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  1. I just had mine blasted and painted using standard automotive basecoat/clearcoat. They look fantastic! A downside to powder is how to touch-up when you encounter the inevitable chip , curb rash, or tire mounting damage. I agree with the recommendation on spinning. Even a manual driven lazy-susan would suffice. It lets you get various angles to spray into all the 'nooks and crannies.'
  2. I love it! Visor and all. If you passed on it, Jim, I'd be tempted.
  3. I would say worth $1500 or so, less with no title, only if the structural wood body framing is intact and solid. Not a car I would necessarily recommend as a project, though, given the missing items. Locating them would be unlikely for this orphan car, leaving one to fabricate them from scratch.
  4. I realize that not all of us have access to or the budget for indoor storage. I have been in that position myself, and have used car covers outdoors in a carport. I have to agree with the statement above that wind just causes a cover to beat the heck out of your paint. Also, regardless of what the supplier says about breathable fabric, any cover is going to trap moisture more so than would no cover. Where I live, a storage unit goes for 70 to 80 dollars per month, and most of the places give you the first month free. So for only four months, a storage unit would cost about the same as a top quality cover.
  5. I like the GAZ. Thank you for sharing the photographs.
  6. I had a similar problem with stains on the top on my 1930 Franklin. It was coming from the staples rusting underneath the trim welting. I scrubbed it about five iterations with a foaming upholstery cleaner called Tuff Stuff, using a soft scrub brush followed by a dry cloth. Scrub a little bit each time; not so much to soak the fabric. Purpose of the dry cloth was to absorb andwipe away the cleaner before The fabric got saturated. If the fabric gets soaked, then it triggers more staining. I'd say I got out 90% of the stain. Then I sealed with Raggtopp. Of course now I don't want the top to ever get wet, as I expect it will trigger more staining. I think the long term fix would be to pull put the welting, remove all the existing staples and tacks that are rusting, and replace with stainless steel staples, and then remount or replace the welting. As mentioned above, it may be some other metal part beneath the fabric that is rusting.
  7. For sale: a set of six 6.50-19 Lester tires with wide white walls . The date code ends in 0, and my guess from the history of the car they were on is that they date to 1980 or 1990. Tread wear is minimal, whitewalls are yellowed and show some surface cracking. I would not recommend them for touring because of the age, but may be useful for a project car or a museum piece. I am not really interested in packing and shipping them. Available for pickup in Hickory, NC, or I can bring to the Charlotte AutoFair. $120 for all six. PM me for more information. Andrew
  8. from Dictionary-dot-com: rare: "(of a thing) not found in large numbers and consequently of interest or value." pretty much says it all, imho
  9. Lots of games you could play, but in the end if you are covinced it's a scam, just walk away. If you are not sure, ask the other party for suggestion on how they might prove they are not a scam. Real-time phone call can address a lot of suspicion and questions. Is there an electronic way to flip the bird?
  10. Model AA Ford; purchased in 1971 for $25. Still own it!
  11. Even if you are not a Corvette guy (I am not), that one could steal you heart!
  12. Looks like it would clean up well and be a fun car. If no rust or major body issues, I think it would be a nice buy.
  13. I have used ceramic coating from M&R Performance Coatings in Kodak, TN on exhaust manifolds on cars from 1915 to 1972. They offer a "cast iron gray" color, as well as blacks and bright silver. After up to 9 years, I have had no negative issues with either the appearance or functionality, and plan to use on my current project. Comments above are true; the coating will not fill or hide any defects on the surface.
  14. I think that Restoration Specialties in Windber, PA has them in 2 or 3 foot strips.
  15. I have used a product called Lizard Skin for sound/heat insulation and liked it. If you are just looking to seal, then paint would do the job nicely.
  16. This is an interesting building in downtown Hickory, NC. From the owners website: "The Harper Family built the two-story brick structure in 1928 as a Ford Dealership, which continued until 1970 before it became Armstrong Ford. In 2005 the Jackson Family purchased the building and it served as the home of the family business, The Jackson Group, from 2005 to 2018. Zagaroli Construction Company completed the renovation for the Jackson Family, keeping many of the beautiful features of the 1920’s building such as the original pressed tin ceiling and the terrazzo floor in the lobby. A common belief is that the beautiful arched window on the front of the building, flanked by the two small port-hole windows, was built to resemble the front of an old Ford car."
  17. Have you tried Tom VanMeeteren ? I have purchased one of these caps from him. PM me, and I will find his contact info for you.
  18. Agree with Matt. He expressed exactly what I was going to say.
  19. Haven't seen this one yet. Thanks for the recommendation!
  20. There are some very inexpensive kits on the aftermarket. Mr. Gasket #4354 for example is less than $15. Perhaps you could just buy one or two and do some experimentation. If you find a setup that works satisfactorily, then you can spend more time and money on it to make it look 'period correct'.