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  1. OK Josh: try the facebook page 1960 Buick Universe! Mitch
  2. Engine shuts off

    OK FastDrink: It could be a hundred and one things....or a combination of things. Gotta diagnose. It's spark or fuel. I'd start with spark first then fuel. Mitch
  3. OK Riviera People: A US Marine on a mission! Every aspect of this build was done with a specific purpose. I wonder what the total bill was? Mitch
  4. OK Randall: Ya gotta diagnose your issue. Fuel? Easy to Drop the tank and remove caca. On a 1963 car this would not be a "scientific diagnosis" but a routine precaution. Then you can blow the lines out with air and isolate each part of the fuel system to make sure things are workin' and flowin'. Next, the electrical. Again, isolate each component and check for operation. I did have a 64 Riv that was cutting out going up a hill. I did the entire fuel system, which i figured I'd have to do anyway due to the fact that it was a 64 and in a long hibernation. Everything functioned as it was supposed to. After checking the electrical system I found everything was also operational. Still cuttin' out. The problem? The wire from the horn relay (the junction box where the battery cable connects) to the starter was arcing against the exhaust manifold. Sometimes it's easy. Sometimes it ain't that easy. Mitch
  5. Buick nail head 2x4 aircleaner

    OK Buick People: Decent shape? I'm not goin' there. Hey, it IS better than nothing and with a fresh $25+ element and a few fasteners it will getcha home. Mitch
  6. 1957 6" wheels

    OK Lance: Where you at? I have tons. Mitch
  7. For Sale: 364 Nailhead and trans Coeur d'Alene, ID

    OK Buick People: Not a big deal. $500 is VERY generous. It takes a lotta labor to put one of these in an old Bu and if it's gotta come right out because it's dead or klunked out at least one wouldn't be completely knocked outta the box. Anyone looking to spend big bux needs to consider rebuilding what they have. Parts are available and machine shops are also around that can do a good job. I WOULD PAY UP TO $1,000 for a good used 364 or 401/closed Dynaflow combo if I absolutely trusted that it was good, That would be in Northern California. Mitch
  8. 1964 Wildcat 4 dr - $3k on CL in PA

    OK Buick People: There was a day when these things were plentiful. Rotten bodies with excellent drive trains. Perfect for reviving a dead First-Gen Riv. Today? No more. By the time you buy the car and do the transplant perhaps one might be better of with a rebuild. Mitch
  9. 1962 Buick - For "The Birds"

    OK Buick People: This heap's been for sale for at least 2-3 years that I know of. It's been on SF Bay Area Craig's list almost continuously. Price it at $2,500 and take an offer and perhaps the seller can move on. Mitch
  10. Deal of the Day! 1965 Black Electra Coupe!

    OK Buick People: I wonder if this car was offered by Joe D. There certainly is much potential but......ya gotta be ready to spend some big bux to get it there. Mitch
  11. 1960 Electra 225 "flat-top", TX. car since new

    OK Pete: Get on the 1960 Buick Universe Facebook page and click the join button. Simple as that. Looking forward to hearing from you! Mitch
  12. 1960 Electra 225 "flat-top", TX. car since new

    OK Pete: When are you gonna hook up with us at the 1960 Buick Universe Facebook page? Consider this an invite! Mitch
  13. WTB Buick Hub Cap set

    OK Buick People: Remember, ya gotta have clips for these things. Mitch
  14. Nice 1960 LeSabre CraigsList, NJ

    OK John: I believe the car is probably not too bad. Personally I love it....but then I'm a sucker for any 1960 Buick, even ones drug outta the river bed. The seller? I am NOT saying they are a crook. In MY experience when someone hard spams something it is OMINOUS as hell, either hiding a bad car or a horrible price. In this case I think a really horrible price, but then again, what else is new? Mitch
  15. Nice 1960 LeSabre CraigsList, NJ

    OK Buick People: This car has been spammed in every Craig's list imaginable and in my opinion is priced at least twice what it would sell for in a reasonable period of time. Perhaps in 10 years he'd be closer. I like it. I'd also like to have it. Clarence is kickin' a dead horse at 15 large. Mitch