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  1. Hello, I am starting to build a Speedster and will be removing the 10 running board brackets from the frame. I am sure they fit other years. E-mail me if interested. thanks, Don
  2. Hello, Up for sale is a 1932 Plymouth, # 377058, free wheeling transmission. I do not know the history of it and acquired it with a collection of Plymouth items. I believe a R 10 OD unit was attached at one time. The gear set is good and I am selling the unit as a parts transmission. $100. buys it. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  3. Hello, We have exchanged E-mail before about my Speedster projects. I have noticed you are very knowledgeable person and very helpful to people in the hobby. I am starting a new Hudson Speedster project to look like the Ira Vail period racer. I have made shackles before but thought I'd post in the Hudson forum looking for used ones. I think a set will appear. I thank you for your help. Life is Good, Don Feeney in central Ohio.
  4. Hello My Friends, I am looking for a set of good used rear Spring Shackles for a 1922 Hudson. They are 4" c to c. What have you? The items shown in the picture are not mine but what I am looking for. I have been told 19-25 might be the same. thanks in advance. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  5. Hello Vic, I have several 1928 Plymouth 3rd members if they are the same. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284
  6. I would remove the capilary tube from the block and put it in a can of very hot water to see if it acts the same before I would take any thing else apart.
  7. Doesn't look Maxwell to me . Maxwell ended in 1924 but Chrysler carried their engine on till 1928 . I believe they were all thermo cooled with no water pump.
  8. Hello My Friends, Attached is my latest project. It is about finished and scheduled for the upholstery shop during the coming Winter. It was a fun, low cost project. I wanted to build a car that looked like one of the 1907 Vanderbuilt racers. The frame is 1913 Cadillac, radiator shell 1916 Studebaker, Hood 1924 Hudson , Cowl 1928 Plymouth. All the sheet metal was reformed to fit. It is powered by a 32 VT golf cart axle. It is the ideal small town parade car. RH steering, dual chain drive, hydraulic brakes, won't over heat, no clutch and can creep along. (top speed about 20 MPH). Last 4th of July my 17 yr old grand daughter drove me in our town parade. It confused a lot of on lookers as a teenage girl was driving and it made no noise. Life is Good, Don Feeney in central Ohio.
  9. Hello, I believe you will find this a expensive fix, perhaps the grease has hardened , perhaps the die cast is bad, perhaps a little of both. Don't be surprised with estimates $400-600. I have had two from that era repaired and they seem to quit again after a few years of summer driving.
  10. Hello, Is this item still for sale? thanks, Don
  11. Hello My Friends. I am starting to build a 20's style one man Speedster. I have learned that "Back in the Day" Divco truck steering boxes were modified for center steering. My project will be steered from the center of the car. It is about 17 1/2 inches from the center of the car to the Pitman Arm. I am looking for someone who can give me a general idea as to how it was done. Was a new longer Pitman Arm shaft made or was the original somehow extended?. Did they use the stock gear ratio? Attached is a picture of what I think the modified might have looked similar too. I would also be interested in buying a steering box that would work. I thank you in advance for getting me pointed in the right direction. Life is good, Don Feeney in central Ohio. 740-816-4284
  12. Hello again John, I forgot to mention the sheet metal I need. Radiator shell with radiator, hood, cowl section. thanks, Don
  13. Hello again John, My home E-mail address is F5415F@aol.com thanks, Don
  14. Hello, I just had my 28 Plymouth radiator re-cored. It split open and was beyond repair The bottom tank was full of holes and needed remade. For a original honeycomb core the price was $5200. I went with the modern core with new bottom tank for $2700. It took 2 1/2 months to complete as the core had to be made elsewhere and installed at the local shop. I hope the car stays in the family and the radiator should last for the next generation.
  15. Hello again John, At this point I am interested in the frame, front axle/shackles, tire rod and drag link. front hubs with wheel bearings. Also the rear springs and shackles. From my experience you would have the best chance of recovering your money by parting it out over time. However I would consider buying whats left if you didn't want to take it apart. I'm thinking a mid 30's Hudson straight 8 engine/trans for my power. My projects are not set in stone but change over time once they start . Keep me informed, Don
  16. Hello John. I find your parts car interesting and you live with in my driving range. I'm looking for a speedster project. Any idea what you will be asking for your left over parts?. I am guessing the mountain shown in the back ground of one of your pictures is not in N.C. I will be at Hershey next week. Don
  17. The early 29 Plymouth did not have a water pump and used bigger hoses and tubes than the latter water pump engines. You would have to allow for this in your interchange
  18. Note the OHV, and closed drive. I would guess Chevy
  19. Hello again, I would think a 32/33/34 Chrysler head might interchange as they are about the same C.I. Harold Dillon from Canada is redoing a CD-8 and has quite a knowledge of early Chrysler 8's. He also has a lot of spare parts. His AACA forum name is Gunsmoke and his home E-mail address is harold.dillon@bellaliant.net. Good Luck
  20. Most electric fuel pumps put out around 7 lbs pressure. The needle and seat can only hold back 1 1/2. Therefore you have to run a pressure regulator in line after the fuel pump. If you have one already check the setting.
  21. Hello Zeke, I am planning on using a mid 30's Hudson engine. thanks, Don
  22. Hello, I am looking for a Generator for a 1925 Overland 6 Model 93 or the housing that goes onto the end that holds the distributor in place. I also need the half moon clamp. Perhaps a latter Whippet is the same. can you help?. Thanks in advance. Don in central Ohio 740-816-4284 F5415F@aol.com
  23. Hello again, Attached are pictures of the radio head. it is shown with two cables attached and one broken. I believe I can swap a good third cable from my parts. The knobs did not want to come off the headset to remove the face plate for a separate picture. I was afraid I would break them. The heads and cables need oiled as they have not moved in a long time. Also shown is a second radio head. You can see how cables fit into the receiver. Think Hershey, Don
  24. Back in the day (1931) when Chrysler dealers were exchanging the troublesome 4 sp transmissions with a 3 speed I believe they used a 1930 Dodge 3 sp. They bolted in with no changes other than perhaps the hole in the transmission floor cover plate and the length of the drive shaft. The Dodge six and eight used the same transmission with the exception of different speedometer drive gears. The case number is 308741. These will not fall out of the sky into your backyard and you have to chase them down. In the past year I have been offered 4 but no longer have a need. I would join the Dodge brothers club and advertise in their magazine. Also post a add in the AACA forum under Dodge. Chip away a little each day on the project and you will move forward.
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