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  1. OK Ted: Yeah, I remember the burgundy 65 Wildcat. I forgot that it was a 3 on the tree. BTW, who would order a 65 Wildcat with a 3 on the tree and no power steering? I mean, maybe a lost leader for a very high volume Buick dealer perhaps? You got the burgundy, which is a spectacular color and a silver interior, which doesn't look poverty. Just a theory.... Besides music and heat what other options did this thing have? Mitch
  2. OK Riviera People: Bob's excellent. Mitch
  3. OK Lucas: Very very sharp. get the rest of an old interior to match the elegance of these! I have a 65 Riv, custom, and the interior will be transformed into a factory pattern with all leather, cut pile carpets and some sort of classy material for a headliner. It's really difficult to improve on the factory set-up. I would have loved to see the 63 Riv Silver Arrow interior in other colors as silver ...just doesn't do it for me. Mitch
  4. OK Buick People: I got a few rebuilding kits from Falcon Global. Knowledgeable with excellent service. Also, a competitive price. Mitch
  5. OK Lamar: I gave him a call a few days ago and no response as of yet. Hope he's OK. Also, I was wondering if he changed his mind and put together this 66 Wildcat because I certainly would not have knocked it in the head. I still need a set of Custom door panels with crank windows! Mitch
  6. for sale

    OK Buick People: Ted's presentation raises the bar. This car can be a really reliable daily driver without gobs of money spent on it....or can be taken to the next level. BTW, one can go to the bank with Ted as he will tell a prospect everything necessary for a fair and square deal!! Mitch
  7. OK Riviera People: I sold a much better 65 Riv last December. A nice presentation too. 12K was all she wrote. Mitch
  8. OK BC: While the drums are off for the initial physical inspection I'd suggest mike-ing the drums. I believe some states have a max of .60 that can be cut. Thin drums (and shoes) can cause brake fade too. Mitch
  9. OK Riviera People: I'm wondering if sellers need a fishing license. This 63 Riv? A mess and much better than some. Even the good lookin' ones share the same maladies as this poor thing. Mitch
  10. OK Riviera People: Matching numbers? Meaningless mythology that sucked the life out of the hobby for me. Mitch
  11. OK Riviera People: BBB? Yeah, on a 65 Le Sabre but this? Mitch
  12. OK Charlie: I'll take all your 60 stuff. Pick it up at your place and give you da cash. Make me a deal! Mitch
  13. OK Buick People: I like this car. I even have the identical 4719, same colors too with factory a/c. Unfortunately I'm not a prospect. I believe the money is $6,000. A 4 door post still ain't gettin' the love it rightly deserves. Mitch
  14. OK Riviera People: That white 64 on the ebay looks yummy. All but 1 or 2 64 Rivs on the ebay (the black one in the snow) have NO bids. I suggest that the real money, what a legit prospect will pay in a reasonable period of time is DRAMATICALLY less than people's idea of how much they're worth. Mitch
  15. OK Riviera People: I took the Roller Coaster 64 Riv that far down. My advise? Choose your battles carefully. So, you may ask , "Why, Mitch, is it called the Roller Coaster 64 Riv"? Because the punch list of repairs starts out very high, goes down very fast and for some strange goes up even higher than the original list! Mitch