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Recommendations for 1-cylinder coil box rebuild

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I have a 1-cylinder Briggs and Stratton coil box (synchronizer). 


Can you recommend someone who can determine the condition and repair as need?


It belongs to my 1908 REO Model G. Not factory-correct but it's all I've got.


I'm trying to get the engine started after it's been sleeping for over 50 years. Any advice or recommendations for people who can help will be gratefully received.


Also need advice on who can rebuild the radiator.


Thank you.

Coil box with key.JPG

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16 hours ago, oldford said:

You could try a Model T coil. While not correct, it will suffice until you find the right one. Very common and easy to obtain...



Right answer. Use simple things to get it running, then dial in detail stuff.

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That "might" (I said "might" ) be a master coil for a model T. A lot of those were made and sold by numerous companies as the earliest model Ts got to be a few years old. The earlier Ts used a variety of different coil systems made by several companies. They were not yet standardized, and servicing them was becoming difficult. Methods to properly adjust the various systems were not then available to local shops, and the master vibrator coils helped to steady the timing of the engines.

A lot of the master vibrators were manufactured after 1913 when Ford standardized on the KW design coils. For both simplicity and availability reasons, a lot of those master vibrator coils actually used the new design standardized coil inside their box! IF (that BIG if again?) it does in fact have the Ford coil inside, one can buy ready rebuilt Ford coils and with only a minor alteration make that coil box work as a single cylinder early style coil.

Just a thought.

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Thanks for all the above advice. I think the car was running 60-75 years ago. At least there are wires going from the timer to the spark plug and "coil box."  I've been reading the Early REO Group postings to get more information.


The adventure continues.


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