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  1. OK Riviera People: I believe the wires might be color coded differently form each year. I discovered this when Bob Scanlon made me a "keeper" piece for the 4 gang switch cradle. I'm not positive though. This is an easy conversion for someone who is fairly familiar with the system and is fairly good with electrical stuff. I've done a tinted glass changeover in my green 65 and have had the guts out 10 times. unfortunately for me i still....AFTER 10 TIMES...struggle with getting it correct the first time. mitch
  2. OK Buick People: This guy wants a million dollars for everything. He's had 'em on the ebay, they're marked sold and then keep re-appearing. Interesting pictures, sure, but why beg for obscenly overpriced salvage? Mitch
  3. OK Paul: My chiropractor would also be pleased! Mitch
  4. OK Rod: "Patina" has morphed into an abused term used to mis-describe wore out. In your case, this leather really has patina. Loving use, not abuse and still having the richness of character of the original different than that wonderful leather chair in someone's home they enjoy so much. Mitch
  5. OK Riviera People: Pinstripes? So easy. Stain the wood your favorite color then...get some Cal Custom pinstripe tape. The 1/8" and other size (I forgot) combo. Peel the bottom off the tape, place it on, peel the clear plastic off the tape and then clear coat. WA-LA. Works perfect! Mitch
  6. OK Rodney: Your 63 Riv. THAT.........IS.........YUMMY! Mitch
  7. OK Bob: May I invite you to join the 1960 Buick Universe Facebook page! We need members like yourself! Thanks, Mitch
  8. OK Riviera People: A spectacular color combo when fresh. GM's 1963 ( and other years ha ha) metallic colors faded faster than (use what ever comedian's comparison ya want). Combine the premature aging process along with the beating many took from weather conditions and not many remember how sharp these Rivs originally were. It wasn't until the paints got really good and the restoration bar was raised that many saw them in their original glory. Mitch
  9. OK Rodney: So, if you have a really tight engine running great and the stock exhaust I'm gonna guess your Riv will be one of the quietest 63 Rivs there is! If people only knew how great these cars are with stock good shape of course, there would be little need for modification! Mitch
  10. for sale

    OK Ted: Did Adam get it? Mitch
  11. OK Riviera People: I'm gonna put my money on the same length standard/custom. . There is a door/keeper or what ever on the back side of the regulator. It is riveted to to housing. Many times the rivets fatigue and there's the difference in length...the shaft screwing in a wee bit more due to the extra space provided by a separating door. BTW, they're easy to fix. Drill 'em out and use sheet metal screws. One other thing is that the door card could be warped. Mitch
  12. OK Riviera People: The days of the appraiser are somewhat numbered due to the fact so much information is so easily obtainable on line...including sold units. If an appraiser actually offers a sum for what they are appraising it could mean they are looking for the inside track, they are preying on an unsuspecting customer or that is really the market. Usually they offer a high figure and are easily off the hook leaving their customer more times than not with bogus information.. Next. So why are old cars like hamburgers? They are not investments. You go into the Burger King hungry, pay the $6.95 for the #2 combo and walk out full with hopefully a smile on your face. The money's gone, you consumed your purchase and you're on to the next activity. Furniture? Cars? Appliances? Home improvements? Vacations? All no different. You pay the money for what's offered and if there is any value left after the initial purchase consider it gravy. Anyone who thinks their collector car is an investment that will appreciate is on a fool's errand. No guarantees. So.....if you're gonna spend a pile of dough on an old car plan on enjoying what it's about and do not have any hidden expectations on what it's worth. Certainly one can try to hedge their bet but, AGAIN....Anything left over when you sell is pure gravy! Mitch
  13. OK Johnny: I believe your best bet, besides finding one unused still in the box is to get a used one. A lo mileage car would have less of a chance of the chrome sandblasted and because chrome plated plastic doesn't rust ( I think) you can widen the field by looking everywhere. Mitch
  14. OK Adrian: There is a sheet metal screw hiding behind the part that's flush with the door panel on the bottom. Mitch
  15. OK Ted: Yeah, I remember the burgundy 65 Wildcat. I forgot that it was a 3 on the tree. BTW, who would order a 65 Wildcat with a 3 on the tree and no power steering? I mean, maybe a lost leader for a very high volume Buick dealer perhaps? You got the burgundy, which is a spectacular color and a silver interior, which doesn't look poverty. Just a theory.... Besides music and heat what other options did this thing have? Mitch