT to use it. Rodents abound in the country and they love hood insulation. Mitch
  5. OK Chip: I love the burgundy on a First Gen. Every time I see a late model Lexus in that red I immediately Invision it on a Riv. That GM dark green with a white interior is yummy. I have a 65 Riv, dark green with a white standard interior that I hope to build some day......if I make it to 117. I also have a dark green 66 Wildcat coupe in dark green with a black standard interior. I'm looking to upgrade to white custom buckets with a full console. A 65 Riv has a custom dark green and it's pukey. I actually passed one for cheep with the dark green guts, that's how much I dislike it. BTW, what color ius your 64? Mitch
  6. OK Riviera People: I'm thinning my heard. I have. 4 parts cars I'd like to dump. Price? $2,500 or interesting something along similar lines. 1 63 and 3 64s. All pretty much rolling shells, all rough. Hit me up with something. They're in Tracy, CA. and I can help with some loading and some local delivery. I REALLY want to sell all 4 at one clip. I am not selling parts at this time. This could be a great deal for someone who hustles First Gen Riv parts. Thanks, Mitch.
  7. 1966 - 1968 Riviera Console Veneer

    OK Riviera People: I got stuff from Bob and he does a great job. If someone can help him out it could be great! Mitch
  8. 1957 Steel wheels needed

    OK Lance: Where you at? Mitch
  9. OK Riviera People: I have a 65 originally sold in Spring of 1966. Documented by CA title stating "first sold" and licence. SJC 905. I think it could have been Mama's demo. Also, I KNOW I was in good company to realize the introduction of the 66 meant that things styling wise were going in a much different direction and it was time to carve my line in the sand.
  10. OK Red Riv Bob: I was thinking, could spot welds work to refasten and/or reinforce the tooth ring to the stainless cap itself? I know nothing about welding. Mitch
  11. OK Ed: Because the post was related I took the licence to add the reason, or theory, why the 63 wire cap was different. Now.....that said I will renew my licence and add this little fact. When re assembling 63 wire caps keep a few road map signals in mind. 1. Looking at the cap dead on, the spinner rests horizontally over the valve stem hole at 6 'o clock. 2. Looking at the reverse side of the circular chrome base their is an arrow which should point to 12:00. Please wear your reading glasses for this as it's sometimes hard to find. 3. Placing the base in that position saves countless energy and time aligning the assembly and makes the job a breeze. I have taken apart hundreds of these caps and reassembled them. That's how I know. To Barney, the 14 Buick wire cap shares only the spinner to the 4 hole spinner 15" wire. The base is almost identical to other 14" GMz of the period. Impala guys found this out and when the Chev 3 bar spinner was repopped they made a mad dash for these 14" GM wires. A lotta bling for not a lotta scratch. Mitch
  12. OK Riviera People: I gotta chime in here. Speculation on a car's condition is just that. I consider myself an expert on a First Gen Riv and despite what I know......I am NOT clairvoyant. The point? Yes, looking at pictures is hecka fun and, unless you look at a washed vehicle in the daylight, in person, including up in the air with good lighting you're only guessing. My customers frequently asked about mileage on old analog odometers being correct. My response was. Unless you knew the driver had a 30 mile commute, drove to the store and took short could you even have an idea that was close? Way too much time has passed to really know for sure. The brake pedal? You've been reading way too many Motor Trend magazines from the 60s. Mitch
  13. OK Riviera People: I'm gonna talk outta both sides of my mouth. On a First Gen Riv......custom, air, power windows and full tint seem to be all that matters. I have a juvenile thing about clear glass though. If I has a particular Riv with no power windows and/or clear glass I'd try to change them to power with full tint. I have way to many cars so it's only a fun fantasy. Mitch
  14. OK Riviera People: I believe the change in the less protruding cap was due to the fact that a 63 Electra had no skirts and a 64 and newer did. Mitch
  15. OK Ed: 61 went to stud and lug nut winch killed the holes for the alignment pins. This lasted through 64. 65 to 70 had the small diameter hole with flange. Pack or box...I mean 5 1/2 or 6". Mitch