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  1. lrlforfun

    WTB '65 wheel

    OK ED: The 66 horn bar has vinyl grained coating. I believe all were black. Mitch
  2. lrlforfun

    WTB '65 wheel

    OK Drew: The interchange is also 66 Le Sabre Custom, Wildcat and Electra. The horn bar? They don't grow on trees but are around... Mitch
  3. OK Riviera People: OPGI'z catalog cover is sexier than a men's magazine cover, Their staff? Among the nicest folks you'd like to meet. That's where it ENDS. Their staff knows GTO'z Chevelles and all that A body stuff but they DON'T KNOW A FIRST-GEN RIV! Next............their products are crap. Next........their prices are not competitive. Next.........their return policy is unreliable. Wow, how to A body people put up with this??? I personally know this as I gave them an order and it was horrible. Mitch
  4. lrlforfun

    60's Buick 16 X 5 1/2 inch Wheels

    OK Buick people: These don't look like anything 1960's or even 70's Buick. Any ideas? Mitch
  5. lrlforfun

    1960 Electra on Craigslist Not Mine

    OK Buick People: Here it is. I believe it's South of 6 grand but flip's milikn' it for the last penny. Mitch
  6. OK Riviera People: A 65 Riv takes a pair. $52 each at Old Air Products in Huston. EXCELLENT!! Mitch
  7. lrlforfun

    Dynaflow-equipped '53 Cad.

    OK Buick People: I seemed to have read that as the result of the Hydra-Matic plant fire countless number of safety items were incorporated in future plant design through out all industries. And a a substitute did Dynaflow equipped cars have torque tubes? Mitch
  8. lrlforfun

    Does anybody know this car?

    OK Riviera People: These flips ain't got the nerve to put their cars on the money the first second.....or even the third time outtta the chute.. They have to kick the horse about 183 times before they will admit it's dead. Remember at 5 grand everybody in the history of old cars is salivating. At his price? That's why we're having this conversation... Mitch
  9. OK Riviera People: Except for the filler neck and it's angle the First-Gen Riviera tank is the same as a 1960 Buick. This is good news!!! An old tank, unless it's really clean can re-contaminate a good carb causing oooodlez of problems. Here? A tank boil out is $125 and sealant another $150. So how much is that? A fresh tank? Oh baby, if the price is just a wee bit more it's a real bargain!! Mitch
  10. OK Will: Give me a call because I have what you need. I'll be in Livermore Monday about 2-ish. Mitch
  11. OK SurfGeek: Well, well, well....The 4 cars are all sharp looking . Ed Raner mentioned a/c. MUCHO IMPORTANTE in the Sunshine State!!! When a Riv's a/c unit is right it WILL blow ice cubes. Here's my take for what ever it's worth......... It's fun for me giving others advice. If you find a local shop you trust that works on these type cars you're in good shape. Expect to spend between $5,000-8,000 on your purchase to make it reliable. These cars are not rocket science but once you start getting into them shops charge for their services. If you find one out of the area.....BE CAREFUL because flyin' blind could get the cash register ringing loudly. These cars are not an investment that you can bank on to appreciate. They are much more than a disposable commodity though. Everybody wants to spend your hard earned money. If you get one and it isn't like you envision you can always send it down the road. A 65, much like a 59 vs a 60 impala, is worth considerably more than a 63 or 64. Not that they are so much greater, the differences are enough to really set it apart. I've been doin' First gen Rivs since day one when I was in the 6th grade and I might be biased. Mitch
  12. lrlforfun

    Nice Buicks for reasonable $

    OK Pete: The 60 Le Sabre wagon was laying on a So Cal Craig's list for a long time at $2,500 or so. It wasn't running, missing the back seat and some rust. It's automatico for sure. I guess Buck picked it up and is now tryin' to flip it. Mitch
  13. OK Jim: When I saw that body side molding in the first picture with the Turbine caps (sans spinners) your 65 Riv hit my brain like a bomb. Mitch
  14. OK Riviera: I got a few from Old Air Products in Huston. I had great luck with them. Mitch
  15. OK Riviera People: I don't know about you but I have a hard time shelling out that kinda cash out at auction. I'd much rather hop a plane and meet with the seller, negotiate price, terms and conditions in person. I also DO NOT TRUST most auctions because they are shilled or played with by sellers. I purchased more cars at auction and that's how come i know. Perhaps this is self-righteous but....when I sold at the dealer auction i got on the block and represented my cars and got a good reputation from that. Many pass because they fear the car they want is shilled. I also disclosed all the hidden defects. Yeah, the system was set up so the seller could get away with selling a car that needed hidden stuff but I didn't care. I did good for less energy and had fun to boot! Mitch