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  1. OK Riviera People: I believe the change in the less protruding cap was due to the fact that a 63 Electra had no skirts and a 64 and newer did. Mitch
  2. OK Ed: 61 went to stud and lug nut winch killed the holes for the alignment pins. This lasted through 64. 65 to 70 had the small diameter hole with flange. Pack or box...I mean 5 1/2 or 6". Mitch
  3. Vin tag placement `64

    OK Riviera People: 63 and 64 Rivs have a habit of the vin tags easily popping off. Due to the ugly beaurocracy of many state's Motor Vehicle agencies one MUST have a plan if they plan to sell or buy or even get the title flipped in their name. Mitch
  4. 63 lesabre not mine $995

    OK Buick People: If this runs and does indeed drive.....with only 77 hundred miles it might be worth saving. If it runs great it can also certainly bring a very good 63 Riv back to life quickly!! Mitch
  5. How Many Cars, How Many Buicks

    OK Buick People: I currently own 89 Buicks. I am 65 and have collecting since 1970. The oldest car, chronologically, I own is from 1976. I owned and sold thousands of vehicles as a used car dealer. Mitch
  6. OK Riviera People: It's on the eBay New York. A friend of a friend owns it and these guys know quality. Mitch.
  7. OK Riviera People: Good seller, NO RESERVE, excellent presentation. Go up there and and check it out. Ask questions....that's how it's done! Mitch
  8. OK Ed: I got a slug of 600 and Flitz. I'm gonna try your suggestion. They certainly are hen's teeth not busted up around the outer edge. Mitch
  9. OK Riviera People: How does one get the turbines to sparkle like on this blue car? Next, remember that the spinner from the 65 Riv poverty spinner cap is identical to the turbine spinner (tri-shield and R aside). Mitch
  10. OK Riviera People: Several things I really like about this car. 1. It's a 64 Riviera. 2. The color is sensational. 3. The quality of the build is also sensational. What I don't like??? 1. The LS swap. Hey man, it's not a Chev. The original engine and trans built correctly will perform more than adequately. 2. The customizing is basically futal because if the quality of build that went into this car was directed in the direction of stock it would have really come off better. (just me now) Mitch
  11. bluriv

    OK BluRiv: I'm with Mike S. on this one. 225 70 15 is perfect. I recently purchased a set of Venesian Classics whitewalls for $325 on line. I mounted them and Costco balanced all; 4 of them for $22. I also was able to scrounge up a set of 6" 65-70 Buick steel rims. A half inch wider rim and a wee bit wider tire gives me a wee bit lower with a wee bit more tread on the ground. I hope this works better. Mitch
  12. OK Bob: That wheel cover is toast. They are mated with a big press and to restore this wheel cover is a big a fool's errand as one could imagine. Parts for one with a good base. I know because I have dismantled and put together several hundred...if not more. If you want to put it on a dead car just to tidy it up try JB Weld. Mitch

    OK Buick People: So by changing the terminology, it would also send a signal that the old car community is looking after itself. Change can be good. In this case, very good. How many more reasons do I need to give? LET'S DO IT! Mitch

    OK: Ed. How about UOS? Simple enough. Ship. It needs clarification. Who knows how this inaccurate phrase came about? Matt H. Unused would simplify the confusion. AND....a similar deal in which consumers are given another ride to where they really don't know where they're going is "Salvage Title". When a title is branded by most states it doesn't say why. It just says flag. This really doesn't help the consumer that much. Maybe it's better than nuthin' but all in all it's way too vague. Mitch

    OK Lamarr: Here is my request. I'm hopin' you can fill it. The request? Please have people quit using the term "New Old Stock" on this forum. Here's my reasoning...... 1. If it's ain't new. It's only new if it was recently manufactured. 2. People have unreasonable expectations. So many think they are getting a product in the same condition as if they were to purchase it from a store during a time when the product was indeed recently manufactured. Not necessarily true. 3. Father time has done his magic on me, the next guy and the Universe. A bunch of old parts un-used can be anything but perfect. Chrome sittin' on the shelf can be pitted. Soft parts can get brittle and of course, oxidation never sleeps. 4. Safety. How'd you like to rebuild a carb with an un-used old kit and it leak and the car catch fire? How 'bout un-used brake parts that fail due to the fact the components deteriorated from sitting? It can easily happen! I'm sure the folks reading this paragraph can add to the list. 5. Industry standards have adopted the term New Old Stock. I suggest it is misleading and our hobby has made a big mistake in adapting it's usage. My suggestion is to make a rule ON THIS FORUM that if a person wants to sell a product that is un-used they call it "UN-USED old stock. They can also describe it's condition to their prospect. 6. This forum carries a lotta pull and I believe that if you pull the trigger on the re-naming other forums will consider might just follow suit. Thanks for your consideration, Mitch