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  1. OK Chewbacca: You really can't go wrong with the oil/filter/Marvels combo. When I had the car lot I'd do all that PLUS....I'd put a couple of cans of Berrymans B-12 in the tank. The EFI? Sounds good. I don't know much about those units. Instant start (with electronic ignition) better mileage and performance, What's the cost? Personally, I'd just do the oil and carb thing and forget it. If that engine is old it's gonna detonate with too much poop. Rebuild? Yeah, I'd definitely consider it. I have re-built 3 425'z all .30 over and so far so good. It's just getting very expensive now. Mitch
  2. OK Rapom: Your describing a piston noise, very common in Nailheads and as long as you don't drive the crap out of it it might hold for another 10K miles and 10 years. The plug underneath the manifold? I've seen burn through it on some 2 barrel units but not on a 4 barrel. Removing the intake is fast, easy and will reveal everything in a nano second. OK Pete: Risolone was formulated for cars.....for example, that had no oil filter and didn't use detergent oil. It is great for breaking up sludge needs to be buffered or it could easily dredge up caca that could clog the oil pump screen. It could also wash out engine bearings. My solution of 4 quarts of 30 detergent, a fresh filter and a quart of marvels with a tight carb is the best of both worlds. It also partially addresses the manifold making noise as it's a piece of cake to remove. Mitch
  3. OK Mike: This, or an identical twin like it has been spammed and misrepresented on many different Craig's Lists, e bay and who knows where else. When any car is put out there and marketed like this it's a cinch there's something ominous going on. Check this past Summer's posts on this topic from this forum and Mitch
  4. OK Riviera People: If it ain't broke.....don't fix it. Clean oil, a filter and Marvels is by far the best solution. If you are able to, overhaul the carb and get it running excellent so hopefully not a lotta gas gets in the crankcase. If the engine explodes you can still get value for the carb plus there's a very good chance it could add to the driving enjoyment. Drop the pan and clean out the sludge? Well you are inviting a can of worms with an engraved invitation. These things are 55 years old. Mitch
  5. OK Riviera People: Better check the legitimacy of this dark green 65 Riv out. Mitch
  6. OK Off: Well, Grant and Dan's in Fremont is gone, Kieth's Transmission in Castro Valley was sold and is not doing old school. Dublin? Shucks purchased Kieth's. I guess you need to call around. I could also use someone locally to me. Sorry i didn't have a referral. Mitch
  7. OK Tom: Let me clarify. The 60 tank is identical except for the filler neck angle. The length of the filler neck on a 4829 and 4839 is a few inches longer. I do NOT have any anything on re-pop tanks, this is why I'm excited. I probably could sell a hundred if they were available at a reasonable price. Mitch
  8. OK Riviera People: Plus the juice. Add, what 15% buyer's fee. Mitch
  9. OK Greg: Please tell the folks reproducing the First-Gen Riviera tank that a 1960 Buick has the IDENTICAL tank. Just the angle of the filler neck is a little different. it would really be great to see them offered. I recently paid $300 for a tank clean-out and epoxy coat. Mitch
  10. OK Riviera People: I recent purchased a gentleman's entire stash of Buick parts. Several brake drums were in the parts pile. My question....... Is the 65 Riviera, Wildcat and Electra front drum a 1 year only? It has the 45 fins and the small hub. Did Buick use the 45 fin front drum on 66 and newer? Thanks, Mitch
  11. lrlforfun

    1958 roadmaster converible

    OK Charlie: What happened to the top? Mitch
  12. OK Alex: Be careful. Many chrome shops do exchanges and the bumpers are tweeked and don't quite fit right. If your bumpers fit nicely insist on re-plating and knocking the dings out of THEM rather than exchange. Mitch
  13. OK Riviera People: I have had several with similar symptoms. This is NOT a scientific diagnosis and that's what's needed on your unit. In my cases both cars had stuck valve bodies. Mitch
  14. lrlforfun

    1964 Electra Coupe - $7600 on CL

    OK Buick people: Except for the Riviera and Invicta Custom this is one of Buicks sharpest interiors! Mitch
  15. lrlforfun

    1971 LeSabre - $8500 with 20k miles on CL

    OK Buick People: Perhaps a legit car. A crap presentation and overpriced. Anything else new to report? Mitch